YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 29)

Sorry guys for not uploading yesterday but believe me I posted it in evening and then went for a marriage.After coming from marriage I was so tired that I couldn’t check whether telly updates posted it or not and in today morning I noticed that telly updates didn’t post it.Thank god I had a copy of the update so I could post quickly.By the way I present you today’s episode and thought of adding a twist to tale.

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episode 29
The episode starts in SM.
Naksh,Naitik and Akshara are talking in Akshara’s room when suddenly they get Karthik’s call.
Naksh happily picks the call keeps it on speaker.
Naksh:Hello Karthik.

Naitik:Yes beta so did you get to know the truth.Now do you believe us?
Karthik:Yes uncle today I really got to know your truth and especially auntie’s.
Akshara:Karthik beta we’re very happy to know that but why are you calling us uncle and auntie call us papa and…
Karthik:Can you all meet me?
Akshara(excitingly):Yes yes yes.Tell us where and when we have to come.
Karthik:Right now in 10 minutes in xyz place.I’ll be waiting for you all.
Karthik abruptly cuts the call without letting anyone talk.
Akshara:Did you all feel that something is wrong by his voice or I’m the only one feeling so?
Naitik:Yes Akshara we also felt but I think we’re thinking too much.
Naksh:Yes maybe he is tensed about how to tell Naira all this and how to convince her.
Akshara:Ya maybe you’re right.

The scene shifts to MM
Naira is seeing the drawing of Mishti which Karthik made according to Ishaan’s description.(Of course she don’t to know that she is her sister and her name is Mishti right now.)
Naira:So this is my to be devrani.
Ishaan:Arrey moti she doesn’t even know me and the only impression she has of me is the park incident which is very bad.But you’re where making castles on clouds.
Naira:Offo idot once we get to know about her na then you see how your bhai and I give you idea to impress her.Aise pat jayegi.
Ishaan(becoming impatient):Okay..But first find about her na.
Naira:Be patient Mr.Majnu.You’ll need it as now you’re in love and it needs a lots of patience.
Ishaan:Offo I’ll have patience afterwards first find about her na.
Naira:Okay baba.Emi Vitki scan the photo and put it on laptop.
Emi Vitki scanned the photo.

Emi & Vitki:Mumma done.
Naira:Okay now we’ll put her photo on inter net and search.
They search her photo and find a profile.
They open it.The profile opens and slowly slowly photo and information starts to come.

The scene shifts to xyz location.
Akshara,Naitik and Naksh reaches there.Karthik is already standing there and waiting for them.
Akshara:Karthik beta.
Karthik turns around and sees them.
Karthik:Oh so you all came.Seeing you three together I feel like Tridev came.
Naitik:Karthik why are you talking like this?
Karthik:Why did I tell anything wrong.You all are so mahaan and specially Mrs.Akshara Singhania.But my jaan failed to recognise you.Btw sorry that I failed to understand you.
Akshara:Its okay Karthik.You don’t have to ask sorry.

Karthik:No I’ve to ask sorry.I made a big mistake in recognising you and my jaan also could not fully recognise you.
Naksh:Its okay Karthik.Its neither you nor Naira’s fault.
Karthik:I know that Naksh because your mother is so good at acting that no one can understand which face of hers is real and which one is fake.
Naksh,Naitik and Akshara are shocked listening this.

Naksh:Have you gone mad Karthik?What are you saying?
Karthik:Yes you are right.I got mad.I was mad to believe you and to think that my jaan can ever have some misunderstanding.She was right but partially right.Her so called mom is not mahaan but acts to be mahaan in front of everyone and to gain this name she can sacrifice even her daughter.
Akshara gets devastated hearing this.She is about to fall but Naitik holds her.
Naitik:Akshara…Control yourself.
Naksh gets angry.

Naksh:How can you say this Karthik?We told you the truth. Then also you…
Karthik:Don’t insult truth by calling a lie a truth.What you all thought that you will tell me and I’ll believe immediately and not even cross-check.One thing I tell you in matter of my jaan’s happiness I crosscheck each and every information 100 times.And what I got to know that you all lied to me.
Akshara:What are you talking beta?What lie we told?
Karthik:Oh please now don’t call me beta.Hearing beta word from your mouth will be an insult for mother son relationship.
Naksh:But at leat tell us Karthik what did we do?
Karthik:Okay first of all because of you mother my jaan has to face so much and now when she is happy your so called mahaan mother came backk and starts using her lies to separate me from my jaan by creating mu between us.But let me tell you she will never be successful.
Naksh(angry):Bas Karthik bas.What lie are you talking about from that time?Tell clearly.
Karthik(angry):Oh so now you want to know the lie that also I’ll tell you.Okay.When told me about the story of mu I instantly called my man to find from the police and he

The man called Karthik.
Karthik:What information you got?
The man:Sir I think you got confusion or someone lied to you.
The man:Yes sir.I found out that the police did not go to the area with Akshara Singhania because it is a dangerous place but because Akshara Singhania told them to catch her daughter and she’ll help them.And also she was not proved innocent before that.She was proved after she went away.
Karthik cuts the call in anger.

Karthik:So they were all lying so that they can create rift between me and my jaan ha.But they don’t know who is Karthik Malhotra.
Flashback ends.

Naitik,Naksh and Akshara are shocked by the revelation.
Karthik:Now what do you want to say about it?
Naitik:Karthik beta its not like that.Someone lied to you.We..
Karthik:Ya you’re very right.Someone lied to me and they’re none other than you.
Akshara:No Karthik beta I…

Karthik:Bas I don’t want to know anything.My jaan was right.You only want to be mahaan but she would not have thought that you could stoop so low to earn this name.I was only mad to listen to you all and even think that maybe my jaan had mu.Now I don’t want to hear anything.
Karthik goes fro there angrily without listening to Naitik,Naksh and Akshara while they keep pleading him to stop and listen to them.
Akshara:Naitik I didn’t do anything Naitik.Ask him to stop and listen to us.Why is he saying that ?
Naitik.I don’t know anything Akshara.
Naksh:It may also happen that he is lying to keep Naira away from us.
Akshara:No Naksh he‘ll never do that as he wants Naira’s happiness and loves her more than us or anyone in this whole world.
Naitik:Yes Naksh as far Naira is concerned Karthik can never lie.If he had told something then there must be some reason behind it.We’ve to find out.
They also leave fro there.

The scene shifts to unknown location.
The man who informed Karthik about Akshara telling lie is talking to some other man.His face is not shown.
Man 1:I told Karthik Malhotra what you asked me to.
Man 2:Very good here is your award.He gives him a huge bundle of money.
Man 1 gets very happy seeing it.
Man 1:But if Karthik Malhotra gets to know then he’ll not leave me alive and then he may reach you also.

Man 2:Nothing like this will happen.Here is your passport and visa and flight tickets.You’ll take the 12am flight and reach Dubai.(angry)Then don’t come back again India.Or else before Karthik Malhotra I’ll only kill you.
Man 1 gets afraid and saying okay goes from there.
Man 2:What you thought Karthik Malhotra?You jaan will so easily get back her family after snatching mine.I’ll never let that happen.
The screen shows Naira,the man’s hidden face and Akshara’s face.

Recap:Akshara saves Naira and…..

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