YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 19)

Guys I’m back with the bang. Here goes episode 19 a mini dhamaka episode and tomorrow is the great dhamaka episode.

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episode 19
The episode starts with Naira and all returning to home after having dinner. In the whole dinner Naira has not spoken a single word. Emo and Vitki go to their room for sleeping while Karthik and Naira come to their room.
Karthik senses Naira upset and goes and hugs her tightly.
Karthik:Jaan you don’t have to pretend in front of me. I can understand that its not easy for you but at least you can share your pain with your Karthik.
Naira starts crying holding Karthik tightly.

Naira(sobbing):You know Karthik I’m feeling very happy today after meeting papa and calling him papa but I’m feeling very bad also. Karthik you know he was looking at me with so much hope when he askes who am I? And see my luck I’m not able to tell him that papa I’m your princess papa, your Naira.You know when I met bhai also I felt like just going and hugging him and tell him all about my problems but..
Karthik:But because of that 1 Akshara Singhania you’ve to pretend in front of them as you don’t know anything about them and you’re just a stranger for them. Because of her you cannot even tell your papa that you’re his princess only. I know how you felt when your papa asked for permission for calling you princess when it was his right and you can’t even tell him about that also.
Naira:Yes Karthik.Yes . Just because of her mahaanta I’ve not met my family for 10yrs. I’ve forgotten them completely. I had to forget them completely because of her.
Karthik:But now you’ve a chance Naira to return…

Naira releases the hug.
Naira:How can you even say that Kathik?All relations between me and that family are over.The relations that you saw these days are not actual relations they’re like relations. I’m not the sister of Naksh Singhania. I’m like his sister. I’m not the daughter of Naitik Singhania but like his daughter and therefore for me also Naksh Singhania is like my brother not my brother and Naitik Singhania is like my father not my father.
Karthik:You’re saying so but I know you. You still consider Naksh Singhania your bhai not like your brother and Naitik Singhania as your papa not like your papa.But don’t worry Naira. I’m with you. I’ll support you always. I’l not let you break down like previous time.
Naira(smiles):I know that Karthik.That’s why I got courage to come here and to face all this. Just because you’re with me.you’re my support system Karthik.I can never break down as you’re there to hold me when I fall weak. I love you so much Karthik.
Saying this she hugs Karthik.

Karthik:I love you too Jaan.
They hug each other and smile.
They break the hug hearing phone sound.
Karthik picks up the call.
Karthik:Ya why you called me……Whaaattt?Okay I’ll call you in sometime and you’ll do as I say.
Karthik cuts the call and talks to Naira about something and Naira tells him something.(Conversation is muted)
Then Karthik calls the man and tells him something(conversation is muted).
Karthik:Have you understood what you’ve to do?
The man:Yes Sir.
Karthik:Then do it as I told you.

The scene shifts to SM
Akshara comes to the room and sees Naitik lost in thoughts and teary eyed.
Akshara:Naitik what are you thinking?
Naitik(abscent mindedly):Naira.
She shakes Naitik.He comes to senses.
Akshara:That’s what I was asking what are you thinking?
Naitik:No nothing Akshara.
Akshara:Don’t lie Naitik. Now only you told you were thinking about Naira.Did anything happen?
Naitik:Akshara I don’t know what happened but I’m feeling like I got my princess but she is still playing hide and seek with me.
Akshara:What do you mean? You got our Naira.

Naitik:I don’t know Akshara if I got her or not. He narrates the whole incident to her.My heart is saying Akshara that she is my princess but my mind is not agreeing as still now I don’t have proofs.
Akshara:It may also happen Naitik that you’re feeling sympathetic towards her because she doesn’t have her father just like our Naira wouldn’t have.
Naitik:May be Akshara. We’ll know that soon. I’ve told my man to find all information about her. We’ll come to know too her real identity.
Akshara:Meanwhile I can go and meet her Naitik. If she is really our Naira my heart will identify her.

The scene shifts to MM
Naira is talking something to the renovators when Akshara comes there. The renovators go and Naira is watching the designs.
Akshara:Mrs. Mrs. Karthik Malhotra.
As soon as Naira hears the voice first she is happy but suddenly realisation strikes her that she is the Akshara Singhania because of whom she has to leave the house and anger takes the place of happiness.
She looks up to see her standing in front of her. She closes her fist in anger but tries to behave normally with her.
Akshara:I’m Akshara Singhania. Emi and Vitki know me. Where are they?
Naira:Today they couldn’t come as they went with their papa to the marvel water park(Guys its an amusement park in Udaipur).
Akshara:Ooh. By the way nice to meet you.
She extends her hands to shake hands with her. Naira looks angrily but composes herself and shakes hands with her.
When Akshara touched her hand she felt that she is her Naira and looked up at her with teary eyes but Naira remained composed anger boiling inside her.
Akshara:What is your name?
Naira:Mrs.Karthik Malhotra.
Akshara:Ya i remember my son telling me. He also told me that you don’t have bhai and you call him bhai?

Naira:Ya its true.
Akshara(looking lovingly at Naira):If my daughter was here now she’d have also looked like you and called Naksh Bhai.
Naira(sarcastically):Where is she? Ran away or what?
Akshara looks at her with horrified expression.
Naira understands and starts laughing.
Naira:Don’t mind I was just joking. Why will she run away?(tauntingly)She have a great mother like you na.
Akshara:Ya thank you.
Naira(tauntingly):Btw I’d like to meet the daughter that has a mother like you.Tell me when you meet her.
Akshara(confused at her behaviour):Of course. And you can call me…
Naira understands what she is about say therefore acts like she’s getting a call.
Naira:Excuse me please I’m getting a call.
She calls her driver and asks him to bring the car from where it is parked.
Naira cuts the call.

Naira:Sorry I’ve to go. Karthik’s call. I’ve some urgent work.
Akshara:I was saying that….
Before she could complete the sentence Naira’s driver came with car. She excused herself and left from there as if she stayed any longer she would’ve blasted like volcano.

The scene shifts to MM,farmhouse.
Naira returns home and is boiling with rage.Just then she sees Emi, Vitki and Karthik returning home happily. Emo and Vitki sees her and goes ad hugs her.Her anger calms down a little seeing them. She bends down.

Naira:Did you enjoy?
Emi and Vitki:Yes also no also.
Naira now completely forgets her anger seeing their cuteness.
Naira:Why this confusion?
Emi:Mumma we enjoyed because we were at the amusement park and many interesting rides were there.
Vitki:But no because we missed you very much.(complaining)Why didn’t you come with us? You know hoe much we missed you.
Naira:Arrey I also wanted to come with you but I had work there no. that’s why couldn’t come.
Emi(angry):Oh so work is more important than us mumma.
Vitki(angry):Okay then do your work we’ll not talk with you.
Saying this they keep an angry face. Naira smiles at their childishness and thinks of how to convince them.

The scene shifts to SM.
Everyone is sitting in the hall. They see Akshara coming tensed.
Naksh:What happened mumma?
Akshara(looks at Naitik):I also feel you were right Naitik. My heart is also telling the same. We just need proof to convince our mind.
Naitik:It’ll come soon Akshara.
Just then Naitik receives a phone call.
Naitik:What news you got?….Naitik gets happy listening it. His face lits up. Reaallyyyy…..You’re sure about the news na.Okay I’ll see it. Thank you very much.
Akshara:What happened Naitik?
Naitik:Akshara our doubt was right. What our heart felt was right. She’s our daughter, my princess.
Akshara:Really Naitik.Are you saying the truth?

Naitik:Yes Akshara. Really. I can’t believe it. Finally I won. Our believe won.
Rajsheklhar:Will you all tell us also what happened?
Naksh:Ha papa what are you telling. You got your princess. Where did you get her?
Naitik:She was very much near to us duggu.You also met her and she called you bhai also.
Naksh:Papa you mean…
Akshara:Yes duggu I told you know I’m feeling bechaini since I heard about Mr.Karthik Malhotra. Its only because she is our Naira duggu. Our Naira.
Bhabhimaa(gets very happy):Is it true munna. We got our Naira Devyani begot our Naira.
Naitik:Yes bhabhimaa the full name of Mrs. Karthik Malhotra is NAIRA KARTHIK MALHOTRA.
Naksh:But papa if it is true then why she didn’t tell us when we met her. I think you’re mistaken papa. Even I fell close to her but that doeasn’t mean she is our Naira. Many of the girls can have the same name.
Naitik:Yes Naksh. But they can’t have the same face. I sent a childhood photo of Naira to my man and he confirmed that Mrs. Karthik Malhotra is our Naira. If you still don’t believe my man is sending a childhood photo of her. You will then surely believe.
Just then he receives a photo.
Naitik sees it and his happiness is doubled.
Naitik:Now who all have doubt can see this photo and tell me whether she is our Naira or not.
Everyone sees the photo and gets very happy.Its the childhood photo of Naira and Karthik.
Mishit:Yes tau ji she is my Naira di. She surely is.But who is the boy with her. She seems really happy with him.
Rajshekhar:Yes munna who is this boy?
Naitik:The boy with her is Karthik Malhotra.They know each other since childhood and my man also told me that their love was also from childhood.

Naksh:Wait a minute. If Mrs.Karthik Malhotra is our Naira then it means all the while she knew about us. But she never mentioned it. She didn’t even mention her name and recognised us. Why she did this papa? It also seems by looking at the photo or leave the photon real life I’ve seen Karthik and Naira. He loves her very much and is with her since childhood.If she told him about us then he’d surely have made her talk with us. Leave all that behind also she is married and have children also but she never thought of informing us either of her marriage or of her pregnancy the two of the most important event in a girl’s life. Why papa? I was right papa. She is selfish. She didn’t remember us in these 10yrs nor she remembered us even after seeing us after 10yrs. We’re only mad who kept thinking about her..
Naksh cries.

Naitik:Still we don’t meet her Naksh we’ll not be able to know why she did this?There must be some reason behind this or why she’ll stay away from us and lie when she meet us.
Rajshekhar:But munna lalla’s points are also right. She didn’t inform us about her marriage or pregnancy.
Naitik:I know bau ji. We all have many questions in our heart and only Naira can answer us. We should go and meet her now.
The screen freezes on their faces.

So guys a huge huge episode today and tomorrow is another dhamaka with my 20th episode. Do tell me guys about your views on the episode.

Recap:I don’t think I’ll have to tell you. Dhamaka episode and shock episode.

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