YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 20)


Guys ready for the maha episode. Its episode 20 and the dhamakedar and shock wala episode.So without much blabbering I’ll bring you the episode that you all have been waiting for.Sorry for late updates guys but its not my fault its telly updates fault I was uploading it in morning only but they showed that they cannot submit it due to server maintenance

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episode 20
The episode starts in MM,farmhouse.
Emi and Vitki are angry at Naira. Naira holds her ears and comes in front of them.
Naira:I’m sorry my kiddos. I did a very mistake. Nothing is more important to me than you both.
They still keep angry.
Naira:Achcha okay I’ll do sit-ups as punishment.
Naira starts doing sit-ups . Just then Singhania family comes there and sees her.
Emi Vitki turn around and stop her. Naira bends down.She is still holding her ears.
Naira:Did you forgive me?
Emi and Vitki smile and hug her and remove her hands from her ears.
Emi:We love you mumma.
Vitki:We can’t be angry with you mumma.
Singhania family sees them and feels very happy seeing their bond.
Emi & Vitki:But you have to bear the punishment.
Naira:Okay done. Tell me.
Emi:First condition you’ll not
Naira:Not go anywhere leaving you for 48 hrs. Done.
Vitki:And if you’ve to go outside.
Naira:Then I’ll take you both with me.Promise. Now happy.
Emi & Vitki:Very happy
Karthik sees the Singhania family standing there.
Karthik(to Emi Vitki):Why don’t you both go and play the game that we just bought.Me and your mumma will have to talk to some elder people. Close your room also so that sound don’t come out okay.
Naira turns and she also sees the Singhanias.
Naira:And remember when
Emi & Vitki:When elders are talking we should not listen till we’re allowed.
Emi:Don’t worry mumma we’ll not come till you call us.
Vitki:Yes mumma we’ll lock our and play games till then.
Naira kisses on their cheeks and they also kiss her and then they go.When Naira sees them gone she turns towards the Singhania.
Naira:Come inside all of you. I was waiting for you only.
They all come inside.
Naksh:Its good to know that you were waiting for us for at least 10 minutes when we waited for you for 10yrs. But the difference is we came within 10minutes and you didn’t even cared to return in these 10yrs.
Akshara:Stop it duggu. We don’t know the reason for her doing this. And without knowing anything about her we just can’t blame her like that. She is the dau…
Naira:Stop there Mrs.Akshara Naitik Singhania. You don’t have to justify me. I can do that myself. I don’t need your help.
Naksh:How are you talking to mumma? Is this the way….
Naira:She maybe your mumma therefore its your headache to talk with her with respect and etc. but its not my headache as she is nothing to me.
Naitik:Stop your acting. We know that you’re our NAIRA.
Naira remains unaffected.
Naksh:Naira we have all the proofs so don’t think that you can deny the fact.
Naira(casually):Oh so you all got to know.
Naksh:So what do you think if you’ll not tell us we’ll not be able to know.
Naira:Yes because if I haven’t told you who I am you all would never knew na. You might have got to know after 3 or four months or maybe years.
Akshara:What do you mean you told us?
Naira:Oh so you didn’t understand Mrs.Akshara Singhania.No problem. I’ll make you understand.(calls someone)Come and tell them.
A man comes there. Naitik is shocked to see him.
Naitik:You. What are you doing here?
Akshara:Who is he Naitik?
Naitik:He is the same person Akshara whom I asked to bring details about Naira and he is the one who informed that she is our Naira.
Karthik:Actually not he we informed you through him.(to the man)Go ahead tell them the truth.
The man:Actually sir when you called me and told me to find about Karthik Malhotra’s wife, I instantly called him and told him everything and he only told me everything about his wife and gave me the photo and I told you what he asked me to.
The Singhania family are shocked.
Karthik:I can understand that you got a big shock.I’ll tell you the rest.

The man called Karthik
Karthik picked up the phone.
Karthik:Ya why you called me.
The man:Sir Naitik Singhania called me and asked me to get all details about your wife.
The man:Yes sir.He asked me to find out everything asap.
Karthik:Okay I’ll call you in sometime and you’ll do as I say.
The man:Okay sir.
Karthik:Jaan your papa asked someone to find all information about you. But don’t worry he won’t be able to know anything.I’ll tell the man not to reveal anything and he…..
Naira:No Karthik ask him to reveal everything.
Karthik:What are you saying Naira?Are you out of your mind?
Naira:No Karthik. I’m saying because till when we’ll keep hiding the truth. Am I any criminal that I’ve to hide my identity.One day or the other they’ll get to know the truth and I also am tired of hiding and running away. Let them know the truth and finish off this past chapter.Tomorrow they’ll come here thinking they’ve got their daughter but actually they’ll come to lose me forever.
Karthik:You’re right Naira. I’ll tell the man to tell everything about you.
Karthik then calls the man and asks him to tell everything about Naira and also gives him the photo which he showed Naitik.
Flashback ends.

Naira:So someone here was telling that they got to know the truth without my informing ha. Now you know that you got to know the truth just because I wanted and not by your handwork or anything else.
Naksh:We’re happy Naira that you only told us the truth. But why did you have to tell it like this way through this man. You could’ve directly told us and why did you lie to us at first.
Naira:Excuse me Mr.Naksh Singhania. I think you got some misunderstanding. When did I lie to you?
Naksh:When I first met you what you told me your name. Was it not lie.
Naira:No. Not at all. I totally remember that I told my name Mrs.Karthik Malhotra. So whats wrong or lie in that. I’m Mrs.Karthik Malhotra.Its the truth.
Naitik:Of course you’re princess but you’re not only Mrs.Karthik Malhotra you’re…
Naira:Stop there Mr.Naitik Singhania.You’re wrong not I.I’m only MRS.KARTHIK MALHOTRA AND NOTHING ELSE.And I think I told this truth to you when we met in the city palace.Then when did I lie.
Akshara(comes towards her to touch her):What are you saying Naira beta?
Naira jerks her hands angrily.
Naira(angry):Don’t even try to touch me Mrs.Akshara Singhania.And ya I’m not anyone’s beta or anything. I already told you I’m only Mrs. Karthik Malhotra and nothing else. Don’t you understand.
Naksh(gets angry):Have you gone mad Naira in these 10yrs?How are you talking to mumma? Okay if not mumma then at least respect her age. How can you talk to her in this tone.
Naira:I’m not here to please you with my words Mr.Naksh Singhania nor will I.
Naksh:See papa I told you na that she is selfish.She didn’t return because she didn’t want to return only.She never thought about us that how are we and how are we living without her.
Karthik now gets super angry.
Karthik(angry):Mind your tongue Mr.Naksh Singhania.Don’t forget that you’re standing in my house. How you dare you to stand in my house and insult my wife only.
Naksh:You keep quiet. You don’t know anything about her. She is just…
Karthik:Stop there Mr.Naksh Singhania or else I’ll lose my control and then even my wife can’t stop me. And what you told I don’t know her. I know her very well.
Naira:Karthik knows me better than myself Mr.Naksh Singhania. It may happen that I can’t understand whats in my heart but it’ll never happen that Karthik doesn’t understand what’s in my heart.
Naitik:We’re happy to know that princess that you both love each other so much. But why you lied that you don’t have brother or father or family.
Naira:What lie I told? I only told the truth that I had family.I also have now.
Naitik:That’s only I….
Naira:Let me complete Mr.Naitik Singhania.I told I have family now but its not you all.By family I meant Karthik,Em,Vitki and Ishaan.Only they’re my family.
Akshara:And what about us Naira.Are we nothing to you?
Naira:Vry good Mrs.Akshara Singhania. You understood right. You’re nothing to me.
Naksh(angry):See papa I told you that she left the country by her own will she….
Naitik:Naaakkksshhh.Let me talk to her.(to Naira)Princess why are you telling…..
Naira:First of all I’m not anyone’s princess. Only my family has got the right to give me nicknames and call me by them not any outsiders.
Naitik:Are we outsiders to you?Why?Is Naksh telling right that you left the country and us by your own will?
Naira:Of course I left by my own will.Who will force me?I wanted to forget the past and move on and I moved on.
Naksh:See papa i told you.You only see she moved on and we’re only mad who were stuck there till 10yrs.
Karthik:Why are you shouting?I very well know that you all also moved on. That’s the reason you stopped searching for her.And don’t try to deny the fact I myself had went to the police station and got to know that you’ve shut Naira’s case. Then why are you blaming her for moving on.
Akshara:We’ve to do it because…..
Naira shows her hands and stops her.
Naira:I don’t want any explanation Mrs.Singhania. Whether you were searching for me or stopped searching is not going to make any difference to me.
Akshara:Why are you doing this?What happened?Why you left the house?At least tell us the reason.
Naira:You want to know the reason na. Okay then listen.You’re the reason.
Naira(cryingly):You’re the reason why I left home?I didn’t run away from home I ran away from you.I left the country because of you, I forgot all my loved ones because of you,because of you I never dared to return to the country and just because of you I killed NAIRA SINGHANIA within me. Now I’m no more Naira Singhania. And you all.Don’t even think that I returned because of your love or your love brought me here. I returned here only because of my Karthik as it was his mother’s last wish that we stay here. But he loves me so much that he didn’t ever mentioned it.So I came here because of him and also to prove myself that now you all mean nothing to me and even if you stand in front of me I’ll not be affected.
Akshara:But what I did Naira that you hate me so much ha.
Naira:What you did?That I’ll not tell you.
Naksh:What is this?You’re blaming mumma and not even telling her the reason.Either you tell reason or ask sorry from her.
Naira:I’ll do neither of that Mr.Naksh Singhania and you also can’t do anything as I’m no more your sister.And what can you do?Break ties with me.Oh I remember that toh I already did.And Akshara Singhania you’ve much time to think about your mistake as now you don’t have to think about where am I?what am I doing?So you’ve plenty of time. There’re till some years before your death till then keep thinking.
Karthik:Stop shouting Mr.Naksh Singhania as it’ll do you no good now leave from here or you want to hear more.
Naksh:No its enough.Lets go papa. Mumma don’t be sad.She is no more our Naira.She is just Mrs.Karthik Malhotra.Our Naira was not like this.
Naitik:You’re right Naksh.My princess was not like this. Lets leave.
They all leave from there sadly.
The screen freezes on their sad faces.

Recap:Everyone discussing about Naira.Karthik consoles Naira yet again.

So how did you like the episode guys.If its not as interesting as you wished then don’t bash me please and do comments please.

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  1. Sarayumane

    Well, I am not gonna bash you but please make the story move fast with some interesting twists like akshara leaving the house , naitik and naksh blames naira for that and naira realising her mistake……etc. or karthik knowing the whole truth about akshara and reuniting akshara and naira…

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    thanks for posting such an awssom episode
    eagerly waiting for 2morrows episode

  7. Of course it’s not that interesting but as u twisted the story lyk this..there can b some more interesting twists.. as naitik knew, before leaving naira call him alone but akshara came there with police and naira run away because of that..they can realise that..akshara then make everyone to understand her situation..(more drama)…than by playing some trick they can convince kartik first that ashara was not wrong…as kaira also have two kids..(more more more drama)….and with his and Ishan’s help they can convince naira too…(too much drama)..this story has so much scope… waiting for the next episode…

  8. Nice episode… Waiting for next episode eagerly let’s see where the story moves on…..

  9. sayed tarannum

    Nice episode…..I like to read it….I hope soon distance will end…and naira and kartik both will understand reality that exactly what happened in the past…..waiting for some new twist

  10. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Nice episode but I think naira was too harsh with naitik….. at least she talk with naitik properly n of course he should make karthik understand that akshara is not at fault

  11. It was really amazing n good

  12. Sethidisha002

    nyc but not interesting

  13. What is this huh ?!!!! Why do you even write these type of stories huh ? You dont have the right to judge or to say or write anything about anyone it doesnt matter whether he or she is a person or a characterof a show or serial . It just doesnt matter !!!! My blood was boiling when I read the update . Andplz if you dont have anything good to write about anyone its better if you dont write it . You are just wasting your precious time and badmouthing and criticizing about the character Naira . Show some good behaviour from Naira dont show her like so rude . And plz atleast dont Karthik like so immatured and so rude and mannerless . Atleast show him like him like matured understanding and calm minded . Because according to me a short temperrd person can never become matured completely so he has to be calm minded firstly and secondly he should be wise and atleast should think once that can a mother do anything wrong to her own children ? But no in your story or update whatever he has no brains he only can feel thd pain of Naira did he even think once that Akshara is her mother she raised her and gave birth to her just like Naira said that it was Karthiks mothers last wish that Karthik and his family will stay in India so he had also a mother and Of course , he must have loved her very much and so did she . Did he even think once that just like his mother had so much love for him then Of course , Nairas mother also had some reason behind her taking this step . Such nonsense !!!!!!!!!

  14. Everyone does just like naira. We always show us very innocent in front of our loved once…and naira also did this…this is normally…..before meeting SM naira and kartik lived together for so many years…kartik will always understand her naira is right…but when akshra and her family convince him and tell about that incident he will absolutely realised her mistake and also convince naira…and

    plz who does not like this update don’t read this…if you will not respect any one’s art then don’t criticize him or her…okkk. Dent bhurry…and devrati you are too good keep it up…all the best…

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