YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 31)

Thanks for your comment guys.Silent readers please comment.Guys soon in the serial Akshara and Naira are going to reconcile so why not in my ff?In my ff too they’re going to reconcile real soon.The process started in today’s episode.

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episode 31
The episode starts in SM.
Naitik is pacing in his room and is tensed.
Naitik:Why I’m feeling this bechaini as if something bad is going to happen?
Naksh comes there.
Naksh:Papa did mumma call you?
Naitik:No Naksh.I was about to ask the same question to you.
Naksh:Strange.It should not take so much time to reach temple.
Naitik:Its okay beta.She might have reached temple and forgot to call us.She is already very tensed.
Naksh:But papa mumma never do like this.She is very responsible.
Naitik:Yes beta but the situation is not same now na.
Naksh:Achcha I’ll only call her.
Naksh dials Akshara no. but she doesn’t pick up.
Naitik:What happened Naksh?
Naksh:She is not picking calls also.Now I’m really getting tensed papa.
Naitik:Don’t worry Naksh.Maybe she kept her phone in silent mode and forgot.You know na she sometimes do it.You don’t worry.When she will feel alright she will surely call us.You go to your room.
Naksh goes from there.
Naitik:I told Naksh not to worry but don’t know why I myself is feeling so much tensed.

The scene shifts to the raid in front of temple.
Akshara is lying in a pool of blood.
Naira gets shocked seeing her like this.
Naira runs to her.
Naira:Mumma nothing will happen to you mumma.Nothing will happen to you.
She keeps Akshara’s head on her lap.
Naira:Just keep talking with me mumma.Don’t close your eyes please.
Akshara holds Naira’s hand and speaks with much difficulty.
Akshara:For..give m..e..Na..i..ra..I re..al.lly lo..v..e yo..u b..e.t.a.I di..dn..t d.o a..ny..th..in..g int..en..ti.o.na..lly.Tr..us..t m.e pl..e..a.s.e.
Naira:Ya mumma.Okay I trust you.I’m sorry for saying you to go away.Don’t go away mumma.I want you with me.Don’t give me such big punishment.
Akshara smiles at Naira and faints.
Naira shouts:Mummaa…….Driver…
Driver comes hearing Naira shout.They lift Akshara and put her in car and rushes to hospital.

The scene shifts to City Hospital(The one and only hospital for serials in whole India lol)
Naira rushes Akshara to the hospital.
Naira is holding Akshara’s hand when she is been taken to operation theatre.
Naira(holding Akshara’s hand and crying):Nothing will happen to you mumma.Nothing will happen to you.
The doctor take Akshara inside for checking.
Naira is very tensed and crying.She calls Karthik immediately.
Karthik is standing in the room lost in thoughts.Then he gets Naira’s call.Karthik picks up the phone.
Karthik:Yes jaan tell
Naira(crying):K..art..hik woh.
Karthik gets tensed hearing Naira crying.
Karthik(tensed):Jaan what happened why are you crying.
Naira tells him everything.Karthik is shocked.
Naira(crying):Please come fast Karthik.I need you.
Karthik:Okay Naira.Don’t worry okay.I’m coming.I’ll just come.
Karthik rushes from there.
Ishaan sees him rushing.
Ishaan sees him.
Ishaan:Bhai what happened?Where are you going in such a hurry and why are you tensed?
Karthik:Ishaan I don’t have time.I’ll tell you afterwards.
He goes from there without informing Ishaan.

The scene shifts to City Hospital
Karthik rushes inside the hospital.He asks the receptionist about Akshara Singhania.He also gives them SM no. and ask them to inform SM.
Karthik rushes from there.He comes and sees Naira sitting and crying bitterly.
He goes to her.Naira sees him and runs to him and hugs him tightly.
Naira(crying):I never wanted this to happen Karthik.Never ever.
Karthik:I know jaan.You don’t worry jaan nothing will happen to her.
They stand hugging each other.

The scene shifts to SM.
Everyone is sitting in the hall while Naitik is tensed about AKshara.
Bhabhimaa:Munna where is bahu?I did not see her since we came down.
Naitik:She went to temple bhabhimaa.She’ll come soon.
The phone rings just then.
Bhabhimaa:I think its bahu’s call only.Munna pick it up.
Naitik:Ji bhabhimaa.
Naitik picks up the phone.
Receptionist(hospital):Hello am I speaking to Mr.Naitik Singhania?
Naitik:Ya I’m Naitik Singhania.
Receptionist:Sir I’m calling from city hospital.I called to inform you that your wife Mrs.Akshara Singhania had an accident and she is admitted in our hospital.Her condition is critical sir.I request you to come soon.
Naitik drops the phone hearing that and sita on the sofa with a thud.
Everyone gets tensed seeing him.
Naksh:Papa what happened?
Naitik(shocked and teary eyed):Na..k..sh Akshara…accident.
Everyone get shocked.
Naitik(cries):We must go to her.Her condition is very critical.
Naksh:You don’t worry papa.Nothing will happen to her.Nothing.I will inform nana nani also.
They all rush to the hospital.

The scene shifts to City Hospital
The Maheshwaris and Singhanias reach hospital and ask the receptionist about Akshara.They show them the way and inform them that a woman brought her in the hospital and they have informed police also as it is a hit and run case.
They rush to the direction.
In front of operation theatre Naira and Karthik are sitting hugging each other with Naira’s head on his chest.She is crying and Karthik is trying to console her.
The Singhanias and Mheshwaris reaches there.They don’t see Naira’s face as her back was turned to them.
Just then the doctor came.
Naira and Karthik gets up.
Naira:What happened doctor?She will be alright na.
Doctor:We can’t say anything now.Her condition is very critical.She lost a lot of blood.
Naira cries.
Karthik:Please do something doctor.
The Singhanias and Maheshwaris come to doctor.
Naitik and Naksh see Naira and Karthik and identifies them.But first they talk to doctor.
Naitik:Please doctor.Please save my wife.
Doctor:We are trying our best.But first we need blood.Her blood group is AB- which is very rare.We’ve sent for the blood bank but it is difficult and need time.So if someone in your family can donate blood then it will be very useful.As we don’t have much time.
Naitik:Yes doctor.Ma papa you can can give as one of the parent’s blood should match her blood.
Rajshri:No beta.My blood group is A- and sharuya’s bau jis’s blood group is B-.
Doctor:Then none of you can donate blood as we need AB- blood group.
Naira:My blood group is AB-.I can donate.
Everyone looks at her.
Doctor:Okay you come with me.
The doctor takes Naira for blood transfusion.
Bhabhimaa comes to Karthik.
Bhabhimaa:Thank you beta.You and your wife are like angels to us.Without any relation also you..
Naksh:Badi dadi first hear who is he then decide if he has relation with us or not.
Rajshri:Cheeku what are you saying?Tell clearly na.
Naksh:He is none other than Karthik Malhotra, Naira’s husband.
Everyone is shocked to know this.
Rajshri:This means she was…
Naksh:Yes nani she was none other than our Naira.
Everyone gets multiple shocked.
The screen freezes on their shocked faces.

Recap:Same as yesterday.

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