YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 30)


Thanks for all your comment guys.I know you might be wondering who the person is?Well I’ll slowly reveal it in episodes to come and also his relation with Naira.The reason for his hatred will also be revealed.And guys those who are thinking that now how will Naira and Akshara meet then don’t worry they will soon meet.

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episode 30
The episode starts with Ishaan,Naira,Emi & Vitki waiting for Mishti’s profile to open.When it is about to open Naira gets a call and goes from there.Just when she left Mishti’s profile appears.
Ishaan sees her profile.
Emi:Oh soo our chachi’s name is Mishti.
Ishaan:Sweet like her.
Vitki(teasingly):Really chachu.
Ishaan:Okay Okay stop teasing me.Lets see.Woh she is Mishti Singhania.Daughter of Naman and Karishma Singhania.Wait a minute I think I heard there name somewhere.Is she..
Ishaan searches something.
Ishaan:Wow she is the daughter of Singhania family,the big diamond traders of India and they have a restaurant here also.
Emi :Wow chachu.
Vitki:Beauty as well as rich.
Emi & Vitki:Aap ki toh lottery lag gayi.
Naira comes there just then.At that time Ishaan already closed Mishti’s profile.
Naira:Arrey tell me also what happened.
Emi:Mumma you know the park girl is not only beautiful but also rich.
Vitki:Yes mumma her name is Mishti.You know her full name is Mishti Singhania.
Naira gets nostalgic remembering her sister Mishti.How she used to help everyone and in the process always use to do some gar bar.
A smile appears on her face remembering her and she is so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t hear her surname.
Ishaan shakes her back to reality.
Ishaan:That’s what I’m asking?Love story is mine but you are lost in thoughts hearing her name.Naam paean nahi aya kya?(Did you not like the name?).
Naira:Wow Mishti nice name ha.Ishaan sweet like sweet box ha.See you really got sweet box.And rich poor doesn’t matter just Ishaan should like her and also she should like Ishaan.So Mr.Majnu be ready to convert your one sided love into two sided love story.
Ishaan(bends down):Ji guru ji.
Naira:God bless you and your love story.You will need it.
Everyone smiles and start discussing how to impress her.

The scene shifts to SM.
Akshara,Naitik and Naksh enter the house sadly and quickly rushes to their room so that no one notices them.
Akshara is devastated and bursts out crying thinking about Karthik’s words.
Naitik tries to console her.
Akshara:What is happening Naitik?I know Karthik is not lying but why he was told that we lied to him.Why?
Naitik:I don’t know Akshara.I really don’t know.
Naksh:I’m still saying that he must be lying to….
Akshara:Bas Naksh stop it.Why you are blaming him?Did you not see you much he loves our Naira?First day when you told about him you only told me na that Karthik loves Naira very much and you also told that their relation is stronger than ours.Then why are you telling like this now?
Naitik:Yes Naksh Akshara is right.And you only think na if he wanted to keep Naira away from us then he would have told all this in front of Naira but he didn’t do anything like that.And if he was really lying then why will he call us all alone.He will know that we know the truth.
Naksh thinks about it.
Naksh:Maybe you’re right then why was he saying that?
Naitik:We don’t know Naksh and we don’t have to.We just have to think how to make them believe that we’re not wrong.
Akshara gets up from bed.
Naitik:Akshara what happened where are you going?
Akshara:I’m going to temple Naitik to calm my heart.
Naksh:Okay mumma I’ll also go with you.
Akshara:No Naksh.I’ll go alone only.I want to be alone.
Naksh is about to argue when Naitik stops him and signs him to understand.
Naksh:Okay mumma you go but please call us okay when you reach temple.
Akshara:Okay beta I’ll call you.Don’t worry.
Akshara leaves from there.

The scene shifts to SM.
Naira,Emi,Vitki & Ishaan are talking about Mishti and Naira is teasing Ishaan continuously and pulling his leg.She still does not know that Mishti is her sister Mishti as first when Emi told she didn’t hear her surname and from then they’re just using her first name.
Naira:So Mr.Majnu ji what mishti(sweet) will you take for your Mishti?
Ishaan:Stop it moti or else I’ll make your pieces and make sweet with it.
Naira:Offo Majnu I think first you need to eat a lot of sweets as you and your talks are so bitter.I bet if bitter gourd was human he must be looking like you.
Ishaan:Stop calling me Majnu.And if I look like bitter gourd then what you look light.
Naira:The one I’m rose flower.
Ishaan:Ya a dark black rose.
Naira:Thanks for the compliment and when time comes I’ll use it with Mishti and tell her that you call her this.
Ishaan:But I didn’t call her this.
Naira:But she doesn’t know it and girls always believe girls first.
Ishaan:Moti I’ll not leave you if you do this.
Naira:Now toh I’ll do this only.
They started fighting just then Karthik enters.
Naira sees him coming but Karthik is thinking of Akshara’s betrayal and hurt.Naira sees Karthik and calls him but he doesn’t listen and goes from there.Ishaan sees this and also see Karthik tensed.Naira is also tensed by seeing his behaviour.
Ishaan sends Emi and Vitki to play.
Ishaan:Tell me truly Naira.Did something happen when I was not there.From the time I returned I have been observing you both are behaving strange.Did that bastard do anything?
Naira(angry):Nothing like that Ishaan.Why you always keep blaming him?
Ishaan:Because every time the reason for your’ and bhai’s and especially your sorrow is him only and I can’t see that.
Naira understands that Ishaan is just worried and feels guilty of scolding him.
Naira:I’m sorry Ishaan for talking with anger.I know why are you saying this and your anger is also justified.But nothing like that happened.
Ishaan:Then why was bhai behaving like this.You called him and he didn’t even hear.When normally whenever he comes he only keeps calling you or search for you.
Naira:Even I don’t know Ishaan what happened.But you don’t worry I’ll ask him.If it is something serious then I’ll tell you.
Ishaan:I’ll only ask him.
Naira:No Ishaan.He is tensed now.You go and concentrate on your love story.I’m telling na if something happen I’ll come and tell me.
Ishaan:Okay promise me that whatever it may be you’ll tell me and not hide anything from me.
Ishaan goes from there.
Naira thinks to talk with Karthik but then thinks that now he is too tensed so she decides to got temple and then talk to him.

The scene shifts to a temple.
Akshara is leaving the temple the suddenly she sees Naira coming towards temple.Naira is crossing the road when suddenly a speeding car comes towards her. Naira turns and is shocked.She closes her eyes but Akshara comes and pushes and Naira and in turn gets hit by the carNaira opens her eyes and sees Akshara lying in a pool of blood.
The screen freezes on her tensed face

Recap:The Singhanias and the Maheshwaris meet Naira.They blame her for Akshara’s accident.

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  5. Kirtana Sainath

    But why does not Ishaan know about all this? After all he is her best friend and has a right to know… y should naira and karthik hide it from him? Won’t he be upset if he knows that they hid it from him?

    1. Debarati

      Ya you are right Ishaan will be hurt and angry when he comes to know and then you’ll see Karthik and Naira convincing him

  6. Sethidisha002

    wow osam i love it

  7. Kirtana Sainath

    Ishaan won’t turn against naira karthik Na?

    1. Debarati

      Of course not.He will just be hurt but not hate them.

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  9. Hey Debu !
    Your ff is too amazing to stop me from reading.
    Btw I am a silent reader but can’t stop from commenting about your ff.
    And I am also of your age and how do u manage between your studies and school ?
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