YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 27)

Hey guys I’m back with nest episode.Thank you all for your comment and I’m also very happy that you liked the episode.Guys suggest me some some songs to be played as background music for Mishti-Ishaan and our Kaira and you can also suggest a name for Ishaan and Mishti jodi.

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episode 27
The episode starts with a beautiful morning and calm morning in MM.The birds are chirping and overall the weather is very good.
Naira and Karthik are sleeping in each other’s embrace.
Naira is hugging Karthik tightly and sleeping on his chest with a smile on her face and Karthik is hugging her as if she is the most important thing in his life.The sun’s rays fall on Karthik and disturbs his sleep.He sees Naira sleeping peacefully on his chest.He feels happy seeing the smile on her face.
Karthik(in mind):I’ll do anything Naira so that this smile permanently stays here and no sadness can come in place of it.(thinks of SM)No sadness.
He sees Naira and pecks her on her lips.Naira gets up.
Naira:Good morning Karthik.
Karthik:Good morning Jaan.
Naira:Now get up.You’ve to go to office also na.
Both get up.Karthik is getting ready.Naira comes to him.
Naira:Karthik you check some schools in Udaipur where we can do Emi and Vitki’s admission.And ya you..
Karthik puts finger on Naira lips.
Karthik:Ssshhh Naira always thinking about others and taking their tension.Sometimes think about yourself also and me also.
He keeps an angry face and turns saying this.
Naira smiles seeing him and turns him.
Naira:Achcha what you want.What can I do for you?
Karthik:Nothing just spend time with me.
Naira:Really and what on the earth am I doing now Karthik?
Karthik:Arrey not like this.
Karthik:Today I’ll come early from office and then we both will go to see a movie and then we’ll go for dinner.
Naira:Only we both and what about Emi, Vitki and Ishaan.
Karthik:Arrey only we both will go not them
Naira:Arrey I can leave your mad and wait now majnu bhai and go but not my babies.And Karthik what type of father you are?You want us to enjoy while my babies will be sitting here and get bored.
Naira:Arrey don’t tell me Ishaan will entertain them.From yesterday he is only thinking about that park girl even murmuring about her in sleep.
Karthik:Really.But you don’t know one thing.I’m taking you only because I got chance as Ishaan told me yesterday only that he will take out Emi & Vitki for sight seeing today.So we both are left alone and we can do whatever we want.And Naira you thought that I can do this with Emi and Vitki.Even I love them.Go I’ll not talk with you.
He keeps angry face saying this.
Naira feels guilty.
Naira turns and hugs him.

Naira:I’m very sorry Karthik.I should not have told this.I know you love Emi & Vitki very much.
She releases the hug and cups his face
Naira:You know you’re the best father and husband and I’m very lucky to get you.
Karthik sees Naira upset.
He cups her face.
Karthik:Its okay Naira I was just joking.I didn’t mean it.
Naira suddenly remembers something.
Naira:Btw I should also tell that Emi & Vitki are really lucky.They got good chachu also.
Karthik:Ya Naira you remember when he got to know you are pregnant he was more excited than me.
Naira:Arrey he was excited than both of you when he got to know we are preg…
Naira stops as she realises what she said.Tears made her way through her eyes.
Karthik hug her.He was also having tear in his eyes.
Karthik:Ssshhh Naira I know you miss them but please don’t cry.
Naira remembers some flashes
Naira is sitting and crying.A girl comes there and sees Naira.She immediately comes to her and hugs her.
Girl:What happened sissy why are you crying?Tell me.
Naira:Nothing its just..
Girl:Naira now you’ll hide things from me also.Your sister.
Naira:No its not like that TANU.
Tanu:Okay then tell me or I’ve two options.
Tanu:See either I’ll tell bhai that you’re upset or I’ll tell your majnu Karthik that you’re upset.Tell me which option is better.
Tanu:Tell me.
Naira hugs Tanu tightly.
Tanu understands why she is upset.
Tanu:I understand Naira why you’re upset.I know you miss them (she means SM) but please don’t cry.I can’t see you crying sissy.
Flashback ends.

Naira remembers this and cries hugging Karthik.
Karthik consoles her.Then they hear Vitki & Emi calling them.
Naira(in mind):I’ve to control myself to fulfil the promise made to her.I can’t fall weak and let others know the truth.
Karthik:I know what you’re thinking Naira.Don’t worry.No one will get to know the truth.This truth was and will be between me, you and Ishaan only.Now smile please.
Naira smiles and they both go from there.They’ve their breakfast and Karthik leaves for office.

In the office.
Karthik reaches office and is about to enter when he finds the Naksh,Naitik & Akshata standing outside.
He gave them angry glares and is about to go when Naksh holds his hand and stops him.
Karthik(removing his hand):What the hall you think you are doing?
Naksh:I know you’re very angry after yesterday’s incident and maybe you’re hating us but please listen to us.
Naitik:Yes beta at least listen to us.
Karthik(gets very angry):Why will I do that?If you can cheat your daughter then its very easy to cheat me.But I’m not gonna get cheated.
Naitik:Beta we know that we did wrong and my princess….
Karthik(shouts):She is not your princess.She told you already.You know what Naira always used to tell me that her bhai and papa are not like Mrs.Akshara Singhania.They love her very much.Do you know how much guilt she felt that she had to leave you all just because of one person?Listening her talks I also thought that at least her bhai and papa are good but yesterday you proved her wrong.You proved that you both are also like her so called mahaan mother.She will never forgive you.I will never forgive you.
Naitik and Naksh feels happy because Naira missed them but also feels sad for Akshara as Naira always hated her and guilty of hurting Naira.On the other hand Akshara though happy for Naitik and Naksh is very sad seeing that Naira never missed her rather always hated her.
Naitik(with tears in eyes):I’m sorry beta.We know we did very bad with Naira but at least listen to us.Akshara is not at fault.
Karthik:Oh please I don’t want to listen to any stories.Don’t even try to provoke me against Naira as I trust her more than myself.And stop calling me beta.I’m not your beta.
Akshara:Whether you consider us your parents or not but you’re also like Naksh to me.And we’re not going to hate you because what you’re doing and telling is only because you love Naira very much and trust her.Infact we’re lucky to get son-in-law like you.And I’m also not telling you that Naira is wrong or she is lying to you.She is telling what she understood and thought to be the truth but its not the truth.
Karthik:And why should I believe you when your own daughter can’t believe you.
Saying this he begins to go.
Akshara:You’ve to for Naira’s sake.She misunderstood me beta.Things are not always what it seems to be.Every person should be given a chance to tell their side.Please beta at least listen to us then do if you don’t want to believe then don’t.
Karthik stops listening about misunderstanding.
He has some flashes

Naira is pleading someone.
Naira(crying and sitting on knees):Please trust me.Its a misunderstanding.We didn’t do anything.It was neither mine nor Karthik’s fault.Things are not always what it seems.You’re misunderstanding me.Please give me a chance.Everyone should get a chance to tell their side.Please listen to me.
The person:No I’ll not gonna listen to you.Its your and Karthik’s fault and you’ve to pay for it.
The person goes from there while Naira keeps pleading.

Karthik gets teary eyed.He turns back.
Karthik(husky voice):Tell me what you want to tell.
Everyone get happy.
Akshara(happily):Thanks beta for giving us a chance.I’ll tell you everything.Actually that day I didn’t went with the police to catch Naira as Naira was proved innocent before that only.Akshara narrates to him the whole incident.
Karthik hears her shocked.
Karthik:If it is true then why you told police that you’ll send Naira to jail.And why you stopped finding her.
Akshara:Beta Naira only heard that statement that if I’ve to go against her and send her to jail I’ll not hesitate.But she didn’t hear what I said before.The police came home and told that most wealthy parents try to shut cases of children using money.In that situation what I was supposed to say Karthik?That we’re also like them and whatever may be we’ll save our daughter even if we have to use money?Tell me Karthik.Would I say this?You think after saying this the inspector would help us in anyway?If I said that I’ll send her to jail if she is wrong then it doesn’t mean that I’d taken her to be wrong.But Naira only heard me telling the police that I’ll send her to jail.So she got such misunderstanding.
Karthik stands silently.
Naksh:You listened to the truth na Karthik.Now what do you think?
Karthik:Don’t think that I’ll believe you so easily.
Naitik:Its okay beta you take your time and tell us.We’ll not disturb you anymore.If you think we’re wrong then both you and Naira never forgive us but if you think we’re right just call us once and help us in convincing Naira.We’ll leave now.
They leave from there leaving Karthik in deep thought.
The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Recap:Karthik thinks about his conversation with Akshara,Naira and Naitik and what they told them.Will he believe them?

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