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Guys sorry for not posting yesterday. I was down with fever and my mother would not let me move even an inch from the bed.You know mothers.But today as I’m feeling well I’m uploading the next episode.
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episode 16
The episode starts with Naksh returning to SM smiling.
Akshara was him smiling happily and herself is very happy as she has not seen such a smile on Naksh’s face since many years.She comes to him.
Akshara:What happened duggu?Why are you smiling so much?Share with me also so that I may also smile.
Naksh:You can guess the reason of my happiness mumma. Try.
Akshara:Okay let me guess you….
Suddenly the thought struck her mind.
Akshara:You met Emi Vitki right.
Naksh:Bingo mumma 100% right. I met Emi Vitki and….
Before he could complete
Akshara:What name did they give you?
Akshara:Mamu… really. Actually right too nani’s son will be mamu only.
Naksh:No mumma not nani’s son but they called their mumma’s brother as mamu.
Akshara:Mumma’s brother.
Naksh:Yes mumma when I met them I also met their mumma and….
Naksh then narrates the whole story to Akshara.
Naksh(teary eyed):Mumma you know I’m feeling really happy today don’t know why like I got back my Naira.And you know mumma she asked me to call her what…..
Akshara:What duggu?
Naksh:She asked me to call her choti just like I called Naira in childhood.
Naksh happily leaves from there.
Akshara goes to the in-house temple.
Akshara(praying and happy):Thank you bhagwan ji for sending these new relations in our life I don’t know why but they are slowly overcoming the grief of the previously lost relation. Its like the previous relation is returning in a new form.I dont know why i’m feeling like this but my heart is saying that this new relations have come for a special purpose but don’t know what?

The scene shifts to MM,farmhouse
Naira,Emi and Vitki return home. Naira is continuously thinking about Naksh and debating within herself whether she should tell this to Karthik or not as he might be tensed.But then she remembers her promise made to Karthik that she‘ll share everything with him however small it is.She decides to tell Karthik as soon as he comes.
Just then Karthik enters. Emi and Vitki go and hug him.
Emi and Vitki:We missed you papa.
Karthik:I also missed you my kiddos. Accha lets play a game. Guess what is in my hand. So are you ready.
Emi and Vitki:Yes papa.
Actually till now Karthik kept his hand at the back.
Karthik:Guess what is in my right hand.
Emi:Racing car for me.
Karthik:Guess what is in my left hand.
Vitki:Doll for me.
Karthik shows his hands and bingo they guessed right.
Karthik:Wow I didn’t know my kids are antaryami also.
Karthik gives the car and doll to Emi and Vitki respectively.
They get very happy and hugs Karthik tightly.
Emi and Vitki:Thank you papa. We love you very much.
Naira gets happy seeing them and for the moment forgets about Naksh.
Naira(acting jealous):Achcha bachchu into jaldi mumma ko bhul gaye.
Emi & Vitki come to her.
Emi:Mumma we said true that we love papa very much.
Naira(fake anger):Okay then.
Vitki:But we don’t love you very much.
Naira:Wow very nice.
They come and hug Naira
Emi and Vitki(together):We love you the most mumma.
Naira(gets happy):Reeaally..
Emi and Vitki releases the hug.
Emi and Vitki:But now its papa’s time to play with us. He promised us.
Karthik:Yes and Karthik Malhotra never breaks promise.
Naira then remembers to tell Karthik about Naksh.
Naira:Okay Emi Vitki papa will play with you but first go to your room. I’ve to talk to papa about something important the he’ll come and play with us.
Emi:No mumma let papa play with us now na. You can tell him later also.
Vitki:Yes mumma its our time. Papa promised us.
Both of then starts to plead Naira.
Karthik:Naira is it something very important then tell me and Emi Vitki don’t disturb mumma.
Emi and Vitki gets sad.Naira can’t see them like this and there fore she asks Karthik to go and play with them and she’ll talk later with him.
Karthik goes to play with Emi and Vitki.

The scene shifts to SM
All are in the hall and sees Naksh smiling showing all his teeth.
Mishti:What happened bhaiyo?Why are you giving this toothpaste ki add wali smile.
Naitik:Ya Naksh you seem so happy today. Tell us the reason also so that we can also share your happiness.
Naksh:This is the happiness of finding new relations papa.
Naitik:New Relations?
Naksh:Yes papa today I became bhai and mamu both.
Mishti was drinking the water hearing it spilled it.
Everyone look at her.
Mishti:Bhai muzak ki had hai. Arrey meri toh shaadi bhi nahi hui hai.(Arrey I didn’t get married only).
Naksh:Ha but what is the relation of my becoming mamu to you getting married. You don’t have to get married for making me mamu.
Now Mishti became super angry and everyone was laughing at her.Mishti stood up and started hitting Naksh with pillows.
Mishti:What do you think bhai I’m not that kind of girl. You thought I chi chi chi.You think i’ll have children before marriage.
Naksh:Stop Mishti. What are you saying?When I told that?
Mishti:Then what are you saying? How can you possibly become mamu when I your sister didn’t become ma.
Naksh:Arrey Mishti you’re not the only sister in the world. Infact I found or rather made a new sister. And she is already mother.
Mishti:Oh bhaiyo so you get buy 1 get 1 free offer.
Naksh:No buy 1 get 2 free offer. Buy 1 sister and get 1 bhanjaa and 1 bhanjee free.
Mishti:Wow bhaiyo you’re so lucky. But who are they.
Naksh:Arrey i told you about the Malhotras.They reached India and yesterday when mumma…
Naksh narrates the whole incident of Akshara meeting Emi and Vitki, Naksh meeting them and Naira for him Mrs.Malhotra calling him bhai.
Naitik:Its really good Naksh. You’ve done a good job.And I’ve to say that Mrs.Malhotra is a very good and down to earth person. Inspite of being the wife of the business tycoon Karthik Malhotra she mixed with you easily and even made you her bhai.
Naksh:Yes papa she is very good. And tomorrow I’m going to take a gift for my sister.
Mishti:Bhai what gift?
Naksh:That first my sister will know then anyone else.
Naksh smirks while everyone look at him confused.
The scene shifts to MM,farmhouse.
Naira gets restless in her room and thinking when she will tell Karthik about Naksh.
Naira(in mind):Now I can’t wait anymore. I’ve to tell Karthik about it.
She goes to Emi and Vitki’s room and thinks to tell Karthik but what she sees brings a smile on her face and she stands there seeing it.
Karthik has become a horse.
Seriously guys. He has become horse and the riders are none other then our very own Emi and Vitki. They’re laughing and giggling and enjoying themselves very much.
Emi(innocently):Papa what it means when a black cat cuts your way.
Vitki(innocently):Yes papa my friends stop when they see black cat crossing their way.
Karthik:Arrey when black cat cuts your way it means that the cat is in more hurry than you. What else it can be.
Emi and Vitki:Really papa.
Naira laughs at their childish behaviour and thinks to not disturb their moment now.But she stands there watching them and smiling.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Guys today I posted some moments of Karthik with Emi and Vitki as usually it is Naira with Emi and Vitki.

Recap:Karthik gets to know about the truth. Naksh’s gift for Naira.

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    Your Story is indeed interesting to read but try to patch up the loop holes.

    1. Debarati

      Ramya dear the whole scene about Naira reaching London is part of a big twist and how she met Karthik also. That’s why I’ve not given any flashback. But a short summary type of it is given in episode 5 when the police will tell Singhanias about Naira reaching London and how she reached. You can go and check

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