YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 17)


Thank you guys both for your wishes and comments. I think your wishes only made me fine.So guys here I bring you another episode and 1 more thing guys I know many of you must be waiting for naitik naira and akshara naira meeting and so I’ve decided something for you.I want you all to vote that who should I make meet first Naitik Naira/ Akshara Naira. The one who gets the highest vote would meet first.

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Episode 17
The scene starts in MM, farmhouse. Everyone had their dinner and went to the room.Karthik went to Kaira room while Naira went with Emi and Vitki to make them sleep and also to tell them story as they were insisting.
In Emi Vitki’s room Naira told them a children’s story of prince and princess(the fairy tales types)
Naira:And then they lived happily ever after.
Emi and Vitki kept their heads on Naira’s lap and laid down
Emi and Vitki:Mumma we’re not getting sleep.
Naira:But you should sleep now. You’ve enjoyed outside also and if you don’t sleep you’ll fall sick.
Emi:But mumma we’re not getting sleep.
Vitki:Yes mumma you only do something na.
Naira:Okay it seems now only mumma can do something.Okay then I start..
Naira starts singing the lori which Akshara used to sing for Naira and Naksh in childhood.( Sun sun nanhe lori ke dhun plays)
While singing she pats Emi and Vitki’s head lovingly. Emi and Vitki soon fell asleep listening to the lodi. Naira kisses on their forehead lovingly.She then made them sleep in their places and switched off the light of the room and went from there.(Guys don’t be surprised that Naira sang Akshara’s lodi. While singing she didn’t think it as Akshara’s lodi and she sang it for Emi and Vitki too. As we know nothing is more important for a mother than her children therefore she didn’t even think about the fact that she sang Akshara’s lodi).

She then went to her room and saw Karthik working on the laptop.She thought to tell Karthik everything that has happened.Karthik saw her and closed his laptop.
He went towards her and held her.
Karthik:So Jaan what story you told them today. Don’t tell me that you told them the usual, boring fairy tales.
Naira:The stories which you call boring might be boring for you but kids like these stories only.
Karthik:Arrey if you want to tell them love story then tell the most beautiful one na. You know about that very well.
Naira(teasing him):Which love story are you talking about Karthik?I don’t know about any such love story.
Karthik(holds her closer and caresses for face with his):So you don’t know about any love story don’t you. Ha
Naira hugs him tightly.
Karthik:So someone was joking with me.
Naira:Of course I was joking with you Karthik. The best love story on can ever have is the one that I have been experiencing since 13yrs old. Its our love story Karthik.
Karthik:So you know it so why to bore our kids with boring fairy tales. We have a wonderful love story to tell them.
Naira:Karthik kuch bhi. They’re very small and in their age fairy tales are only okay. I’ll tell when they grow up.
Karthik:So you’ll tell them later.Okay but you know Naira what is the thing that I love most in our love story.
Karthik:Trust. We both trust each other very much and therefore we share each and everything with each other.Right Naira
Naira:Yes Karthik and that’s why I was wanting to talk to you since evening as I’ve to tell something very important but didn’t get the chance.
Karthik(cups her face):Is everything okay Naira?What happened? Did that Aks…
Naira:No Karthik nothing like that happened.
Naira(with tears in eyes):Karthik today I met….I met my bhai.He hugged me Karthik and called me choti.
Karthik(gets happy):Really Naira.(hugs her)I’m so happy for you.
But suddenly he realises something and releases the hug.
Karthik:Naira but you only told me that your bhai loves your so called mother very much and he’ll not believe a word against her. Then If….
Naira:He can’t tell her anything as he doesn’t know that I’m Naira.
Karthik:But you only told me that you called him bhai and he called you choti.
Naira:Yes Karthik its true but he didn’t say all that knowing I’m his sister Naira. It happened like this…..
Naira narrates the whole incident to Karthik.
Karthik becomes happy listening to it.
Karthik:I’m very happy Naira. Its like sap bhi mar gaya ur lathi bhi nahi tutti.
Naira:Ya Karthik. I’m very happy to call him bhai and hear choti from him. But this doesn’t mean that I’m going to tell him my real identity.
Karthik:Its okay Naira.But I also want to meet him. I’ll also go with you to MM tomorrow.
Naira:Okay then.

The scene shifts to SM
Naksh is busy gift packing something. Tara comes there and sees him smiling and gift packing something.She quickly understood for whom he was packing the gift.
Tara:So you’re packing a gift for your new found sis right.
Naksh:Yes Tara how do you know?
Tara:Offo Naksh yesterday you only told about gifting her something to in front of everyone. So today when you’re packing of course na you’ll be packing for her only.But what are you going to give to your sister.
Naksh:Guess what can I give to my sister.
Tara after thinking for sometime.
Tara:You are giving her chocolates and if I’m not wrong the favourite chocolates of Naira.
Naksh:Yes Tara. I’m giving her this only and I’ll make her eat the chocolate by my own hand.
Tara:But Naksh how do you know that she’ll like this chocolate. I mean it’s Naira’s favourite chocolate not hers.
Naksh:I know Tara but don’t know why my heart is telling that she’ll also like this chocolate very much.
Tara:Then do as your heart says as it can never be wrong.

The scene shifts to MM.
Naira,Karthik,Emi and Vitki reached MM.
Just then Naksh also comes there.
Naksh:How are you choti?
Naira turns around and sees Naksh.Karthik also sees him.
Naksh comes to her and they hug each other.
Naksh then notices Karthik.
Naksh looks at Naira.
Naira(smiles):Let me introduce. He is my husband Mr.K….
Naksh:Mr.Karthik Malhotra.Who doesn’t know about him.The famous business tycoon.
Karthik:Thanks for you compliment and call me just Karthik.
Naksh:And you call me bhai just like choti calls me.
Hearing the word Bhai Karthik gets nostalgic thinking about someone(will not reveal it now).
Naira understands it and holds Karthik’s hand.
Naksh doesn’t notice it.
Naksh:Achcha I brought a gift for my sister.
Naira:Gift?What gift?
Naksh:You only open and see.
She opens it and gets very happy seeing her favourite chocolates.
Naksh:Did you like it?
Naira:Of course bhai. I loved it.
Karthik sees the gift.
Karthik:These are your favourite chocolates na.
Naksh:These are even your favourite chocolates even my sister used to love them.
Naira(gets emotional but behaves normal):Really..I also love this chocolates very much.
Naksh:Then eat a bite no. He makes her eat a bite.
Naira then makes him eat chocolate.
Naksh feels as if his long wish have been fulfilled though he doesn’t know the reason.
Karthik:Arrey you all forgot me. I’m also standing here feed me also.
Emi and Vitki:And we are also standing here.
Naira and Naksh laughs at them and also makes them eat chocolate.
Just then the renovators come.
Naksh says that he also has to go as he has some work and Naira and Karthik talks to renovators make them understand everything and send them work and then sits while Emi and Vitki are playing.
Naira:You remembered him na when bhai told you to..
Karthik:Naira I’m okay and I’m sorry.
Naira:Sorry. Why sorry? When I miss her you support me but did I ever ask sorry then why are you asking sorry if you missed him.(holds his hand)Even I too miss him very much Karthik.
Karthik:Yes but some people think that we never in the past or in the present cared about them and we’re the reason for….
Naira stops him seeing Emi and Vitki.
Emi and Vitki:Mumma what are you talking?
Karthik:We were talking that we’ve come to Udaipur for quite a few days now and have not visited anything so I and mumma decided that tomorrow we’re going for sight seeing. Okay.
Emi and Vitki(happy):Reaalllyyy……Thank you so much mumma and papa.
They hugged Naira and Karthik happily. Naira and Karthik hugged them and held each other’s hand while hugging.
The screen freezes on their happy faces.

Recap:Naira,Karthik and kids travel Udaipur and Naira meets…..

Whom naira will meet not I but you’ll tell me or rather your votes will tell me.So do vote guys.

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