YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 34)

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episode 34
The episode starts with Naira and Karthik returning home.Karthik sees Naira tensed.
Karthik:Jaan what happened why are you tensed?You should be happy na.
Naira:Ya Karthik its nothing I’m just..
Karthik turns her towards him.
Karthik:You are worried about Ishaan’s reaction no when he comes to know the truth.
Naira nods in yes.
Karthik:I know Naira and I know Ishaan also.You know how much he loves you(as a friend or better sister not anything else).He’ll surely understand you.
Naira:I know Karthik he loves me very much that’s why I’m afraid.I’ve hidden such a big thing from him when he shared each and every secret with me..I’m not a good sister Karthik.I’m not a good sister.
Karthik hugs her.
Karthik:Ssshhhh….Never say like this.You’re the best in all relations.Best sister,best wife and best mother.You did not tell Ishaan only because you did not want him to worry.You could have told him when he was insisting to come to India.But you did not as you knew that if he comes to know he would leave his dream of coming to India for you and you didn’t want that to happen.
Karthik releases hug and cups her face.
Karthik:Tell me can there be a sister better than you?
Naira smiles and Karthik kisses on her forehead and hugs her again.
They stand in that position for sometime when they hear Emi,Vitki and Ishaan’s voice.They release the hug.
Ishaan,Emi and Vitki enters.Emi and Vitki runs to Naira and hugs her.She bends down.
Emi:Mumma where were you?
Vitki:You know we missed you so much.Why did you go leaving us for so long?Ha.
They keep angry face.
Naira cups their faces.
Naira:Arrey I had to go because you know your nani had accident.
Emi:What?Is she okay?
Naira:Yes she is okay now.You want to meet her?
Emi & Vitki(happily):Yes mumma.
Naira:Okay then go to your room.I’ll come after talking to your chachu.Then I’ll make you ready and we’ll go to your nani’s house.
The happily leave from there to their room.
Ishaan:So you both are fine na and how is that auntie?
Karthik and Naira look at each other and Karthik nods her to tell.
Naira:Ya Ishaan she is alright.And Ishaan woh I.. I want to tell you something.
Ishaan:Arrey then tell na.Why are you hesitating as if you did some mistake?
Naira:Yes Ishaan I did big mistake.I hided a big thing from you.
Ishaan looks at her angrily.She gets tensed but then he bursts out laughing.
Ishaan:What you thought you can fool me ha?Arrey I know you cannot hide anything big from me.I’m your best friend after all.

Seeing his belief Naira feels more guilty of hiding this truth from him.
Naira turns Ishaan towards her.
Naira:I’m sorry Ishaan I broke your trust.I hided my life’s most important thing from you.
Naira has tears in her eyes and looks very serious.
Ishaan(tensed):Stop it okay moti.I know you… No you can’t hide anything from me.Tell na you’re joking right.
Naira nods her head in no.Tears are flowing through her eyes.
Ishaan gets tensed seeing her.Even Karthik also feels bad but he don’t want to interfere between bhabhi and devar and moreover he knows that Ishaan will handle her.
Ishaan(tensed):Okay moti don’t cry.Tell me what you want to tell.
Naira:Ishaan woh..you remember when we met first time we told you I’m orphan.
Ishaan:Ya of course both you sis..
Naira:No Ishaan its not the truth.She was orphan because she didn’t have family but I was orphan not because I didn’t have family.
Ishaan:What do you mean?
Naira:Ishaan I had family in fact I have family but due to some misunderstandings I was away from them for 10yrs.
Ishaan gets the greatest shock of his life hearing Naira.He stands there still while Naira narrates him the whole incident.
Naira sees Ishaan standing in shock.She shakes him but he doesn’t reply.She gets tensed.
Naira(shaking):Ishaan at least say something na please.
Ishaan(teary eyed):What will I say mot..Oh sorry I mean bhabhi.What will I say bhabhi.
Naira gets shocked as Ishaan calls her bhabhi.
Naira:Ishaan you..
Ishaan jerks her hands.

Ishaan:Ya I called you bhabhi because you’re only that now.I used to call my best friend moti but now I cannot find her.So whom will I call moti.
Naira(cries):Ishaan please don’t tell like this.
Ishaan(shouts):What will I listen now?You didn’t tell me anything and might have not told now also if you didn’t need it.
Everyone get shocked especially Naira as Ishaan never talks with Naira in high pitch.Sometimes Naira may get angry and scold him but Ishaan will never do that.
Naira cries seeing Ishaan so angry.
Ishaan turns towards.
Ishaan:You know what?When you and bhai got married everyone told me to call you bhabhi and not moti because you’re no more my best friend but my brother’s wife.But I scolded all of them and told them that whatever may happen I’ll call you moti only as you’ll always remain my best friend.I always considered you my best friend Naira and thought that you also considered me the same.But you never considered me best friend but your husband’s brother.
Naira:No Ishaan its not true. always considered you more than my best friend and my real brother.
Ishaan:Then why did you not tell me such a big thing about your life.I understand you didn’t tell in London because you wanted to forget it.But when I insisted on coming to india then also you didn’t tell me,when you came to India you got to know everything and remembered everything but when I returned then also you didn’t tell me anything.(cries)I kept asking you what is the matter?Why you both seemed tensed?But no you kept on telling me lies.You didn’t consider it important na to tell me.
Now it was too much for Karthik.He was about to talk to Ishaan but was stopped by Naira.
Naira turns a crying Ishaan to herself.In fact she is also crying.
Naira(cries):You really think Ishaan I never tried to tell you?No Ishaan.Many times I thought to tell you.Do you know how many times I came to you to tell everything but went away.Ishaan you think it was easy for me to forget everything?No.It was very difficult.But after meeting all of you I got a family and slowly began to forget everything.You all did a lot for me Ishaan and I know you did it because you love me but I also love you all.So when I came to know about your mother’s last wish I did not tell you else like your brother you too would have decided to sacrifice your mother’s last wish for me and I did not want that.
Ishaan:Achcha then why you did not tell me when we came here and you met them?
Naira:Because you were so happy after coming to India.I did not want to spoil your happiness because of these things.
Ishaan:Oh so you did not want me to worry but you both were okay to stay worried.
Naira:Ya Ishaan because we love you.And also after meeting the park girl you fell in love and were on cloud nine.How could I give you tension tell me?
Ishaan:But this does not mean that you’ll hide such a big thing from me.You told bhai about it when you were only 13yrs old then why not me ha.
Naira holds her ears and sits in front of Ishaan.She is crying badly.
Naira:I’m sorry Ishaan please forgive me.I know I did wrong by not telling.I’m very bad friend and sister.Please please forgive.
Now Karthik feels very bad seeing Naira like this.He only knows how he is controlling himself.Tears are continuously flowing through his eyes and his heart his aching seeing his jaan like this.But he cannot go because he is sure Ishaan will soon melt.
And it happened too.Ishaan turned and saw Naira liked this and all his anger went away.He felt very bad.He makes Naira stand and hugs her.
Naira:Ishaan did you forgive me.Please…
Ishaan:Ya its okay and sorry for behaving like this.
They release the hug.

Karthik gets happy seeing them.
Karthik(to lighten the situation):Wow I should make a video of tis moment so that when you fight in future I’ll show this to you and make you emotional.Then I don’t have to shout to both of you don’t fight don’t fight.
Naira & Ishaan(together):We don’t fight that much.
Karthik(raising his eyebrows):SERIOUSLY…
Naira,Karthik and Ishaan look at each other and laugh and have a group hug.
Naira:Now let me to go and get Emi and Vitki ready.Karthik and Ishaan you also get ready.Then we can go there.
Ishaan:Arrey but tell me something about your family na.
Naira:Arrey let us reach na then you can know everything yourself only.
Ishaan:Arrey but..
Naira(orders):I told no means no.Now go and get ready.
Ishaan:Achcha bhai you only tell me.
Karthik:Ya its …
Naira:Karthik dare you tell him else you know him.
Saying this Naira goes while Karthik gulps in fear.Ishaan laughs seeing him.
Ishaan(laughing):Hahahaha bhai.Look at yourself hahahaha.You’re so afraid of her.Really.
Karthik:Arrey Ishaan every man before marriage may be a wild lion but after marriage they become circus ka lion who acts according to ringmaster that is wife.In short every husband becomes J ka G after marriage.
Ishaan:Now what is this J ka G?
Karthik:Joru ka ghulam.
Ishaan bursts out laughing hearing this.Karthik also joins.At this time they hear an angry voice.
Voice(angry):Is it so.
Karthik gulps in fear and turns around.He sees Naira standing there looking dangerously at him while Emi and Vitki are standing on her either side giggling.
Emi:See mumma we told you na that they’re talking bad about you.
Vitki:You were thinking that we were joking but now what will you tell?
Naira(angry):You were right Emi and Vitki.I should have taken you seriously.
She bends down and cups their faces.
Naira:You both love me so much (looks at Karthik angrily)unlike some people who just show their love in front of you and behind your back they gossip about you.
Karthik gives innocent looks to Naira but Naira gives him angry glares and goes from there.Emi and Vitki also follows her.
Karthik keeps sad face.
Ishaan looks at Ishaan.
Ishaan:Arrey she got angry only na.Why you’ve made your face like boiled potato for this?
Kathik(sadly):Arrey you don’t know now she’ll not talk with me or smile with me.I don’t like this.
Ishaan:Offo bhai.Why are you behaving as you are unmarried and she is your girlfriend and if you don’t convince her she’ll break up with you.
Karthik(sadly):I love her Ishaan.I don’t like when she don’t talk with me.
Ishaan:Okay baba then I’ll advice instead of standing here keeping sad face plan something na to make her agree.
Karthik thinks and gets an idea.
The screen freezes on Krthik’s face.

Recap:Karthik’s plan.The Malhotras meet Singhanias and shock for Ishaan.

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