YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 28)


Thanks guys for your comments.And don’t worry there won’t be separation of Kaira.And guys I’m selecting the name Mishtaan for Mishti Ishaan pair and suggest me some songs for Kaira and Mishtaan.

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episode 28
the episode starts with Karthik sitting in office and thinking about Akshara’s word.
Karthik(in mind):Is she really telling truth?Is it all really a misunderstanding?Did my jaan suffer only because of misunderstanding?I’ve to find out.

The man:Sir it is very difficult to find out as it has been 10yrs.
Karthik(angry voice):I don’t want to know it is difficult or easy.Just find out.
The man(gets afraid):Okay sir.
Karthik:I’ve to find out the truth as soon as possible.If this is true my jaan can get back her family.She’ll be very happy.
Karthik looks at Naira’s photo and smiles.
Karthik:I love you jaan and I’ll bring you all the happiness that you deserve.

The scene shifts to SM.
Naitik,Naksh and Akshara enter happily as Karthik listened to them.
Naitik:What do you think Akshara?Will he believe us?
Akshara:Only time will tell that.
Naksh:Don’t worry papa.I know he’ll not believe easily but I’m also sure that he’ll cross check because he loves Naira very much.And once he cross checks he’ll get to know the truth by himself.Then he’ll convince Naira and she’ll obviously accept.

Akshara:You’re right Naksh.But I’m afraid also as I don’t want any mu between Naira and Karthik because of us.You saw na Naira loves and trusts Karthik more than anyone.If Karthik tries to convince her maybe it can happen that Naira gets hurt as even her Karthik is not supporting her and supporting us or rather me who she considers her enemy.

Naksh:Don’t worry mumma.Naira loves him very much.If he asks her to forgive us she’ll definitely forgive.
Akshara:I know beta maybe she’ll forgive but just for Karthik’s sake not from heart when in reality she would be very hurt.And this may also create a wall between them.
Naitik:What do you want to tell Akshara?
Akshara:I’m saying that we should not leave on Karthik to convince her.We’ll just take his suport in such a way that Naira doesn’t feel bad that no one is supporting her.We’ll convince our Naira on our own.
Naksh:What are you telling mumma?Naira is not listening to us only.She only listens to Karthik and …
Naitik:Naksh Akshara is saying right.Naira is angry on us so we should convince.Why will Karthik also bear her anger because of her?
Naksh still seems unconvinced.
Naitik:Achcha tell me Naksh if you get angry on us will we go to Tara and ask her to convince you or come to and try to convince you till you don’t agree?
Naksh(thinks about it):You’re right papa.We should convince Naira by our own.And you see papa she’ll surely agree.

The scene shifts to MM
Karthik returns home still thinking about the day’s incident.He goes to the room and sees Naira keeping things in cupboard and smiling.He gets happy to see her happy.
He comes to Naira and back hugs her.
As usual Naira doesn’t get shocked as she already knew Karthik was there.
Karthik:So jaan how was your day?
Naira:Fine.And how was your day?
Karthik thinks of Akshara’s talks and tensely says yes.
Naira notices him.
Naira turns him around

Naira:What happened Karthik?
Karthik thinks to tell Naira what Akshara told him.
Suddenly Emi & Vitki come and Ishaan comes behind.He is covered in mud
Emi(excitingly):Mumma you know what happened today?
Naira:What happened and why is Ishaan covered in mud?
Vitki:Mumma today it is proved that chachu became mad in love.But bechare ki kismet hi kharab hai.
Emi:Yes mumma it happened like this.

Ishaan,Emi & Vitki are walking on road when suddenly Ishaan’s eyes fell on Mishti.He is again mesmerised seeing her.She is playing with a street puppy.He is just seeing her cuteness and standing there like a statue.He suddenly sees the puppy jumped from her lap and started walking on road and suddenly a speeding car came towards it.Mishti closes her eyes in fear.
She opens her eyes and is jaw dropped to see the scene.Ishaan has plunged in and saved the puppy just like an action hero.Isaan while saving the puppy lands on mud.He sees Mishti coming towards him and forgets everything else.He stands up.
Mishti(taking the puppy from his hand):Thank you so much for saving this puppy.You’re so good.
Ishaan just keeps nodding his head as he is unable to speak anything.

Mishti(keeps hands on his shoulder):You know there should be more persons like you then no problem would be there in this world.I’m really impressed with your act.
Saying this she starts to leave and turns again and says:I hope to meet you again.
She turns and goes from there while Ishaan keeps staring her still she is out of sight.
After she is out of sight Ishaan happily starts jumping up and down without realising it is public place.Emi and Vitki comes to him and sees him.
Emi & Vitki:Are you some monkey human hybrid.
Ishaan:Arrey Emi and Vitki park girl got impressed.She tells she want to meet me again.
Emi:Excuse me uncle.Who are you?How do you know our name?

Ishaan:Arrey Emi Vitki you became mad or what.I’m your chachu..
Emi:You are chachu?
Ishaan:Arrey what happened to you both.I’m your chachu.Ishaan Malhotra.
Vitki:Emi he sounds like chachu only.
Ishaan:What do you mean sounds like?I’m your chachu.
Emi:Chavhu what happened to your face?
Ishaan:My face?What happened to my face?
Vitki:Let me show you.She takes her mobile and shows Ishaan his face on it.See.
Ishaan is shocked to see his face.
Ishaan:No no no it can’t happen.

Emi & Vitki:It had happened.
Ishaan’s face is all covered with mud.When he landed on mud even his face got covered in mud.
Ishaan:This means…
Emi:Yes chachu she didn’t recognise you.
Vitki:And your impression on her is still zero not hero.
Flashback ends

Ishaan and Naira burst out laughing listening it.Ishaan gets angry seeing them laughing.
Ishaan(angry):Very nice.You both instead of helping me are laughing at my plight.
Naira(still laughing):So what we can do?Your love story is so funny.
Karthik(also laughing):If you want to make anyone laugh in future na then just tell your love story everyone will burst out laughing.
Ishaan:Oye romeo juliet have you forgotten your love story.Should I tell Emi and Vitki about it.
Karthik and Naira stop laughing hearing it.
Karthik:Arrey Ishaan why are you getting angry?We were just joking.
Naira:And remember how you used to tease us on our love before.
Ishaan:Oh so you both are taking revenge on me now.
Naira:Ya kinda.
Ishaan:Bhai I know that this moti is my biggest dustman and always finds way to make fun of me.But you also.(dramatically)Bhai bhai na raha.
Karthik:Oh dramebaaz.Stop your acting okay.And what can we do?You don’t even know the name of the girl.
Naira:Yes and idiot at least today you could have asked her instead of staring at her and nodding your head like a toy.I’m sure she might be thinking you mute.
Ishaan:Stop it yaar and help me if you can or don’t do anything.
Naira:Achcha okay baba you remember her face na.What am I asking of course you will.Then tell your bhai to make a sketch of her.You know na he is good in it.
Ishaan:And then.

Naira:Offo buddhu.You call me tubelight but actually you’re tube light.Then we can upload it in social media and find about her.
Ishaan:And if she doesn’t have social media account then.
Karthik:Arrey then I’ll give her photo to my man and in few hours he’ll give all information about her.
Ishaan:Ya good idea.Why I didn’t get it.
Naira:Because first of all you were born stupid and the little much akal left has also went away due to the side effect of prem rog.How can you think?
Ishaan:Moti you..
Naira:Don’t forget I only gave you the idea.If you mess with me now I’ll stop Karthik from making her sketch.
Ishaan:Okay meri maa okay.I’ll not disturb you.But I’ll see you later.

Naira:Aakhen phaad kar dekhna.Badi deken ki cheese hoon.
Ishaan and Naira keeps fighting while Karthik smiles seeing them.

Karthik gets call of the man.
Karthik:What information you got?
The man tells him something.Karthik gets shocked.

Recap:Ishaan and Naira find about Mishti.Karthik calls the Naitik,Naksh & Akshara and meet them.What did he want to talk with them?

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