YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 21)


So how did you like the episode guys.If its not as interesting as you wished then don’t bash me please and do comments please.

Thanks guys for all your comments and as you said the singhanias will realise the half truth that Naira called Naitik alone and Akshara come there with police but they can’t realise what happened before that Naira called Naitik alone.Its not possible for them yaar.

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episode 21
The episode starts in MM,Farmhouse
As soon as as the Singhanias went from there Naira fell on the floor and cried vigorously.Karthik got very tensed seeing her like that.He ran towards her and hugged her tightly.Seeing Naira like that tears made their way through his eyes also.
Karthik:Jaan please control yourself.If not for you then for me. You know na I can’t see you like this.
Naira(crying and hugging Karthik tightly):I’m very bad Karthik, very bad.Papa was calling me princess with so much hope and trust but I snatched that right also from him.I can’t believe that I talked to him so rudely.I called him an outsider Karthik.I called him outsider(cries)
Karthik:No Jaan you’re not bad.I also know that you love your father very much and how difficult it was for you to talk like that with your father and brother.But you did for them only na.You can’t live with your so called mother after what she did. Therefore you behaved with them like this today so that they hate you and move on and not feel bad that their daughter is not with them.Tell me Naira can any bad person do such sacrifice for others.Can any bad person of think others more than themselves.Tell me.You’re not bad Jaan.You’re very good,very good

Naira(controls herself & releases the hug):Thanks for supporting me Karthik.I knew even if I fall weak you’ll not let me break.Now lets go.We can start afresh here forgetting the past completely.You know Karthik till today I felt very guilty of leaving my family just because of one person as I thought that they’re still waiting for me and stuck there.But today even if I not returned they can move on even if it is at the cost of hating me.Today I’m feeling very light and free Karthik.
Karthik(cups her face):I’m very happy to know that Jaan.But will it not be difficult for you to come face to face with them daily after we become neighbours.
Naira:No Karthik now it won’t be difficult.Might be at the starting but I’ll get habituated with it.You don’t worry.And still you’re with me everything will be fine only na.
She holds Karthik’s hand while saying this and Karthik also holds her hand.They stand holding hands.

The scene shifts to SM.
Everyone is waiting eagerly for Akshara,Naitik and Naksh.(Actually only they went to meet Naira and promised to bring her to SM after that)
Bhabhimaa:Where are they?Rajbanna just call them and ask na when they’ll be coming.
Rajshekhar:Bhabhimaa I’ve been trying there phone from much time but they’e not answering only.
Bhabhimaa:Tara beta you tried lalla’s no.
Tara:Yes badi dadi I tried calling him but he’s also not answering.
Bhabhimaa:Offo what happened to all of them.They’re not lifting calls also.Let them come see them.
Devyani:Okay Bhabhimaa see them.See they came.
They turn around and see Naksh,Naitik and Akshara coming.
Everyone come to them.
Bhabhimaa:Why were you not answering our calls.You know how excited you were?Where is my Naira?You brought her no.Where is she?Let her come once I’ll never let her go again.
Tara:Don’t say this badi dadi or Karthik Malhotra will get heart attack.
Tara:Arrey you forgot that she is is his wife and they love each other a lot.How can they live without each other?If you say this no Naira herself will not come inside.
Bhabhimaa:Is this the reason she is not coming inside?

Devyani:Arrey no bhabhimaa she may be feeling shy or uncomfortable as she is returning after so many years.I think we should go out and bring her in.
Rajshekhar:I think devyani ji is right.Lets go
Bhabhimaa:Yes lets go.
Naksh:No one is going anywhere.
Devyani:But Naksh when Naira is not coming inside by herself we should only bring her na.
Tara:Yes Naksh.What happened why are you telling like this.
Naitik:He is saying the truth Tara.In fact he was telling the truth that day also but we never thought that our Naira could do this.
Rajshekhar:Munna what happened?Why are you telling like this and why are you so tensed?Will you all tell us?
Naksh:Dadaji we went to take our Naira but found could not find her.We found only Mrs. Karthik Malhotra who have no relation with us.
Tara:What are you telling Naksh?

Naitik:I’ll tell you Tara.
Naitik tells them everything what happened in MM and how Naira insulted them and refused to have any relation with them.
Everyone is shocked to hear that.everyone sits down and cries while Naksh is blaming Naira.
Naksh:I told you that day Tara that Naira is selfish and don’t care about us but you didn’t believe me and papa you also told me to believe her. But see what she did today.She herself broke our trust.For the first time in life I wanted that my thought about Naira was wrong but no my thought was right Naira is wrong.
Akshara:Stop it duggu.Just stop it.

Naitik:He is saying right Akshara.Didn’t you see how she talked with us and especially you.She was blaming you without giving any reason and you’re still supporting her.
Akshara:Yes I’m supporting her because you all only saw her words while I saw her pain in her eyes.I saw how much she was hurt.I’m telling Naitik something big must have happened.Or you only tell na if nothing had happened why would she leave the house in the first place.She is not mad to go away just like that without any reason
Naksh:But she didn’t give us any reason mumma.
Akshara:You’re forgetting duggu what she told.She told that she left the house because of me and she has the reason for blaming me but she’ll not tell that.
Naitik:I think Akshara is saying right.If she didn’t tell maybe if we think with cool head we can remember something.
Akshara:Yes Naitik.Lets think together.Naira left the house and we all looked for her and then and then Naira called you Naitik to come to area near railway station.Did something happened then.
Naitik thinks.Suddenly it strikes his mind.
Naitik:Yes Akshara she asked me to come all alone to the place and specially mentioned to take you.That’s why I asked you not to come with me.
Akshara:But I went there with police because they told me its a dangerous area.
Naitik:But she had left from there when we reached there.
Akshara & Naitik keeps thinking the reason.
Naksh:Whatever may be the reason mumma we saw how she talked today and we believe only what we see.
Suddenly something strikes Akshara’s mind
Akshara:You’re right duggu.We only believe what we see.
Naitik:What do you mean Akshara?
Akshara:I think Naira is angry as I brought police with me.
Naitik:But you did it because the police only told you that…
Akshara:Yes Naitik.Only we know this but not Naira.When she left home she didn’t even know that she is proved innocent.May be she thought seeing me with the police that I brought them to arrest her.
Naksh:Mumma you think this is only the reason.She is the wife of Karthik Malhotra who has much influence everywhere.At least I don’t think that till these many years she haven’t learnt the truth.
Naitik:Ya and if this is only the reason then why she asked me not to bring you.
Akshara:We don’t know the exact reason or whole truth Naitik. And Naira is also so angry that she’ll never tell us and if we ask her it’ll only increase her anger.How will we get to know what is in her heart?
Naksh:I’ve an idea mumma. The only person who can know what’s in her heart is the one who is closest to her heart.Only he can tell us about Naira.But convincing him will also be not easy but we can try.
Naitik:Who is he?
Akshara:Yes tell us duggu we’ll convince him anyhow.
Naksh:He is…..

So what you think guys who is the person about whom Naksh.And guys I know you all will get know easily who is he but he’ll not reveal the truth all at once.It’ll take some time for them to know and convincing Naira as it is the most difficult task will also take longer time but don’t worry not as much in serial.Please comment about today’s episode guys.

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  1. osam i love it

  2. Keerthi_pratyusha

    It’s is only karthik who is closest to naira’s heart….. nice episode n when will ishaan come back????

  3. it must be kartik only or maybe ishaan but he doe not know the truth

  4. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Nice episode…It’s is only karthik who is closest to naira’s heart….. n when will ishaan come back????

    1. Debarati

      You are also thinking the same even I was thinking the same. Very soon he’s going to come back as I;m getting bored without the bhabhi-devar masti

  5. Nice episode….

  6. Gud nice one……today’s episode was gud….Make naira to realize the truthand make her unite with her family…………….

  7. Its karthik….nice epi

  8. Hey great ff seriously ur doing awesome job it’s interesting with lots of suspense track more than Naira uniting with family I am waiting to know who is that person who tried to stab Naira

    1. Debarati

      Ya in my ff Naira reuniting with her family is not so great a story than this suspense as it is completely different from serial

      1. But seriously the love story of kaira is the best part in ur ff.we can relate mohsin n shivangi to this ff whenever we read kaira story ….hope u give some hints about ur suspense when u finish reuniting family n naira.stay blessed

  9. Its karthik..who is very close to her..
    Very nice..keep writing..

  10. the person so close to naira was ofcorse karthik
    todays episode was nice the way karthik supported naira
    i like kaira jodi very much

  11. Interesting one… waiting for Ishan and Gayu to come and also that mysterious man…this is more interesting than that real serial..

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  14. I think that person will be ishaan…becoz kartik will not help neither naksh nor akshra…

  15. Sarayumane

    awesome ff, very heart touching dialogues

  16. Its kartik ya ishan. Plzz ishan ko jaldi vapaas lao missing him. I take hum as deepak from sasural ganda phol. Btw i loving ur ff. Plzz show some more individual scene of naira and ishan.

  17. Sethidisha002

    plz write the next part i m missing ishan and naira sweet nokjokh

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