YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 38)


Guys do vote for actor in Ishaan and Mishti’s role and suggest me whom you think will be best and do comment how you liked today’s episode.I’ll be waiting for your comments.

Thank you for your comment guys and I’ve chosen shakti and radhika for Ishaan and Mishti.Soory guys if we don’t like them but you can think anyone you like as them

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episode 38
The episode starts with Karthik and Naira getting shocked to know that Mishti(for them the girl whom Ishaan loves) is Naira’s sister Mishti.
Naira and Karthik(double shocked):SISTER…
Akshara:Yes beta why are you shocked?
Naira:Wo because we..
Before she can tell anything Ishaan comes and keeps laddoo in their mouth.
Ishaan:I know you were eyeing this laddoo only moti.I didn’t want to have loose motion so I fed you both.
Naira and Karthik looks at Ishaan.
Ishaan hugs them and whispers in their ears.
Ishaan(whispering):I know you’re shocked.In fact I was also shocked.The girl whom I like is none other than your cousin sister moti.Please you both behave normally otherwise sari pol khul jayegi.
Karthik and Naira finishes the laddoo.
Naira(whispers to Ishaan):But surely I would take my revenge.
Ishaan:No Moti please.
Naira(to Mishti):Arrey Mishti have you met my brother-in-law.
Mishti(makes faces):Ya ya.
Everyone smile seeing her.
Akshara:Actually beta they had a fight in first meeting only.As Ishaan collided with Mishti in the park so she got angry seeing him here and thought she is following him.
Naira(teasing Ishaan):Its okay mumma some day or the other he would have done it.
Ishaan looks at Naira with horrified face.

Naira:Its because Ishaan is a big flirt.Always runs after girls.
Ishaan:Hey moti.Why are you spreading rumours?Run after girls,I never see them also..
Naira:Achcha then why are you seeing Mishti?Sorry staring Mishti?
Mishti:Ya ya di.He always keeps staring me whenever I meet him.
Ishaan(to Karthik):Bhai please do something or your wife will prove me a casanova.
Karthik:Arrey Mishti.Don’t listen to her.She is just teasing Ishaan.Remember one thing if Ishaan says something like this about Naira or she says something like this about Ishaan then don’t take it seriously.It is their childhood habit of making fun of each other.And Ishaan may be flirt but he does not run after girls.
Ishaan gets shocked.
Ishaan:Wow bhai.Very nice.(fake tears)I’ve no one in the world to support me.Fully orphan.When big b was there then….
He stops before he could complete the sentence.He remembers something.
A scene is shown.
2 boys and 2 girls are shown.They are 15 to 16 yrs old.
The girls are teasing the boy2.
Boy 2:Bhai see na these both are teasing me like anything and mainly this chudail.
Girl 1:Oh if I’m chudail then you’re vampire.
Girl 2:No no sissy he is rakshas vampire combination.
Boy 2:Bhaii….

Boy 1:Arrey don’t say like that.Vampire and rakshas will get angry on you.
Girl1 and Girl 2 giggles hearing boy1.
At that time another boy comes.
Boy 2 goes to him and complains.
Boy 2:See na big b they both are teasing me so much.
Girl 1 & Girl 2:Arrey now we will call mad people mad only na.
Boy 2:See na big b.
Boy 3:Arrey why are you worrying?You know na person who call others mad are themselves mad therefore they think others to be mad.
Girl 1:Oh so actually he is you’re calling yourself mad right R as you fell in love with her.
Girl 2:No sissy.Sometimes I wonder whether he really loves me or not.All the time he supports his brother only.
Boy 3:Arrey where did love came in between.
Girl 1:Actually I think I’ll have to stop calling him jiju.
Boy 3 & Girl 2:Why?
Girl 2:Arrey because he loves his this little brother more than you na then let him marry his brother only.
Girl 1:Ya right marry your brother only.
They all keep fighting like this with boy 1,girl1 and girl 2 in one team and boy 2 and boy 3 in one team.

Back to present
Ishaan remembers the scene and gets teary eyed.Naira and Karthik also remembers the scene and gets teary eyed thinking about the it.
Mishti:Oh ho you’re so dramabaaz.Is he like this all the time di?
Naira returns to reality hearing Mishti’s voice.
Naira(tries to act normal):Yaa..ya he is the biggest dramebaaz in the whole world.
Akshara:Ok now you all stop teasing him.
Naksh:Ya and Ishaan don’t worry next time if she teases you or irritates you tell me I’ll be on your side.I know her tortures also but of course not as much as you.
Naira:Don’t worry bhai I’ll not do that with you.It is specially for Ishaan.
Naira comes to Ishaan and they both start their nok-jhok.
Naksh gets little disheartened about what Naira told.
Akshara sees this and comes to him.
Akshara:10yrs duggu.
Naksh:What 10yrs mumma?
Akshara:The relation what you’re seeing today took 10yrs to take this form.Naira’s relation with Karthik and Ishaan is so strong because it had withstood through each and every problem in these 10yrs and only became stronger but…
Naksh:But our relation with Naira broke with just a blow of wind.
Akshara:And it can’t be fully Naira’s mistake as if it was then she could not have managed so many heart relations with Karthik,Ishaan,Emi and Vitki.The person who gives heart relation more importance than blood relations truly knows the meaning of relations.So never ever in mind blame her.
Naksh:Mumma I’m not blaming her.Its just that just because of 1 mu she left us.I was thinking that if Karthik or Ishaan was in your place then would her reaction be the same?
Akshara:If you judge now then of course no.She believes Karthik more than anyone else in the world and even herself.But their relation has become so strong with course of time only na.Since 10yrs Naira has seen Karthik’s love,concern and support for her.She knows very well that he would not even in his worst dreams try to hurt her.
Naksh:But she also knew you.You are her mother.Then why she…

Akshara:Because she does not love me as much as she loves Karthik.Neither she trusts anyone in the world more than him.And you know how trusts on person develops?
Naksh:How mumma?
Akshara:You know duggu in good times everyone in the world supports us.At that time everyone trusts us.But as soon as bad time comes everyone seem to leave us alone.At that time when we’re alone and do not have anybody with,at that who comes to us as ray of hope and fights with the world for us,they become the persons most near to our hearts.Naira also found that ray of hope in Karthik and even Ishaan.That’s why she loves them more than us.
Naksh:But soon we’ll also make place in her heart mumma.
Akshara:Who told that we already don’t have?Just by seeing her mixing with Ishaan so much you thought that she doesn’t have that family feeling for us?
Naksh thinks about it.
Naira comes to them.
Naira:Arrey what you both are talking tell me also.
Naksh:Nothing Naira.(looks at Karthik,Ishaan,Emi and Vitki)You love them very much no.
Naira(looks at them):Yes bhai.Of course.They’re my family.I love them more than anything in this world.I can even give my life for them.
Naira:Ya.Really I can.But don’t say this to anyone of them especially Karthik.He gets very angry if I say this.Now lets go na or everyone will say that I’m only spending time with my mother and brother.

They come and join everyone.
Devyani:Arrey you three were together and we were searching for you.
Naitik(complaining):Not fare princess you are spending time only with your brother and mother.
Naira:Arrey papa nothing like this.She comes and hugs Naitik.Your princess loves her papa too.
Naitik(hugging her back):Thats like my princess.I love you too.
Meanwhile Emi and Vitki gets angry as Naira has not talked with them and neither hugged them since she has come.
Emi & Vitki angrily stamp their foot on ground and Naira looks at them.Everyone else also looks at them.They keep angry faces.
Naira comes to them and bends.
Naira:What happened?Why my kiddos are angry?
Emi & Vitki:We are angry on you.
Naira:Me.What did I do?
Emi:Since you came you didn’t talk to us even for once.
Vitki:Yes you didn’t hug or kiss us also or more truly you didn’t see us only.
Emi:We’re angry.Now we won’t talk with you.
Saying this they again stamp their foot and go angrily.
Naira smiles at them while all other family members also smile at their cuteness.

Recap:Don’t know.

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    1. Debarati

      Ishaan is Karthik’s younger brother and Naira’s brother-in-law cum best friend

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