YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 26)

Thanks for your understanding as well as your comments.I’m happy to inform that now I can update regularly as my important exams are over.And also thanks for your wishes guys.My exams were superb.

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episode 26
The episode starts with Naira rushing to the room and Karthik following her.Naira goes inside and starts throwing things here and there.Karthik comes in front of her.
Naira:Please don’t stop me today.
Karthik gives her another things and says:Throw this also if in this way your anger and pain comes out and ends but if it doesn’t end then please give me a chance to bring that happiness back in your life.
Naira hugs Karthik and cries vigorously.
Naira(cries):I’m sorry Karthik.Because of me you have to hear so much.Because of me they called your love as cheat.They told that you’re using me.Chi.How can they even think that?I’m so sorry Karthik.I’m so sorry(breaks down and cries).
Karthik(cups her face and wipes her tears):Shhh jaan.Why are you telling sorry ha.What did you do?And don’t forget that you were also insulted.I thought that at least your papa and bhai are not like your mum but today..I can’t even imagine this.How can they even say that you married me for money?I know they did all this so you can say the truth but that can’t justify their action.They cheated you and insulted you to find the truth and I’ll never forgive them for that.
Naira:Me too Karthik.Papa and bhai did very wrong Karthik.Very wrong.I never expected such from papa.But he also like mumma cheated me and above all in this blo*dy game he insulted you also.I’ll never ever forgive him for this.
Karthik:Jaan you do whatever gives you happiness but if I ask you something will you give me.
Naira:Yes Karthik ask na.What you want?
Karthik:Then please return me my jaan.That jaan who used to do masti and enjoy her life.Who used to laugh even at difficult times.Who used to…
Karthik is unable to say anymore as he is broken to tears.
Naira holds his hand and says:Karthik I promise to return your jaan to you.I just need a little time to take my mind of it.You’ll help your jaan na.
Karthik hugs Naira and says:Of course jaan I’m always with you.I’ll never cheat you.
Karthik and Naira holds hands and smile.

The scene shifts to SM.
Akshara,Naitik and Naksh enter SM.All are shocked and devastated by the current revelation of Naira’s hatred mainly Akshara.
Naitik and Naksh see Akshara.She is looking too much shocked.Naitik tries to pacify Akshara while he himself is in a state of shock.
Naitik:Akshara don’t worry we….
But Akshara doesn’t listen to them and walk lifelessly to the room.
All the family members get worried seeing Akshara like this.
Bhabhimaa:Munna what happened to bahu.
Rajshekhar:Ha munna she is looking so hurt.What happened?And where you went?
Naitik:We went to Naira bauji to know the truth.
Devyani:And she didn’t tell the truth right?We know Naitik…
Naksh:No choti dadi she told the truth.
Rajshekhar:But lalla how she agreed?
Naksh:We made a plan dada ji.
Naksh tells them the whole thing.
Everyone get shocked listening to the reason of Naira’s hatred.
Bhabhimaa falls on sofa with a thud.
Bhabhimaa:Hey bhagwan.Our Naira hates bahu so much.What she might be going through.
Devyani:Yes bhabhimaa the daughter for whom she had waited so much when finally came in front of her then she refused to accept her mother.
Bhabhimaa:But munna didn’t you tell her that it was not bahu’s mistake.You should’ve cleared Naira’s misunderstanding.
Naitik:We tried bhabhimaa but she was very angry with us and didn’t listen to a single word.
Devyani:She should be Naitik.In this plan of finding the truth you insulted her husband.A wife can bear anything but not her husband’s insult.
Bhabhimaa:I agree with devyani munna.You shouldn’t have done this.There are many more ways of finding the truth.
Naksh:Its not papa’s fault badi dadi.It was my plan because Naira was not ready to tell the truth.
Rajshekhar:But that doesn’t mean that for finding the truth you’ll cheat her.You’ll see the result of your cheat.First she was angry only with Akshara.But I’m sure after what you all have done she would be angry with you too.You broke her heart.
Naitik:I know bau ji my way was wrong.But our intentions were right.And I’m sure my princess would understand it.
Naksh:Papa I think only one person can help us in convincing Naira.
Rajshekhar:Who is it?
Naitik:Karthik.Naira’s husband.
Bhabhimaa:But when Naira didn’t listen to us then why will she listen to Karthik?
Naksh:Badi dadi you’re telling this because you have not seen their love.Naira loves Karthik more than anyone in this world.She would do anything for him.
Naitik:And also Naira trusts him and listens to him.Only he would be able to make Naira understand.
Naksh:Yes papa. But the problem is who will convince him.He was angry with us previously also.But now after this plan I think he should be hating us.
Naitik:Maybe he hates us but he loves Naira very much.I’m sure he would listen to us for Naira’s sake.We have to talk with him.

The scene shifts to MM.
Karthik consoled Naira and Naira is behaving quite normal from before.They’re talking when suddenly Emi & Vitki comes shouting.
Emi(singing):Hurray hurray happy day today.
Vitki(singing):Hurray hurray happy day today.
Ishaan:Arrey stop singing you both.You’re singing as if today is my marriage only.Arrey I don’t even know her name yaar.
Naira & Karthik comes and sees them.
Naira:Whose name Ishaan?
Ishaan,Emi & Vitki turns and sees then standing.
Naira:Arrey tell what you were talking about?
Naira:Oh achcha.The suddenly realises what they said.WHAAAATTTT……
Ishaan:See I told na you’re tube light.
Naira:Chup duffer first tell me the whole thing.Whom you found.
Emi:No mumma.Not we chachu found her.
Naira:What are you telling?
Vitki:Yes mumma Emi is telling right.Chachu saw her in the park and fell for her at first sight only.
Ishaan:Okay okay enough.
Naira(excited):Arrey what enough tell me the whole thing.
Emi:Yes mumma.I’ll tell you what happened.Chachu was talking on the phone and walking and suddenly the girl came but chachu didn’t notice her.
Vitki:Then just like hindi films chachu collided her and the girl landed in chachu’s arm and when chachu got to see her he kept staring her.
Naira(looking at Ishaan):Wo hoooo.
Ishaan(blushing):Stop it Naira or else….
Naira:Or what else?Emi Vitki continue please.
Emi:Yes mumma then the girl saw chachu staring her.She got up and started scolding him for not walking properly.
Vitki:But chachu was staring her as if she is an angel who has come from heaven.
Emi:The girl saw this and got angry and pinched chachu.Then chachu came to his senses and started stammering.
Vitki:The girl then called chachu.She called him..
Naira:What she called him.Tell na.
Ishaan:Nothing Naira.Emi & Vitki no.
Naira:Arrey what no.You tell Emi & Vitki.
Emi & Vitki(together):DEFECT KI DUKAAN who cannot see properly,hear properly and talk properly.
Naira bursts out laughing.
Naira:Hahahahaha Ishaan defect ki dukaan hahahahaha.
Ishaan:Its not so funny.Then thinks of Mishti.Actually it was.But it was not.
Naira:Yeh lo.You keep deciding yes or no till then Emi & Vitki tell me the rest.
Emi:Then for the first time in life chachu said sorry forgive me pleaaseee.
Naira:Really.Sorry and forgive me together with a please also.Wow Ishaan at first sight only so much change.Now tell me her name also who stole away Ishaan’s heart at first sight only.
Ishaan:Arrey I tried to ask.But…
Emi:Yes mumma.Chachu with full confidence extended his hand(acting like Ishaan)Btw I’m Ishaan.
Vitki:But that girl with full attitude said(acting like Mishti):So what I can do?Whether you are Ishaan or monkey I don’t want to know and I don’t shake hands with strangers.
Naira:Wo ho love story ke start me hi break lag gaya.(In starting of love story only break came).
Karthik:Arrey Naira why are you teasing him.Don’t worry Ishaan.You’ll surely meet her.And next time try try to create a good impression okay.Not monkey impression.
Ishaan:Ya I’ll try.Ishaan again gets lost in Mishti.
Naira observes this.
Naira:Lets go Karthik.Majnu is lost in the dreams of his Laila.Let him continue.
Karthik:Ya we should not disturb him.Even I understand this as some time I was also in his position.
Naira pinches Karthik.
Emi & Vitki:Really papa.You also dreamt of mumma.
Naira:Nothing ..
Karthik:Of course I did.(side hugs Naira)I also love your mumma.
Naira looks angrily at him.
Emi & Vitki are laughing.
Karthik winks at her.She also smiles.
The screen shows their faces.

Sorry much guys for uploading today.I was uploading on friday only but again telly updates showed problem with server.Sorry again.

Recap:Karthik gets to know the truth.Will he trust the Singhanias more than Naira?

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  1. Very well done Debarti and I’m really happy to hear that your exams were superb and also that you can upload now regularly!And about episode it was just awesome.Hope Naira will soon bond up with her family and Ishaan and Mishti will start a very interesting love storty.
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