YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 22)


Thanks for your comment guys.Sorry for late update but I could not post it as my in my area internet was not coming due to some problems.And 1 more thing guys I know you all are missing Ishaan in fact I’m also missing him so I’ll bring him back by 1 or 2 episode as he’ll play an important part in reuniting Naira with her family.

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episode 22
The scene starts in SM.
Naksh:He is KARTHIK MALHOTRA(Bingo guys you all thought correct.I was sure about it that you’ll guess correct).
Naitik:Do you think duggu he’ll know the truth?
Naksh:Of course papa.I became more sure today when he reacted so much on my calling Naira selfish.And he also knows about us and Naira only told that Karthik knows her more than her.I’m sure that Naira must’ve told him the truth.
Akshara:Ya Naitik.I also think duggu is right.Naira must’ve told him.I also saw their love for each other and also Naira came to India just for him inspite of her bitter past and Karthik, he was ready to sacrifice his mother’s last wish so that Naira is happy.I don’t think that two persons who love and support each other so much will have any secret between them.I’m sure of it.
Naitik:Ya I think you both are right.We should talk to him and ask him.
Naksh:But papa I don’t think he’ll tell us easily as it’ll be like for him breaking Naira’s trust.And we all saw that like Naira he also hates us.He also behaved rudely only.
Akshara:That is obvious Naksh.He loves Naira very much.If Naira thinks the reason for her problems is me then he’ll also think that only na.Infact I think he is more angry than Naira as he loves her more than herself.But if we convince him that we also love Naira like he does and our presence will increase her happiness I think he’ll help us.
Naitik:But its not easy task Akshara.Why will he believe us over Naira whom he loves?
Akshara:We’re not asking him to believe us over Naira Naitik. I think Naira has some misunderstanding she believed what she saw without knowing the entire facts and she is not wrong nor did she lie.Then where is the question of not believing her comes from?
Naksh:But why will he believe that Naira really had some misunderstanding?
Akshara:For that we’ve to first convince him to tell us the truth about Naira’s behaviour only then we can do anything.Till we don’t know the entire truth we cannot come to any conclusion.We’ve to talk to him.

The scene shifts to MM,Farmhouse
Naira is doing some work in her room when Karthik comes and back hugs her.
Karthik:You’re okay no jaan.
Naira:Ya Karthik what will happen to me.
Karthik:Ooh then something should happen to me na.
Naira puts her hand on Karthik’s mouth.
Naira:Never say this Karthik.If something happens to you then your jaan will die only.Why you say such things.
Naira keeps angry face with teary eyes.
Karthik hugs her tightly.
Karthik:Arrey Jaan I didn’t mean that but if you felt bad then I’m sorry.See I’m holding my ears also(holds his ears).Now forgive me na.
Naira melts seeing him.She remover his hands from ears.
Naira:Its okay Karthik I’m not angry at you.But don’t tell this again.
Karthik:I promise.Achcha jaan now I’ve to go to office as I’ve some important work.I’ll finish it and come fast.And if you need anything just call me okay I’ll come.
Naira:Arrey Karthik you’re behaving as if I’m some small kid and you’re my mumma.Let me remind you that not me but Emi and Vitki are small kids and I’m there mumma.
Karthik:I know that but..
Naira:Not buts you can go tension free and I’m also not alone your representatives are with me.You call Emi and Vitki that only na.
Karthik:Ya.I know they’ll take care of their mumma very much.
Naira:Then go(she pecks his cheeks) and come fast.
Karthik(holds Naira):Arrey ab toh jane ka man hi nahi kar raha(Now I don’t feel like going only)
Naira pushes him
Naira:Go and come fast.
Karthik goes from there.

Karthik reaches his office.
He goes to his cabin and starts doing his work.While doing the work,he sees Naira and his photo on the desk.Just then peon comes and tells him that someone came to meet him.Karthik asks him to get them inside.Karthik starts doing work again and three persons enter his cabin.
Karthik without raising his eyes from file tells them to be seated.
They sit down and as soon as Karthik keeps the file and looks at them he get shocked as well as angry.
They’re none other then Naitik,Naksh & Akshara.
Karthik(angry):You? How dare you com here?
Naksh:Relax Karthik.We haven’t come to cause you any trouble.
Akshara:Yes beta we just came to talk with you.
Karthik:Why are you calling me beta?I’m not your beta or anything.
Akshara:We consider our son-in-laws as our own son only.That’s why I’m calling you beta.
Karthik:I think you forgot something Mrs.Singhania.Daughter’s husband is called son-in-law but my wife doesn’t have any relation with you all then how come I become your son-in-law.
Naitik:We also want our daughter back beta.But for that we need to know the reason for her anger.
Akshara:Yes beta we’re not telling that her anger is not justified but I think she has some misunderstanding regarding us.
Karthik:Wow what a nice story Mrs.Akshara Singhania and you want me to believe it.Do I look like a donkey that you’ll tell anything and I’ll believe it as if I’ve not got any brains.And if you want to know the truth then ask your daughter no.Why’re you asking me?Oh I remembered your daughter refused to tell you anything.
Naksh:Yes that’s why we came here because we’re sure that you also know the reason behind Naira’s anger.
Karthik(angry):Naira already told you that your so called mahaan ma is the reason behind her leaving the house.
Akshara:But what I did that she is so much angry with me?
Karthik:You’re very good at acting Mrs.Singhania.I think instead of wasting your time here you should join some t.v.serial. It’d be of much more profit.
Naksh:You know the reason or not.
Karthik:Of course I know the reason as Naira herself told me but….
Naksh:But what tell us the reason na.
Karthik:Naira told me that you all value relationship very much ad understand the importance of trust in relation also.Of course there was one person who broke her trust but she thought that others will not be like that.But I think she was wrong.
Naitik:What do you mean?
Karthik:Do you think I’m mad or a cheater that I’ll tell you everything.When Naira told me everything about herself to me or her love, she told with a belief that I’ll understand her feelings and keep these secrets with me only.I promised her never to reveal these to anyone till she says but you all are asking me to betray her and tell you the truth. I’ll die before betraying her but will never betray her.Now if its over you all can leave.
Akshara:Karthik beta just listen….
Karthik:Can’t you hear I asked you to go else I’ll call the security.
Naksh:Mumma lets go from here now.Its waste of time to talk to him.
Karthik:Then why are you wasting your and my time.Go na.
They leave fro there.

The scene shifts to SM.
Naksh,Naitik and Akshara are sitting in Akshara’s room as alone as all others have gone to temple to pray for Naira.
Naksh:I thought that children go after their mother and father.But in our Naira’s case she didn’t go after any of you instead we can say about Karthik and Naira that like wife like husband.Both of them are of the same category.
They see Akshara smiling.
Naitik:Akshara why are smiling after so much happened?
Akshara:I’m very happy today Naitik.
Naksh:And why that?Only bad happened today and you’re happy.
Akshara:Arrey I’m happy because every mother dreams of a good husband for her daughter and I’m happy as my daughter got a husband like Karthik and I’m also lucky to get son-in-law like him.
Naitik:What are you telling Akshara?Didn’t you see how he behaved with you?He didn’t even tell us the reason….
Akshara:Naitik you’re only seeing that he didn’t tell us anything while I’m happy seeing the reason of his not telling.If he told us the truth I’ld have been happy but I’m more happy today that he didn’t tell us.
Naksh:What are you saying mumma?I think you got big shock from the incident so…
Akshara:No nothing like that. I’m happy because Karthik loves Naira so much and is so honest to her.He could have easily told us everything and Naira wouldn’t have got to know also but he didn’t break Naira’s trust.He respected the belief with which Naira told him everything and also his promise that he’ll not tell anything to anyone.I’m happy that they not only have trust in their relationship but also know to keep each others trust.This itself proves how strong their relation is which will not break even if some big storm comes.
Naitik:You’re right Akshara.I didn’t think like this way.Even if I was in his place I would have done the same thing.
Naksh:You’re right mumma.His relation with Naira is very strong but ours is very weak as it is one sides only.I know we shouldn’t force him to betray Naira but then how would we know the truth.I don’t think anyone else other than him knows the truth.
Akshara:We’ve to think and do something so that Karthik doesn’t have to break Naira’s trust also and tells us the reason also.In short sap bhi mar jay or lathi bhi na toote.
Naitik:But what we’ll do.
They start thinking.
The screen freezes on their faces.

Guys don’t be angry that Karthik told them the truth.As Akshara said think from his POV he cannot betray Naira by telling them everything when Naira didn’t want then to know,Naira told him with trust and breaking it would not be good.

Recap:Naksh,Naitik and Akshara try to convince Karthik to tell the truth.

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