YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 23)


Thanks for your comments guys and in today’s episode I’ve a surprise for you.The surprise is….
Why will I tell you.Read the episode and find out.

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episode 23
The episode starts with Karthik returning home angrily from office.
Karthik(in mind):I should tell Naira everything that when they failed to know from her they came to me to know the truth.
He goes to see Naira.He goes to Emi and Vitki’s room as he is sure Naira must be with them.
When he goes to Emi and Vitki’s room room he sees Naira laughing and playing with them.They’re enjoying very much.Karthik is very happy to see Naira like this after so many days and therefore he couldn’t muster up courage to tell her everything about what happened in the office.He goes from there silently.

The scene shifts to SM
Naitik,Akshara and Naksh are thinking how they could convince Karthik to tell the truth without he having betraying Naira.
After thinking sometime Naksh gets an idea.
Naksh:I’ve an idea by which we’ll get to know the truth also and Naira herself will tell us.
Naitik & Akshara:How?
Naksh whispers something in their ears and they all like his idea and agree to it.
Naksh:So we’ll put our plan in action tomorrow.Agreed.
Naitik and Akshara:Yes.

The scene shifts to MM,Farmhouse.
Karthik is standing tensely near window in his room and he is unsure whether he should tell Naira or not as she seems a little normal after much time.Naira enters just then and sees him standing near window with his back faced towards her.
Naira comes and back hugs him.
Naira(smiling):When did you come?
Karthik turns around:Just now.
Naira:Why you didn’t tell me?
Karthik:Actually I saw you playing with Emi and Vitki and thought not to disturb you all.
Naira:Arrey why we would have been disturbed and btw why are you looking tensed?Did something happen?
Karthik remembers what happened in the office and then looks at Naira’s smiling face
Karthik:No…Nothing happened.Its just work stress.
Naira:Okay then come and sit.
Naira holds his hand and makes him sit on bed.
Naira:I’ll give you a head massage.
Naira massages his head happily.After sometimes Karthik held her hand and makes her sit on his lap.
Naira:Arrey headache gone so soon.
Karthik:As soon as you touch me jaan my all tensions and pains goes away.Don’t you know this.
Naira:Ya I know.But tell me are you really tensed about work or something else.
Karthik(turns his gaze):Why are you asking like this?
Naira:Because I’ve never seen you tensed about work before.You always leave all tension in your office and when you come home you come tension free.
Karthik thinks to change the topic before suspicion rises in Naira’s mind.
Karthik:Then who told that I’m in tension now.
Naira:That mean..
Karthik:Yes I was just acting so that you take care of me and see i got what I wanted.

She raises her hands to hit Karthik
Karthik holds her hand and pulls her close to him and touches her cheeks romantically.
Karthik:Don’t get angry jaan I can compensate for what I’ve done.Saying this he locks her in a passionate and loving lip lock.Naira is startled at first due to sudden kiss but she also responds to it with equal passion and love.They break the kiss due to lack of oxygen.
Karthik looks at Naira lovingly and cups her face.
Karthik:I just want to see you happy Jaan.I don’t want anything else and I can do anything for that.
Naira hugs Karthik and says:You don’t have to do anything Karthik.Just stay with me as only your presence is enough to make me happy.
They sit hugging each other just then Karthik’s phone rings.
Karthik sees the caller id and gets happy.He gives the phone to Naira.
Naira:Who is it? She sees the caller id and quickly lifts the phone.
Naira(happy):Ishaannnn(Yes guys it is none other than our very own Ishaan)
Ishaan:Arrey moti leave my bhai alone for sometime also.Always hovering around him.
Naira:If your bhai hears what you told now then he will get inside the phone and kill you idiot.
Ishaan:Ya right moti you’ve done black magic on him by your love.He’ll do anything you say.
Naira:Ya ya you toh only have the courage to insult me on phone.If you’re that much brave then come here and insult me.
Ishaan:As you wish moti.I’ll soon fulfil your wish.Btw where are you now?
Naira:We are at the farmhouse.Where else we can be?
Ishaan:Arrey idiot I also know that you’re in farmhouse but are you in bedroom or Emi and Vitki’s room.
Naira:What will you do knowing that?
Ishaan:Oh miss 007 start your interrogation afterwards just tell me na.
Naira:I’m in bedroom and Karthik is…
Ishaan:I know if you’re in bedroom then he’ll definitely be there only.You no need to tell.Now you both close your eyes for 15 sec.
Naira:Arrey which game you’re playing.First tell where are you, if told in house then which room are you and now told room also now asking to close eyes for 15sec.Mad dog bitted you or what?I think you should go…
Ishaan:You keep your thinking to yourself moti now just do what I say and tell your husband also to do the same.
Naira:Arrey but….
Ishaan:No but shut.Shut you eyes.
Naira:Okay okay.Karthik close your eyes for 15sec.
Karthik:But why?
Naira:Even I don’t know why.Your mad brother’s demand.
They close their eyes for 15sec and then open it.
Naira:Done.Happy.Now what can I do for you jahapana.
Ishaan:Nothing just you both turn around.
Naira:Karthik turn around now.Pagal ho gaya hai tumhara bhai.(Your brother have become mad).
They turn around and get shocked as well as happy.

Its Ishaan standing there.(Yes finally guys Ishaan came back.I thought to introduce him tomorrow but couldn’t control myself.I was missing him too much especially the bhabhi-devar nok jhoks)
Naira comes to him and hugs him.
Ishaan:So moti you told I don’t have the courage to insult you in front of you.See now I’m in front of you and will insult you now also.
Naira:But first let me do your welcome na.Just a minute.
She takes out her slippers and shows him to him while he runs away.
Ishaan:Arrey moti I know you’re mad you don’t have to show your madness to prove it. Stop it.
Naira runs behind him
Naira:Oh but someone here thinks himself to be very intelligent and I’ve to show him na that if he is sher then I’m also…
Ishaan:Arrey you were and are always sawa sher.No no you’re durga ma.Please leave me na.
Naira:That’s why I’m running behind you as it is the duty of goddess durga to punish shaitaans like you.
Ishaan comes and hides behind Karthik.
Ishaan:Bhai save me from her na.She has become kaali from durga and now only shiv i.e. you can stop her. Please save me.
Karthik holds Naira’s hand and stops her.
Karthik:Leave him now Naira.He just came na.You can beat him afterwards.
Naira:Okay(she puts down her slippers)I’m leaving you for now idiot but will see you later.
Ishaan(happily and dramatically):Jai bholenath.Thank you shiv ji….I mean bhai to save me from this kaali…of ho I mean moti.(to Naira)But if your anger calmed down may I know the reason why were you trying to kill me.
Naira:See Karthik now dramebaaz wants to know the reason.You came here and didn’t even inform us.What you think yourself.
Ishaan:Smart.Which i really am.And I just wanted to give you all surprise that’s why didn’t tell you.But moti you got shock na seeing me.You must be so happy till now here as no one was there to insult you.But as I told you on the day of your departure that you can only enjoy till I’m not here.Now I came here to trouble you again.In short you did all the enjoyment till now but from now be ready to face troubles.
Naira and Karthik remembers the recent happenings.A flashback is shown of the happenings.
Ishaan sees them quite and get tensed.
Ishaan(tensed):Hey guys what happened.Did anything happen while I was not here?
Karthik is about to tell him but is stopped by Naira.
Naira:Arrey nothing happened I’m upset because now my happy days are over.Now again I’ve to bear you.
Ishaan laughs.

Naira:Jokes apart.On a serious note we all missed you a lot Ishaan.(hugs him)I was getting bored as no one was there to pull my leg or insult me.
Ishaan:I also missed you all moti and specially I missed irritating you and our fights.
Karthik smiles at their bond.They release the hug.
Karthik:Guys now stop being emotional.Now Ishaan came so you two can fight and tease each other as much as you want.
Naira:Ya.Now lets go and tell Emi and Vitki also else they’ll get very angry.
Ishaan:Ya and as they’re the mini versions of Naira I don’t want to face their wrath.
Ishaan:I thought you’ll be happy listening your kids are like you.
Naira(smiles):Yes and then suddenly remembers what he said and gets angry and says:Nooo…
She is about to beat him but Ishaan holds her.
Ishaan:Arrey tubelight first decide yes or no then fight.
He runs saying this and Naira runs behind him.Karthik laughs seeing them.
The screen freezes on their happy faces.

So how did you like Ishaan’s re-entry guys.Please comment and tell me.I could not wait till tomorrow for Ishaan’s re-entry and Ishaan and Naira’s nok-jhok so posted it today.

Recap:Family time in MM.Naksh’s plan in action.

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