YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 36)

Hi guys I’m back with the next episode.Guys one of you asked me what was Karthik’s age when he first saw Naira.So guys I’ll like to clear your confusion.Karthik left India 15yrs before and Naira left 10yrs before and came to London.That’s why Karthik was telling he was dreaming about her for 5yrs.When Karthik first saw Naira he was 9yrs old and Naira was 8yrs old.And if you’re thinking how come he see Naira in India then I’ve already mentioned that in my ff Naitik and Akshara were never banished from home and therefore from starting they were in India only.Now enough of this information lets kickstart the episode.

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episode 36
Flashback starts
Karthik is coming to school.Now he is 14yrs old.Ishaan comes there.He is 12yrs old.
Ishaan:Bhai after school will you help me with the homework and a chapter in maths.It is completely going above my head.
Karthik:Okay Ishaan I’ll help you.You don’t worry.
Ishaan:Bhai Ishaan Malhotra never takes tension he gives tension.And today toh no tension at all as today new session is starting and new students are going to enter.So time for some…
Karthik:Ishaan how many times I’ll tell you ragging is not good.Even in college it is not allowed but you do it in school?
Ishaan:Bhai its just for fun and we don’t harm anyone.
Karthik:Whatever Ishaan.Maybe for you it is fun and harmless but for some it can be painful also.Don’t do it.
Ishaan:Arrey bhai don’t talk like an old man.See there.What will you do by only stopping me?Ragging has already started.
Karthik turns and sees a group of boys surrounding a girl.Karthik can only see her back.It is obvious from the scene that the boys are trying to rag her.
Ishaan:I’m also going.
Ishaan also goes from.
Karthik:Ishaaann.Don’t know when this boy will understand.
He also turns to go away.But stops again and turns around.
Karthik(in mind):Lets see who that girl is.Maybe she’ll need help.Every student must have some good impression also on our school or else due to Ishaan our school will get the title of ‘Ragging School’.
He sighs and goes from there and come to the girl.
Still her back is facing her.Everyone else sees Karthik but Ishaan is too busy in arguing with the girl.
Ishaan:So newbie in our schools it is rule that every new student must do something to show their respect for senior.
Girl:Really senior.Sir please tell me na what is your age?
Ishaan(happy):Ya of course.I’m 12yrs old.
Girl:Oh really.But there is a problem.How can I call you senior when I myself is 13yrs old,i.e. 1yr older than you.
Ishaan gets shocked listening her.
Ishaan:You’re 13.
Naira:Ya I can show my birth certificate if you’ve difficulty in believing.
Student 1:Now what will Ishaan do.He is younger than her.
Student 2:Ya leave it yaar.Ishaan don’t have courage to rag someone elder than him.
Ishaan gets angry.
Ishaan:Oh you shut up guys.Ishaan Malhotra can do anything and today he’ll make new history by ragging someone senior than him.
Ishaan(with confidence):Ya what if you’re only 1yr older than me.But that doesn’t mean you’ll be saved.
Girl:No no.When I told this tell me what I’ve to do.
Ishaan:Okay then dance on song.
He starts the song.Its a jazz.
Girl:Arrey sir.But what type of dance you want.I can’t understand.
Ishaan:Arrey do it in any style.We don’t care.
Girl:Sir but you first just give demo na.We newbies will learn from you only na.
Ishaan gets happy and thinks that she is giving him respect.Karthik who is standing at her back has already understood what her intention is but he is not stopping her because he wants Ishaan to get punishment.Only then he’ll understand.
Ishaan:Ya sure sure.See I’ll teach you.
Ishaan starts dancing on the song.
After sometimes he stops and the girl starts clapping.
Girl(clapping):Very good junior.You really dance well.Thanks for entertaining your senior and GIVING RESPECT.
Ishaan gets shocked and understands that all the time it was she who was ragging him.
Now another person starts clapping and laughing loudly.Ishaan sees him and gets angry.He is none other than.
Karthik:Well done girl.You gave him right punishment.He needed it.Now maybe he’ll understand how it feels if someone rags him.
Ishaan(angry):Bhai you also.
Karthik:What bhai?How may times I told you ragging is not good.Don’t do it.But you never listen to it.
Ishaan keeps puppy face.
Karthik(to the girl):Btw I’m sorry from my brother’s behalf.
The girl turns around.Karthik is shocked to see her.She is none other than our Naira.
Naira:Its okay you don’t have to say sorry for him as he is the one who has been ragged.And ya what they were doing is not serious ragging.And I was watching your brother ragging also.He was not ragging person who were weak and shy types and will get sad and not bear it.He was only choosing person whom he was sure would be able to take little ragging.But I thought to rag him only as he should also know its feeling.He is not that bad.
Ishaan gets happy hearing good words about him while Karthik is just staring her.He rubbed his eyes.Buts till he is seeing her.
Naira:Btw you also look good as you came to help a girl whom you do not know also.Will you be my friend?
Karthik is still lost in her.
Naira snaps her finger in front of him and he comes back to his senses.
Naira:Where are you lost?I asked will you be my friend?
Karthik(trying to cover up):Oh sorry I was thinking about Ishaan’s hilarious dance hahahaha.And of course I’ll be your friend.He quickly shakes hand with her.Btw I’m Karthik.
Naira:I’m Naira.
Ishaan who was standing there gets shocked as his bhai never does friendship with any girl.(Arrey he is only waiting for Naira na that’s why).
Naira sees Ishaan and extends her other hand to him.
Naira:And you’re Ishaan right.
Ishaan:You also want to make friendship with me.
Naira:Ya I want some takkar ka friend also who will tease me and fight with me but also will be my best friend.
Ishaan:Ya same here and now I’ll show you what teasing and fighting is called.
Naira:I’ll be waiting.
Ishaan:Okay then wait and watch.
They start fighting.Their first fight.
Karthik:Arrey stop you both or because of your fighting whole school will come down.The trio then laugh and have a group hug.
Ishaan:Lets take a selfie.
They take a selfie.
Naira:Okay guys time for my class I’ll meet you at break.
Naira waves them bye and goes from there while Karthik keeps staring her still she is gone.
Flashback ends.

Karthik:You know Jaan that day I went home and gave krishna ji full 1 packet of butter and said thank you almost 100 times.Everyone was thinking that I’ve become mad but only I knew that I was really mad but madly in love with you.
Naira remembers their first meeting and gets teary eyed due to happiness listening about Karthik’s love for her.
Naira:Why you didn’t tell me before?
Karthik:Because I didn’t want you to remember Udaipur and become sad every time you think about our love story.I wanted that you get a smile over your face whenever you think about our love..
Now it was too much for Naira.She came to Karthik and sticked her rosy lips to his rough lips and started kissing him lovingly and passionately.Karthik soon reciprocated and kissed her with equal love and passion.That kiss was showing how much they love and need each other.It was a long lasting kiss broken due to lack of oxygen.
Naira:I love you Karthik.
Karthik:I love you too Jaan.
They then hug each other tightly.

The scene shifts outside SM.
In the meanwhile Ishaan,Emi and Vitki reached outside SM.
Ishaan:We came to MM.Now where is Moti’s home?
Emi & Vitki:Follow us chachu.
They went towards SM while Ishaan follows them.
Inside SM.
Bhabhimaa:Bahu call them and ask na till where they reached.
Akshara:Bhabhimaa I called Naira an Karthik both but they’re not picking calls.
Devyani:When will they come?I can’t wait now.
Rajshri:You’re right devyani behen.I’m also eager to meet them especially Emi and Vitki.
Akshara:Arrey wait na they’ll come.There is still time.
Mishti:And remember your promise.Emi and Vitki will be with us only.
Just then Mishti’s phone started ringing and she went upstairs to receive the call.
Just then Emi and Vitki enters.
Emi & Vitki(together shouts):Nani nanu mamu
Everyone turn around.
Akshara:See they came.They’re Emi & Vitki.
Everyone look at them emotionally and happily.They come to Akshara and hugs her.
Emi:How are you nani?Mumma told you had accident.
Vitki & Emi sees bandage on her forehead.
Vitki:Did you get hurt here?
She touches her forehead with her small and soft hands.
Emi also touches her forehead.
Emi:Is it paining?
Akshara just looks at them lovingly and has tears of happiness in her eyes.They both kiss on her forehead.
Emi & Vitki:Now it will be okay.
Akshara:Yes now of course it will be okay as you kissed me so lovingly.
Emi:Wow nani you speak just like mumma.
Vitki:Yes she also tells this when she gets hurt and we kiss her.
Naksh:Achcha will you only meet you nani.
Emi & Vitki:No we’ll meet our mamu also.They come and hug Naksh then they hug Naitik.Naksh pulls their cheeks and kisses them and Naitik also kisses them.
Ishaan who has entered was seeing all this and feels happy.
Emi & Vitki sees him.
Emi:Arrey chachu why are you standing there.Come here na.
Everyone sees Ishaan standing.
Emi and Vitki comes to Ishaan and holds his hand and brings him inside.
Everyone look at them.
Ishaan:I know you don’t know me.Let me introduce myself.I’m Ishaan Malhotra.Karthik Malhotra’s brother and your daughter’s brother cum best friend.
Akshara:Oh ya Naira was telling about you.She also told us how you both keep fighting and you call her moti right.
Ishaan:Aunty our relation is like this only from the time we first met.She only told that she wants a takkar ka friend who will fight with her and tease her but also will be her best friend.
Naitik:Ya beta she told that you both bond really well.
Akshara looks at Naksh but he just smiles and hugs Ishaan.
Naksh:Thank you Ishaan for keeping my sister like your sister.
Ishaan:You don’t need to be.I’m lucky to get sister like her.Infact we all are lucky to get her.Right Emi Vitki.
Emi & Vitki(together):Yes.Our mumma is the best.
They all smile and introduce each other and greet each other.Just then Mishti comes down.
Mishti:This is not fare.Again you all cheated.
Everyone turn to her.Ishaan Emi and Vitki also turn and are shocked to see her.

Recap:Ishaan gets shocked that Mishti is actually Naira’s cousin while Mishti gets shocked to know Ishaan is Naira’s brother-in law.

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