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Guys I’m back with another episode. A kind of mahamilan types and I’ve decided to make Naira & Naitik meet because most of you all voted for it.

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episode 18
The episode starts with a beautiful morning in Udaipur.
In MM Naira is very busy packing food and other things as today they’re going for sight seeing. She has already prepared breakfast and call Emi,Vitki and Karthik for having it.
They all come down and have their breakfast.
Emi and Vitki:Mumma papa where are we going today?
Karthik:Tell mumma where will we go? You’ll know the spots better than us.
Naira:I’ve already planned everything. First we will visit gulab bagh which is the largest garden in udaipur with innumerable no. of roses, then just beside it is the pichola lake which we visit next and then finally we’ll visit the city palace which looks most beautiful at night. Then we’ll have dinner and come back home.
Karthik:Wow Naira you planned everything perfectly.
Naira:Thank you.Now should we leave.
Everyone:Yes mam.
They live from there.

The scene shifts to SM.
All are sitting in the hall and chatting. Naitik comes there.
Rajshekhar:Munna our new foreign clients that came to Udaipur want to visit the city palace in Udaipur in the evening.So send someone to look after them and send trusted person only as they’re one of our very old and major clients.
Naitik:Don’t worry bauji I know that and to make them feel good I myself will go with them to show them the city palace in the evening.I’ll finish my work in the office and from there I’ll directly go with them to visit the city palace.
Rajshekhar:Its a good idea munna. They’ll also feel good if you yourself go with them.
Mishti:Wow tau ji you’re going to the city palace that too in the evening. It looks very beautiful in the evening decorated with lights.
Naitik:Ya mishit its a wonderful scene.If you want you can also accompany us.
Mishti(happy):Really tau ji…
Naitik:Of course.
Just then Mishti’s phone rings.
Misht:Hello.….ha yar bol… What….. how we will do it now….Achcha okay I’m coming now.
Akshara:What happened Mishti?
Mishti:Wo tai ji the project which we were told to submit 2 days later now we have to submit tomorrow.
Akshara:Hey bhagwan how you’ll do it now. Come I’ll help you then the project will be completed fast.
Mishti:Tai ji you don’t worry and you can’t do anything as it was a group project.So I’m going yo my friend’s house to complete my project and sorry tau ji I won’t be able to go with you because of this.
Naitik:Its okay Mishti.I’ll only go with them

The scene shifts to Karthik,Emi and Vitki who’ve reached the gulab bagh.They’re enjoying themselves very much while Naira has become the guide for them as she had already visited these places many times in her childhood and not many things has changed since then.
She tells Emi and Vitki about the different types of roses while Karthik keeps asking her which rose symbolises what and which rose she likes the most.
Naira:You can guess which rose I like the most.
Emi and Vitki:No idea.
Karthik:Arrey get idea 4G.Your mumma’s favourite rose is……RED ROSE.
Emi and Vitki:Why?
Karthik:Because it symbolises true love.
Emi & Vitki:Reaallly mumma. Then we’ll also gift you a red rose next time when we get chance.
Naira(pulls their cheeks):Thank you so much my bachchas. come on now lets go we have to visit the Lake Pichola there we’ll be ale to see the lake palace also.
Emi & Vitki:Wow mumma you know so much about the place.Who told you this?
Naira reminisces Naitki telling her all this when he brought her here and gets teary eyed which is unnoticed by Emi Vitki but noticed by Karthik.He quickly tries to divert the topic.
Karthik:Arrey whoever may have told her humara too fayda hua(we had profit only)
Karthik:Arrey guide ke paise bach gaye(we saved the guide’s fees)
Karthik:But true.
Everyone start to laugh by listening his joke. They have a light moment and go to visit the pichola lake.
There they saw the 4 islands on the pichola lake.
Naira started to describe them.
Naira:There is the Jag niwas where the lake palace is situated. That is Jag Mandir which has a palace of the same name, that is mohan mandir. You know from here the king used to watch the annual Gangaur festival every year and that small island over there is the Arsi Villas which was used as an ammunition depot.
Everyone listened silently and intently to her.
Then they visited all the places there. It was evening when they came out of the pichola lake and they went to visit the city palace.

After sometime they reached the city palace. At the same time Naitik have also come there with foreign delegates to visit the city palace. Both the group come and are standing side by side but they’re not noticing each other as they’re looking at the city palace’s beauty at night. It is really a beautiful scenario. Emi was holding a toy which Naira and Karthik bought him but as he was lost seeing he palace it fell from his hand and went towards Naitik’s feet.Emi notices it after sometime and comes to Naitik and bends down to take the toy. Naitik seeing him thinks that he is touching his feet.
Naitik:Arrey what you’re doing?Why are you touching my feet?
Emi(naghtily):To take your aashirvad nanu.
Naitik doesn’t know but inside he feels happy hearing nanu from his mouth
Naitik:Why are you calling me nani.
Emi gets up.
Emi(cutely):Sorry. I was just joking. Actually my toy fell near your feet so I was just picking it up.
Naitik smiles seeing him.He bends down.
Naitik:What is your name.
Naitik remembers Akshara telling about Emi and Vitki.
Naitik:Emi? Are you the son of Karthik Malhotra?
Emi:Yes.How do you know me?Are you also related nani.
Naitik:Yes I’m his husband.
Emi:Then I was right in calling you nanu na.
Naitik:Of course call me nanu only.
Naira turns around to see Emi and find him talking to a person. His back is faced towards Naira.So she can’t see his face.
Naira comes there.
Naira:To whom you’re talking Emi.
Emi comes to her.
Emi:She is my mumma.
Naitik turns around and faces Naira.
Naira gets shocked as well as happy seeing him. Karthik also comes there and sees him.He also sees Naira getting emotional so quickly asks.
Karthik:Who is this Naira?
Emi:He is nanu. Mamu’s father NAITIK SINGHANIA.
Karthik gets shocked and understands why Naira became so emotional. He holds Naira’s hands to control.
Naitik also gets emotional seeing Naira but he doesn’t understand the reason. He feels as if it is his Naira only. Naira is about to turn and go but Naitik stops her.
Naitik(teary eyed):What is your name?
Naira(turns around but keeps her gaze low):I’m….
Karthik:She is my wife. Mrs. Karthik Malhotra.
He looks at Naira with hopes.Naira gets more disheartened because she wants to tell Naitik her whole truth that she is her princess and go and hug him but she is not able to do so.
Naira(mustering courage):And..And …nothing else.
Vitki:Ye mumma we got nanu also. Nanu you know we didn’t had nanu before.
Naitik looks at Naira.
Naitik(teary eyed):If you don’t have problem then can you call me papa just like Emi & Vitki call me nanu.
Naira looks at Naitik and sees him looking at her with hope of yes.
Naira(happy):Thank you so much. Its my good luck that after coming to Udaipur I got my papa also.
Naitik:I’ve another request.
Naira(smiles):Fathers don’t request they just ask.
Naitik:Can I call you princess?
Karthik gets shocked but understands father’s love.
Naira now gets very happy.
Naira:Of course you can call me princess.
Emi & Vitki:Wow mumma princess. Then nanu will you not hug your princess.
Naitik:Of course.
He comes and hugs Naira. He feels like he is hugging Naira only. Both have tears in their eyes while hugging and remember the scenes when Naira hugged him in the past.
They then releases the hug. The foreign delegates call Naitik. Naira asks him to go and they can meet tomorrow.
Naira emotionally goes from there.
Naitik:Why I was feeling so emotionally attached to her as if she is my Naira. My heart is saying she is my Naira but mind is not agreeing. I’ve to find out soon about her.
Naitik calls someone.
Naitik:I want all details about Mrs. Karthik Malhotra….Yes the wife of the famous business tycoon Karthik Malhotra. Get the work done asap.
The screen freezes on his determined face.

Recap:Karthik consoles Naira. Naira feeling bad lying to Naitik and Naksh. Akshara meets Naira.Naitik and all comes to know about Naira.

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