YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 37)


Guys many of you asked me to give cast list for Ishaan,Mishti,Emi and Vitki.Well I have some actors in mind for Ishaan and Mishti while Emi and Vitki is confirmed.Vote for the actor you want to see as Ishaan and Mishti and you can also suggest other names.
Manish Goplani
Kinshukh Mahajan
Shakti Arora
Amish Taneja
Russian Mumtaaj
Shantanu Maheshwari
Shravan Reddy
Kunal Karan Kapoor
Eisha Singh
Helly Shah
Tejaswi Wayangakar
Sanaya Irani
Jayshree Venkatraman
Radhika Madan
Asha Negi
Jasmin Bhasin
Tina Dutta
Vrushika Mehta

I’ve chooses the following child actors for Emi and Vitki’s role.Sorry guys if you don’t like them you can think of any other actor you like.
Vitki:Ruhanika Dhawan
Emi:Devyansh Tapuriah

Link for previous episode: Episode 36

Episode 37
The episode starts with Ishaan and Mishti shocked to see each other.Even Emi and Vitki are shocked to see Mishti.Ishaan rubs his eyes while Emi and Vitki pinch each other.
Emi & Vitki:Oucch
Emi:Vitki it pained.
Vitki:Yes Emi this means we’re not watching dream.She is really here.
Mishti gets shocked to see Ishaan and remembers the park incident.(At the time of road incident Ishaan’s face got covered in mud).
Mishti comes to him angrily and holds his collar.
Mishti:How did you get in my home?Were you following me?Since how many days were you following me?Why are you following me and what is your intentions and..
Ishaan just keeps staring Mishti while she keeps asking him one question after another.
Mishti sees that he is again staring her and not telling anything.
Mishti:What happened why are you not answering?
Emi & Vitki try to cover up from Ishaan.
Emi:Arrey how will he answer?You’re not allowing him to tell anything.Just you’re going on asking one question after another.

Mishti looks at them.
Vitki:Yes and if you hold someone’s collar like this he’ll get afraid only na.Then how will he answer.
Mishti:You both?
Akshara:They’re only Emi and Vitki Mishti.
She leaves Ishaan’s collar and goes to Emi and Vitki.Ishaan still keeps staring her.
Mishti(pulling their cheeks):You’re choooo… cute…..But how do you know this defect ki dukaan.
Emi and Vitki gigles hearing her.
Emi & Vitki:Not only him we know you also.
Emi:Because that day in the park when you were scolding him we were also there and saw everything.
Mishti:Achcha but why were you there with him?Who is he to you?
Emi Vitki(together):He is our chachu.
Mishti gets shocked and looks at Ishaan. Emi and Vitki goes to Ishaan and asks him to bend down.He bends down and they pretending to kiss on his cheeks tell him something.
Emi:Chachu what are you doing?She is going on scolding you and you’re just staring her as if you don’t have any self respect.
Vitki:Yes chachu show her some tashan and ego or else she’ll take you for granted.
They wink at Ishaan and Ishaan gets up in his tashan mode.
Mishti(widening her eyes):This defect ki dukaan is your chachu?
Ishaan(with tashan):Oh miss from then on you’re going on insulting me and I’m not telling anything.And yes I’m there chachu.I’m Ishaan Malhotra Karthik’s Malhotra’s brother.
Mishti:So what?
Ishaan:Nothing.Btw who the hell are you to shout on me?Some servant or what?If you’re then I don’t talk with servants.

Everyone opens their mouth as Ishaan calls Mishti servant.
Mishti:How dare you call me servant?Do I look like one?
Ishaan:Do I look like defect ki dukkan?
Mishti:Yes you look like one?
Ishaan:Then you sound like servant who don’t know how to talk and give respect to guests.
Mishti:Oh really you’re not suitable to be called guest.
Ishaan(to Akshara):Aunty who is this mannerless girl?
Akshara:Actually beta she is Mishti Naira’s cousin sister.Naman and Karishma’s daughter.
Ishaan:Oh so did your Naira di told you to tease me when I come?
Mishti:No.No one has told me anything.Boys like you should be insulted publicly only.
Ishaan:Oh really and may I know my mistake?
Mishti:You collided with me in the park.
Ishaan:And if I remember I asked apology from you and told to forgive me please.Am I right or am I right?
Emi:Yes yes we also saw it.
Vitki:Yes chachu very sweetly and politely asked you sorry even after you scolded him so much.
Karishma(angry):Mishti what is this?Did I teach you this?You forgot how to respect guests or what?
Mishti:But mumma..
Akshara:She is saying right Mishti.This time even I’ll not support you.You insulted Ishaan so much and he was quite only then also you kept on insulting him.What you thought he’ll bear it?And in the park also he by mistake collided with you.Then also you insulted him but see how politely he said sorry to you even after your insult?Now your turn tell him sorry and ask forgiveness.
Naitik:Not but Mishti ask sorry.
Mishti goes towards Ishaan and about to say sorry but Ishaan stops her.
Ishaan:Its okay just realising your mistake is enough.You don’t need to ask sorry and yes if you want to tease me you can but you should be ready for back teasing also from me.It can’t be one sided.Right aunty.
Karishma:Ya beta of course.Disturb her as much as you want.Waise bhi she disturbs us very much.
Mishti(controlling anger):Where are Naira di and jiju?
Akshara:Yes where are they?
Emi & Vitki:Yes where are mumma papa?
Everyone look at Ishaan questioningly.
Ishaan(in mind):Wow bhai.Mujhe phase ke khud romance kar rahe ho.
Ishaan:I’ll just call them and ask.
Ishaan calls Karthik.

The scene shifts to xyz road.
Karthik and Naira are standing hugging each other tightly and both are lost in their own world forgetting the time and that they’ve to go somewhere.They’re brought out of the world due to ringing of Karthik’s phone.Its Ishaan’s call.
Karthik picks up the phone.He is still hugging Naira.
He caresses Naira’s cheeks while she smiles at him feeling his touch.
Ishaan:What hello?Where are you both? Seems you’re still romancing.
Karthik rubs his nose on Naira’s face.
Karthik:Ya so what problem you’re having?She is my wife I can do anything.Now don’t disturb me.
Karthik cuts the call without listening to Ishaan.
Ishaan:Wow really nice.As expected.Again they forgot about everything else in their romance.How could I forget their love after fight is so strong only that they forget everything else except love.I shouldn’t have allowed only bhai to take her alone.Ab bhugto.
Akshara comes to Ishaan.
Akshara:What happened beta?Why are you mumbling?
Ishaan:Woo nothing aunty.Just angry on on traffic yes traffic.
Akshara:But why traffic?
Ishaan:Arrey see na bhai and moti got stuck in some serious jam.Therefore they are late.You call moti no aunty and ask their progress.
Akshara:Yes beta I’ll just call them.
Akshara calls Naira.
On the other hand Karthik and Naira are busy romancing.Karthik nudges his mouth on her neck and gives her soft and feathery kisses.Naira hugs him tightly feeling him.Again they’re disturbed.This time its Naira’s phone.
Karthik:Not again.
He makes faces.
Naira smiles at him and lifts the phone.
Naira(without listening):Hello.Whoever it is I’m busy now.Call later.
Akshara:And may I know what you’re doing that you are so busy that you don’t have time talk to your mother even.
Naira gets shocked listening Akshara’s voice.
She leaves Karthik.
Naira:Woh mumma no..I mean.. woh..Why did you called me?
Akshara:Arrey what question is this?You both didn’t reach till now.Ishaan,Emi and Vitki has reached so long.
Naira remembers about going to SM and puts hand on her face
Naira:Shit forgot in all these..
Akshara:What forgot?Ishaan told that you both are stuck in some traffic jam.
Naira:No mumma..I mean yes mumma.,That’s only I was telling.Actually na..I..Yes I and Karthik were trying to clear the jam so we can reach as soon as possible but in all these I forgot to inform you all.
Akshara:Its okay.But has the jam cleared?When you both will reach?
Naira:Yes mumma it has cleared.We will reach soon.
Akshara:Achcha okay come fast.We all are waiting for you.
She cuts the call.
Naira:Karthik your romance will kill me one day.
Karthik:Arrey what happened?And its our romance not my romance.
Naira:Whatever it is.Chalooo we have to rush.
Karthik:Arrey where?To bedroom.
Naira:I think you forgot that we came out to go somewhere and Emi Vitki and Ishaan are there only.
Karthik:What are you talking Ishaan…
Suddenly he remembers.
Karthik:Oh shit we’ve to go to your house.I completely forgot it.That’s why…
Naira:Yes that’s why mumma was calling me.Now lets go fast.
They hurriedly went to car and rushed towards SM.

The scene shifts to SM.
Akshara and Ishaan comes and joins everyone.
Mishti stares Ishaan angrily and murmurs.
Bhabhimaa:What happened bahu?When they will be coming?
Devyani:Ya and why are they so late?
Akshara:Woh Naira told that they got stuck in some jam and that’s why got late.They will come soon.
Naira and Karthik:Not soon we’ve come.
Everyone turn around and see Naira and Karthik standing.
Naira sees everyone and shocked to see Mishti.(She knows her only as the girl whom Ishaan loves but didn’t know her Mishti and Ishaan’s Mishti are same.)
Karthik also gets shocked as his condition is also same as Naira’s.
Mishti goes to Naira and hugs her.
Mishti:I missed you so much di..
She releases the hug.
Naira(looks at her questioningly):You’re Mishti right.
Mishti(haappy):Wow Naira di you recognised me.(To Singhanias):See I told you no Naira di will surely recognise her sister Mishti.
Naira and Karthik(double shocked):SISTER…

Recap:Family time.

Guys do vote for actor in Ishaan and Mishti’s role and suggest me whom you think will be best and do comment how you liked today’s episode.I’ll be waiting for your comments.

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