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Guys I’m back with the next episode.I hope you’ll like it.Thanks all of you for your comment.Silent readers please comment.Yrkkh I’ll try to write an os if I get time. I can’t guarantee and if I write also I can’t guarantee if the same will happen in serial.

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episode 33
The episode starts with Naitik asking doctor about Akshara.
Naitik:Doctor how is Akshara ?
Doctor:She is fine now.Its like miracle.First we thought that we’ll not able to save her as she was not wanting to live but as soon as she met her daughter we saw so much will power in her that it seems anything happens she should get well.Its her will power that made her fine.
Everyone gets happy listening doctor.
Naitik(happily):Doctor can we meet her?

Doctor:Ya you can.But she requested to meet her daughter first.It looks like she loves her daughter very much.So I suggest that her daughter should meet her first.
The doctor goes from there.
Naira is about to go but looks at others and remembers Rajshri slapping her and stops.
Everyone sees her and understands why she is hesitating.
Rajshri comes to her angrily.
Naira gets tensed seeing her angry.

Rajshri stares her angrily.
Naira lowers her gaze seeing her.But Rajshri hugs her shocking Naira.
Rajshri leaves her hug.She cups her face.
Rajshri(happy and teary eyed):I’m sorry Gudiya rani for slapping you.I got very angry on you.But I shouldn’t have slapped you like that in front of everyone.
Naira:Its okay nani.Why are you telling sorry again.You already told once.
Rajshri:No beta that time I told because the hospital staff requested me very much but did not tell from heart.But now I’m saying from heart.Forgive me beta.

She is about to join her hand but Naira stops her.
Naira:What are you doing nani?You have right to scold and slap me to show me right path.If you do like this I’ll not talk with you.
Rajshri smiles and hugs her while Karthik watches Naira proudly. Naitik is about to go to Naira but Karthik comes there.He keeps hand on her shoulder.Naira turns around.
Karthik:I think you should go now Naira.She must be waiting.
Naira smiles and nods her head.She goes to Akshara.

She comes and sits beside Akshara.Akshara smiles seeing her.
She comes to Akshara and hugs her.Akshara caresses her head lovingly.
Naira:I’m sorry mumma I did very wrong with you.I should have understood that there is some reason for your actions 10 yrs back but instead of talking to you and asking you I ran away, left the country and didn’t return to India only for 10yrs.And when I returned after 10yrs still I behaved with you so badly.You were craving for my love and to hug me but I didn’t accepted you only as my mother.I’m very sorry mumma.I’m very sorry.
Akshara:Ssshhh Naira.It was not your mistake.The time was bad then.What you saw made you believe that I cheated you.I know Naira that you love me very much and when you saw and felt that I cheated you your little heart broke into pieces and your trust also broke with it.Naturally you’ll be angry as a child trusts their mother the most but when they feel that mother only is cheating them they’ll be completely broken.

Naira:But mumma I want to know what happened 10yrs ago.Now I don’t want any misunderstanding between us.
Akshara nods and tells her the whole incident.Naira gets sad that she misunderstood her mother so much.
Naira:Are you saying truth mumma?
Akshara:Yes beta I’m saying the truth.I didn’t do anything beta I really love you.I’m your mother beta.I’ll never do this with my daughter.
Naira(wipes her tears):Its okay mumma.Forget the past.We’ll make a NEW BEGINNING from today.We’ll relive all the time that we spend without each other.
Naksh:Really Naira.
Naira turns around and sees the Maheshwaris,Singhanias and Karthik entering.
Both Akshara and Naira smile.
Naira:What do you mean bhai?

Naksh:I mean what you told you really meant it?
Naira:Of course bhai.
Karthik felt thirsty and took a glass of water.
Naksh:Okay then start packing your bags.
Naira:Why?Are we going somewhere.
Naksh:Not going you’re coming and from now on you’ll stay with us.
Karthik who was drinking water spits it hearing Naksh.Naira and Karthik both looks at Naksh shocked.Everyone laugh seeing them.

Naira:Wh..what are you saying bhai?
Naksh:Arrey you only told no that you’ll live all the moments in 10yrs and for that you’ve to live with us for 10yrs.
Naira looks at Karthik.He signs her no.
Naira:Arrey bh..bhai why are you joking?How can I live with you for 10yrs?
Naksh:Why not?Achcha baba you don’t have to stay for 10yrs come for 10 days.
Naira(murmurs):Arrey I can’t leave without my family(she means malhotras) for 10s also.
Naksh:Naira what are you murmuring?Tell loudly na.
Akshara about to say something to Naksh but he winks at her indicating he is only joking with her.
Naira:Woh bhai I would have said yes but but
Naksh:But what Naira?

Naira:But but yes but I cannot leave Emi and Vitki and come na.They’re very small.You know na bhai.
Naksh:Ya they’re really very small.
Naitik(joins Naksh in teasing Naira):Arrey no worries for that.You bring them also with you.They’re really cute.And we also don’t know anything about them.
Bhabhimaa:Yes and we toh have not seen them also.
Rajshri:Naksh you saw them na how does they look?I’m sure her daughter must be like…
Naira(with teary eyed):Her mother.She is perfect shadow of her mother.
Karthik looks at her and understands while Naira looks at him back with teary eyed.
Naksh:Achcha she is just like you.You said it so confidently.
Karthik:Ya its true.She is just like her mother.
Devyani:Achcha and what do they like to eat?
Rajshri:Ya tell we’ll make their favourite dishes.
Bhabhimaa:No no first tell me what sweet they like.I‘ll make that for them.
They all start asking Naira questions on Emi and Vitki together.Naira gets irritated.
Naira(shouts):CHUUUUPPPP.I’ll make a list of their likes and dislikes and give you all okay.Now don’t irritate me.

Naksh:So Naira you’ll come to stay with us na.
Naira:Woh bhai woh woh
Naksh:If you can’t think of any excuse then tell the truth na that you don’t want to go leaving Karthik as you can’t stay without him even for 10s.
Everyone laugh hearing then while Karthik scratches his head and Naira blushes.
Naira(blushing):Bhai…nothing like that.

Naksh:Oh really.Stop pretending Naira.We can clearly see from your face.Your face became red like tomato.Don’t worry I was just teasing you.You don’t have to go anywhere leaving your Karthik.
Naira:Stop it now bhai.Achcha what doctor told about discharge.
Naksh:Oh ho Naira trying to divert topic.Okay for now I’ll leave you and ha mumma doctor told that we can take you home.
Naira:Even we should go home everyone must be worrying.
Naksh:Arrey but Karthik is here only.
Naira:I know bhai.I’m talking about Emi,Vitki and specially Ishaan.
Karthik:Arrey don’t worry.He called me and I told him of the accident.
Naira:So you told him about…

Karthik:No don’t worry.I know you want to tell him.He is your best friend na.
Naira:Not only best friend but brother also.And what about Emi and Vitki.
Karthik:Don’t worry about them.When I told Ishaan that we’ll need time here he told that he’ll go with Emi and Vitki to watch film.
Naira:Okay then before they reach we should also go.
Naksh gets jealous as Naira calls Ishaan her best friend and brother.
Naksh:Btw who is this Ishaan?
Naira:Actually he is my brother in law but more than a real brother to me.You know bhai I know both Ishaan and Karthik from childhood and from childhood only he was my best friend and brother.We bonded so well that..
Karthik:That sometimes other would think Ishaan as Naira’s real brother only.
Naira begins telling stories about their bond.
Naksh gets sad as he didn’t have such a good bond with Naira as Ishaan has.
Akshara senses it.

Soon after Karthik and Naira bid everyone good bye and leave from there.
Akshara calls Naksh to her.
Naitik:You both talk till I finish formalities.
The Sighanias and Maheshwaris also go to decorate home as Akshara and Naira both are coming.
Akshara:Duggu why were you sad listening about Ishaan?
Naksh:Nothing like that mumma.

Akshara:Don’t pretend duggu.I know you are thinking that you’re her real brother till yo don’t have such bond with her which Ishaan has when he is not even he real brother.But duggu you know na heart relations are stronger than blood relations and you should be happy that he loved your sister so much and filled your space in her life when you were not there.
Naksh:I know mumma but…

Akshara:I understand beta.But instead of being jealous with Karthik or Ishaan we should be thankful to them that they loved Naira so much that she never missed us in all these years.
Naksh:You are right mumma.I should not think like this.Now see how I’ll welcome them.
Both Akshara and Naksh smiles.The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Recap:Ishaan gets to know about Singhanias and become angry.How will Naira and Karthik convince them.

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