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The episode starts with Karthik getting idea.
Ishaan:What idea you got bhai?
Karthik:You don’t need to know that you only tell me you’ll help me or not.
Ishaan:Arrey first tell me no.
Karthik:Arrey I just need time with her alone to convince her so take Emi and Vitki with you and go to Jaan’s home.
Ishaan:Ya but I don’t know the address.
Karthik:Arrey its just beside MM.Besides Emi and Vitki also know it.You go with them to MM then they’ll only take you.
Ishaan:And how will they recognise me.
Karthik:They’ll recognise you by seeing Emi and Vitki.Besides her mother,father and brother also know Emi Vitki.So you go with them.I’ll handle my wife.
Ishaan:Okay best of luck bhai.
Ishaan quickly goes and tells Emi and Vitki to come with him as he want to talk about Mishti.They happily agree.(Oh god he doesn’t even know that he is going to meet her.)
Naira comes out after sometime.By that time Ishaan left with Emi and Vitki.(Actually she forgot her purse so she went inside to take it).
Naira sees Kathik standing and waiting for her but she ignores him and starts searching for Emi,Vitki and Ishaan.Karthik sees her.
Karthik:Waste of time.
Naira turns to him.
Naira:What do you mean?
Karthik:I’m telling it’s a waste of time to search for them as they’ve already left.Now only you me and a car is here ready.
Naira:You go by that car.I’ll go alone.
Karthik:You’re coming with me or else I’ll not go.
Naira:Okay then don’t.
Karthik:Okay then.But I’ll give you an advice.Think of a nice excuse before going there alone that why I didn’t came with you.Of course it’ll be of no use because they’ll call me for convincing me and then I’ll tell that their daughter only asked me.If you want this to happen then okay.
Naira knows that Karthik can really do this.So seeing no other option she goes and sits in the front seat without speaking a word and keeping an angry face.
Karthik comes and sits on drivers sit and smiles.
Karthik(in mind):You can’t be angry on me for long jaan.
He smirks and drives the car.

The scene shifts to SM.
Everyone is busy in decorating the house as Naira is coming.The Maheshwaris has also come there.
Bhabhimaa:Devyani just go and check na that aarti thaal is ready or not.
Devyani:Ji bhabhimaa.I will just go and check.Arrey chitti maharaja till you did not arrange the sweets and gifts.Go do it fast na we don’t have much time left.
Akshara also comes to help.
Tara stops her.
Tara:Ma why are you doing work?You should rest na.Now only you came from hospital.
Akshara:Arrey Tara beta I’m alright and actually better than that.Let me also do na.I want to do something for Naira also.My daughter is coming after 10yrs.
Naksh also comes there.
Naksh:Arrey what are you both talking?Are you again gossiping about me?
Tara:Naksh see na ma is not listening to me.She wants to work even in this condition.
Naksh:Mumma is Tara saying right?
Akshara nods.
Naksh:Mumma why you don’t listen?You’re already weak.Achcha you only tell me will Naira like it that you worked in this condition for her.
At that time Mishti comes there.
Mishti:Ya tai ji she’ll only come and scold you but before that I’ll scold all of you.
Everyone stare at her.
Mishti:You all cheaters.All of you met Naira didi but only left me and bhabhi ha. Not fare.
Tara:You’re right mishti.You all did partiality with us.
Everyone smile hearing them while they show fake anger.
Naitik comes there.
Naitik:Achcha now partiality is done and we can’t reverse it.You only tell us what we can do to gain your forgiveness.
Mishti:I’ve already thought about it.
Tara:What Mishti?
Mishti:Your punishment is when Naira di will come and bring Emi and Vitki then I and bhabhi will spend the most time with us.
Tara:Yes and the whole time Emi and Vitki will be with us only and you’ve to take our permission to talk with them.
Everyone stare them.
Bhabhimaa:Arrey this much big punishment.We also want to talk with Emi and Vitki.Why will you keep both of them with you?
Rajshri:Yes this is not right.Even we haven’t seen them.
Mishti:Okay na when they come you can see them but they’ll be with us only.
Devyani:Arrey Mishti this is not right.You always help others na then why now you’re doing like this?
Tara:Choti dadi Mishti is now also helping only.She is helping herself and me.
Mishti:Ya and now deal is done.We’ll spend time with Emi and Vitki the most.
Naksh:I think only they’ll decide whom to spend time with.
Mishti:You see they’ll choose me only.
Naksh:Challenge then.
He forwards his hand.
Mishti:Challenge accepted.
She shakes hand with Naksh.

The scene shifts to Kaira in car.
Naira notices that Karthik is not driving towards her home.
Naira:Karthik where are you taking me?This is not the way to home.
Karthik:You trust me no jaan?
Naira:Yes then she remembers what happened in the house and says:Nooo
Karthik stops the car.There was not a single living being in the road except Naira and Karthik and it has grown dark.
He gets down from the car and opens door for Naira.
Naira comes out.
Naira(angry):What the hell?Why you stopped the car?First you only blackmailed me and brought me with you here then you brought the car in some unknown place and stopped it.
Karthik:Jaan actually I…
Naira:Karthik I’m already getting late.If you want to stay here you stay I’m leaving.
Saying this Naira was about to go but Karthik pulled her close and engaged her in a loving and passionate lip lock.Naira was startled by this sudden kiss and tried to part away being angry but Karthik was stronger and didn’t allow her to go away.He kissed her showing all her love for her.Naira tried hard to control herself but finally gave in and went with flow and responded to the kiss.After sometime they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen.Naira was about to question him about the sudden kiss but instead seeing his face her anger went away and tension took its place.
Karthik’s eyes were red and tears were continuously flowing through them.
Naira(tensed and cups his face):Karthik what…
Before she could complete Karthik took her into a bone crushing hug.Naira becomes tensed and looks around.She notices a signboard revealing the name of the road as xyz road(Guys you can think of any road you like).Naira gets horrified seeing it and remembers Karthik telling her how his parents died on this road in an accident.
Naira(in mind):Oh my god what have I done?This is the place where Karthik’s parents left him and I told him here only that I’ll…No no no no.How could I do this?I’ll never leave him.Never.
She hugs Karthik more tightly.They stand in that position for sometime.
Karthik releases the hug.
Naira looks at Karthik with tears in her eyes and with guilt.
Karthik:Jaan you know why I brought you here?
Naira nods her head in negative.
Karthik:By now you must have known what this place is.But I brought you here because I wanted to tell you something.This is the place where I lost my parents and everything.My life also went away with them.I was like a lifeless body.Often I used to come here and think why God played such a game with me.What was my mistake?Then one day God listened to me and gave me my life here.Yes Naira this place is not important because my parents died here.There is some other reason.
Naira looks at him questioningly.
Karthik:I came here the day we were leaving for London to have a last look at it.But that day this place returned me everything as I saw you.

Karthik is roaming in the road and crying.Then suddenly it started raining.
Karthik:Wow looks like the sky is also crying with me.
He looks at the place where his parents met with the accident and sees a beautiful girl.(Yes guys its none other than our Naira and guys in my ff Naitik and Akshara were not thrown out of the house and they did not live in cape town anytime so Naira is here only).
She is dancing in the rain and enjoying every bit of it.She sees a puppy there and takes it in her hand and dances with it.Karthik just admires her and looks at her astonishingly.A smile comes over his face after long time.
Karthik(in mind):Wish I was there in place of puppy.(Realised what he thought)What am I thinking?(gets sad)Today only I’ll go away from this country.Wish I could stay here and find about her but..He prays to god.God you took away my mom and dad from me but please at least do something and send this girl in my life.After that he sees her once again with love and goes from there
Flashback ends.

Karthik:After that I left from here and came to London but never left the hope of meeting you.Till 5yrs I kept dreaming about you and meeting you.I used to pray daily to God to send you in my life.And one day he sent you…

So guys how did you like the episode.Sorry I could not make Ishaan and mishti meet today but I think by next episode they’ll meet.

Recap:Naira and Karthik’s first meet in London in Flashback.

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