YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 32)


Thanks guys for your comments and Happy friendship day to all of you.Finally I finished writing episode 32

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episode 32
The episode starts with everyone getting to know about Naira.they all are shocked.
Naira comes there after donating blood.
All look at her lovingly & emotionally.She comes and stands beside Karthik.
Karthik(cups her face):You okay jaan.
Naira nods in yes.She is still crying.Karthik hugs her.
Karthik:Don’t worry everything will be fine.
Everyone feel happy seeing their bond.
Naira:It all happened because of me Karthik.She tried to save me.I’m feeling very guilty.
Everyone hear her.

Naksh:What do you mean?It happened because of you?
Naira:Woh it happened like…..
She narrates the whole incident to Singhanias and Maheshwaris.
Naira:She was trying to save me and got herself hit but the car.
Naksh:Oh so that’s the reason you brought her here and crying so much.Seeing you here I should have understood that you’re only responsible for mumma’s accident.Otherwise why will you bring her and show so much care for the person you hate the most right.
Bhabhimaa:Lalla why are you talking to Naira like this?
Rajshri:Yes cheeku.We saw her after so many years but you..
Naksh:You are telling this nani because you don’t know how much she hates mumma.She even refused to accept her mumma.Mumma kept pleading to listen to her but she.She didn’t even talk with love to her or listen to her.
Karthik gets angry.
Karthik(angry):Control yourself Naksh.I know you’re very tensed now but it does not mean that you’ll say anything to anyone.
Naitik(angry):You keep quiet.It is your mistake also.You only believe one person in the world that is Naira.Can’t you see the truth?You also blamed Akshara for no reason when she was not at fault.We told you everything truth that why Akshara did all this in the past.But you trust your man more than us.Therefore you also blamed Akshara.Because of you both my Akshara is here today.
Naira cries listening Naitik’s words.Karthik gets very tensed seeing her saying.He hugs her tightly.
Karthik:No Jaan.Please control yourself.Its not your fault.You did not do anything.
On the other side Naksh and Naitik tells the Singhanias and the Maheshwaris that how Naira behaved with Akshara these days and how much hurt Akshara was.

They get angry on Naira for blaming Akshara and hurt her so much and their anger is increased by seeing Akshara’s condition.
Rajshri comes and slaps Naira.
Rajshri:How could you Naira?How could you do this to your mother who loved you so much?
Karthik gets super angry on Rajshri for slapping Naira.
Karthik(shouts):How dare you?How dare you slap my wife?
Bhabhimaa:She should have been slapped before then this day won’t have come.
Naksh:Yes badi dadi.You’re right.If instead of listening to her non sense we gave her one tight slap.She might have come to the right way.But we were only idiots who tried to convince her with love.
Karthik’s anger now knew no limits.He held Naksh’s collar.
Karthik(angry and shouts):I will burry you alive if you speak one more word against Naira.
Naira senses Karthik is very angry.She holds Karthik’s hand to stop him.
Naira:Karthik please calm down.This is a hospital.
Karthik:Tell this to them to stop blaming you,then I’ll also stop and tell them to ask forgiveness from for slapping and insulting you or else you know Naira I’ll show them hell on earth.
Naira tries to convince Karthik.
Naira:Karthik please.
Karthik:No Naira.Now don’t stop me.How dare they slap you?No one has got this right to slap you and insult you not even me.Then how can they?I’ll not leave them.
Naira understood that Karthik will not stop.He loves her very much.When he can’t tolerate someone talking with high pitch with her then how can he tolerate someone slapping her?
Naira leaves his hand.Then the doctors and nurse comes there hearing the shout.
Doctor:What are you doing?This is hospital.Other patients are here as well.You cannot shout like this.
Karthik:Tell this to them doctor.They slapped my wife because they think Mrs.Akshara Singhania is in the hospital because of her.I’m warning you doctor if they don’t tell sorry to her then you’ll really face the bad side of Karthik Malhotra.

The doctor gets afraid seeing his anger.He immediately goes to Singhanias and requests them to say sorry or else Karthik Malhotra may even shut their hospital.After much insistence they agree.
Rajshri comes to Naira and says sorry.
Naira:Its okay.I didn’t mind it.I know you all are angry.
Karthik calms down a little.
The doctor and others go from there.
Karthik:I’m also sorry for behaving like this with you all.But what can I do?She is my wife.You just can’t slap her for no reason.I’ll obviously get angry.
Naksh:But this can’t change the fact that…
Karthik:Naksh how can Naira be at fault.She did not ask your mother to come to the temple.She did not ask her to save her from the accident.She saved her because she is her daughter,You are insulting her love by insulting her Naira.
Naksh:Oh now I have to learn this from people who have insulted her motherly love to the extent that they called it fake.

Naira cries as she remembers how she insulted Akshara.
Naira:I’m sorry but what could I do?I saw her betraying me.Naturally I’ll be angry no.I’ve to leave you all and go away because of her.What you think it was easy for me to take such a big step?You all are talking about your pain but do you know what pain I went through when I was alone in Rishikesh for 3 months?No.You don’t know anything.My anger stayed in my heart and only grew over the years.And when she came face to face after so many years naturally I bursted out my anger on her.
Rajshri:But Naira she was not at fault.At least now understand how much she leaves you.She even tried to save her by giving her life.My daughter really loves you very much but you…
Naira:I got to know today that she really loves me.Let her come back then I’ll ask her sorry and also the reason for her doing all that 10yrs ago.
Karthik:Ya and I hope this time she tells the truth.
Naksh:Karthik we told you the truth only.At least now believe us.
Karthik:Okay I will try.But I can’t guarantee.
At that time the doctor comes out.
Everyone rush to the doctor.
Naitik:What happened doctor?Akshara is alright no.
Doctor:She’ll be alright only when she allows us to treat her.
Naksh:What do you mean doctor?
Doctor:She is not allowing to treat her until she meets her daughter.Who is her daughter?
Naira:I’m her daughter.
Everyone gets happy as Naira accepted Akshara as her mother.
Doctor:Please come with us.She is insisting to meet you.We don’t have time.If we get late then we might lose her.
Naira:No doctor don’t say this.I’ll come.
They goes.Naira enters Akshara’s ward.
Akshara sees her.
Naira comes to her and sits beside her.
Akshara tries to hold her hand.
Naira holds her hand.
Akshara tries to speak but can’t die to oxygen mask.
Naira:Don’t say anything.I know why you did this?You can’t do anything without reason na.
Akshara gets sad.

Naira(with tears in eyes):You want to punish me na mumma.
Akshara gets happy listening mumma from Naira’s mouth.
Naira:Ya I know you want to punish me.But please don’t give me such big punishment by going away from me.Please mumma.You get well and then give me as much punishment as you want.But please get well soon.
Naira holds Akshara’s hand and cries.
Doctor comes there and asks her to go now as they’ve to start Akshara’s treatment.
Naira goes from there.She comes out from the operation theatre.
Everyone sees her.She is crying and broken.She come towards Naksh and Naitik.They are about to extend their hand when Naira passes but them and comes to Karthik and hugs him.
Karthik also hugs her tightly.Naira cries bitterly holding him while Karthik consoles her.
Everyone get happy seeing their love but also sad that Naira is not so close to them and are tensed about Akshara.
After 2 hours..
Naira is sitting with head on Karthik’s chest.Everyone are worried for Akshara and praying for her.
The light of OT goes off and the doctor comes out.
Everyone rush to him.
Naitik:Doctor how is Akshara?
Doctor:She is…..

So guys what do you think will Akshara be saved or not?Tell me if you liked today’s episode.

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  1. If I ask a qn mam if you don’t mind…
    The logo is same of yours like skr ff’s aman bhai,and swaragini ff’s one writer.if all are you same?
    For your information I am Nabanita from kolkata,1st year science student.men please don’t mind if i am wrong…….

    1. Debarati

      No nabanita logos might be same but I’m only Debarati and write this ff only.I hope I cleared your confusion

      1. Thanks for clearing my doubt.
        By the way this ff is really too ok good.

  2. She will be fine

  3. Sethidisha002

    please update the part fast nd i love this part very much muahhhhhh

  4. I don’t like that rajshri said sorry to naira…because of his anger…

  5. U ff is always too good

  6. liked todays episode very much
    not only the family even i was touched by kairas love

  7. I think naira akshra-naira patch up in serial is better than this ff…it was so gud…

  8. Sayed tarannum

    Nice episode..I hope opration will be successful….and its awkward when rajshree asked sorry to naira bcz of anger..she is her grandmother and she has right to show her right path and to love her and slap her also….parents are parents no matter they are wrong or right…they shouldn’t ask sorry yaar…..I hope u all agree with me……but episode was superb …I hope they will live happily soon….

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