YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 15)


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Episode 15
The episode starts with Naira,Karthik and kids reaching home.They all have their dinner. Everyone go to their except Naira as she had to do the cleaning.
After sometime Naira comes to the room.
She opens the door but find that it is totally dark.
Naira(in mind):Why is it so dark?Has Karthik already slept?But he never sleeps before I come. I’ve myself insisted him many times but his answer was always a big no.
While she was debating this Karthik came from back and back hugged her.
He expected Naira to be surprised and shout but as usual she…

Naira:Arrey Karthik you. That’s what I was thinking that how can you sleep without me.
Karthik:Naira how do you always understand its me and spoil my surprise. I was really careful this time. Then also you.
Naira turns to Karthik while he switches on his phone light so that they can see each other’s face.
Naira:I not only recognise your footsteps Karthik. I recognise your heart, your heart beat. If you stand in the queue of thousands of people and see me na then also I’ll recognise like you recognise me.And you know how we both do this.
Naira:Its because we do not love each other’s face or any other thing. We love each other’s heart.I don’t love the business tycoon, handsome & sensational Karthik Malhotra. I love my Karthik his heart.Because everything may change but not his heart and inside that heart the love for me.
Karthik hugs her.
Karthik:You are right Naira. Our love is very pure and strong. We don’t need our eyes to see each other our heart only tells us about the presence of each other.
They hug for sometime and then part away.

Karthik:I have a surprise for you my Jaan.
Saying this he switches on the lights. Naira gets extremely surprised and happy seeing the surrounding.
The room was decorated all around with candles and flowers.On the bed flowers petals were decorated in a love shape. The entire room was looking very beautiful.
Naira(happy):Karthik when did you do this?
Karthik:Now only.
Naira:Itni jaldi.
Karthik:They say na ki pyaar mein chand tare bhi tor lata hai aashiq. I toh just decorated the room. And after all I can do anything to bring a smile on your face Jaan.
Naira gets teary eyed seeing his love
Karthik wipes off her tears.
Karthik:Nahi bikul nahi
Naira:Karthik par yeh….
Karthik:Aasoon khushi ke ho ya gum ke tumhari aankhon pe achche nahi lagte. Aur waise bhi I like your smile more than tears.

Naira smiles broadly.
Karthik:Thats like my jaan.Btw I did it for you but you’ll also have to fulfil your promise made…
Before he could complete his sentence Naira placed her soft lips on his lips and engaged him in a liplock. It was a long and passionate kiss. Soon they parted due to lack of oxygen.
Karthik looked and Naira with mixed emotions of shock, happiness and romance.
He then lifts her and puts her on the bed. He decks himself in her neck giving soft feathery kisses.
Naira reciprocates and kisses him. Soon they both get intimate.

The scene moves to Singhania Mansion.

Naksh is sitting in his room when suddenly Tara comes there.
Tara:Naksh my friend’s sister’s birthday is tomorrow.I’m thinking of giving her something. What do you suggest I should give her.
Naksh:Give her chocolates no Tara Naira also…..
Suddenly Naksh realises what he said.
Tara keeps her hand on Naksh’s shoulder supporting him.
Naksh:Tara you know Naira also loved chocolates very much.Tara you know once what happened..

Naira(angry):Go bhai I’ll not talk to you.Hamesha much chirathe rehte ho.
Naksh:Arrey such hi toh bola tujhe chirana lag haha hai toh mai kya karu.
Naira:Achcha so you think by eating chocolates I became kumbhakaran.
Naksh:Yes that’s why I told you.
Naira: Okay then go away.
Naira turns around. Naksh laughs.
Naksh:Okay I’ll go away but first take this.

He forwards something.
Naira(without seeing):I don’t want.
Naksh:Okay I thought you’ll like these special chocolates but if you don’t want then….
Naira surprised and turns around.
Naira:Bhai you bought this chocolate for me. Its my favourite chocolate.
Naksh:Ya I bought it for you but if you don’t want then its okay I’ll….
Naira(taking the chocolate from his hand):NO NO NO bhai. I want it.
Naira opens the packet and eats a chocolate.She gets very happy.
Naira:I love you bhai. You’re the world’s best brother.
Naksh:Woh toh mai hu hi aur tu hai kumbhakaran sister.
Naksh runs away saying this and Naira runs behind.
Flashback ends

Naksh gets teary eyed remembering and saying this.
Tara:Don’t worry Naksh. Soon you’ll get the chance to feed chocolate with your own hand to your sister.
Naksh:I hope that time comes soon Tara.I’m tired of waiting.

The scene shifts to MM,farmhouse
It is a calm and beautiful morning with birds chirping beautifully.Our love birds are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.The light rays falls on Naira’s eyes and she wakes up.
She sees Karthik hugging her tightly and sleeping tightly.
She kisses on his forehead and wakes him up.
Naira:Karthik wake up and get ready. You’ve to go to office also no.
Karthik:Naira sleep for sometime na I can go office anytime I want.No need to hurry.
Naira:May be not you but I’ve to hurry as I’ve to go to MM.
Karthik:But why?
Naira:What do you mean by why I’ve to see the work na.
Karthik:I’ll also go with you.
Naira:Arrey you go to office na raise bhai waha jake bore hi hoge and Emi and Vitki are anyways going with me.

Karthik:Emi Vitki. Ha mai kaise bhul sakta hoon woh toh jaha unik mumma jayengi wahi jayenge.
Naira:Par iss bar wirf mere like nahi jaa race. They told me they made some friend there and they are going to meet her also.
Karthik:Friend mere bachcha toh bare fast hai.
Naira:Woh toh hai. Accha now get up and get ready. I’ve to wake Emi and Vitki also.
Naira gets ready wakes up Emi and Vitki and prepares breakfast. By the time Karthik also got ready and came down. The had their breakfast and left to their respective places.

Naira and kids reach MM.
The renovators have not arrived yet.So Naira first decided to plan everything till the renovators come.
She comes in front of the house and starts thinking about the renovation.
Emi and Vitki are turing opposite and playing.
Just then someone comes there.
The man:So you’re Emi and Vitki.
Emi and Vitki:Yes. But how do you know our name?Who are you?
The man:You don’t know me but know my mumma your nani.
Emi and Vitki:You’re nani’s son.

Till now Naksh was talking slowly which was only audible to Emi and Vitki. But he told his name loudly so Naira also heard him
As soon as Naira heard the name she turned around.She saw Naksh standing there. Tears filled her eyes as she saw. She recalls all their moments. She was about to turn and go away when Emi and Vitki called her.
Emi and Vitki(shouts):Mummaaaa…….
They come to her and holds her hand. Naksh comes behind them.
Emi and Vitki:This is our mumma.
Naksh:So this your mumma whom you were praising so much.
Naksh extends his hand.
Naksh:Nice to meet you.
Seeing Naksh Naira became very emotional she wanted to just go and hug him and tell him everything. But her inner voice stopped.
Inner voice:What are you doing Naira.You know your Bhai loves mumma more than anything else.He’ll never believe you instead he’ll try to manipulate you only. Don’t forget that you don’t have any relation left with any member of that family. You family is Karthik, Ishaan and your kids and….
Naira’s thought were interrupted by Emi and Vitki’s voice.
Emi and Vitki:Mumma… What happened? Why are you not shaking hand?
Naira controls herself and shakes hands with Naksh.Naksh feels as if he had staked hands with her before.
Naksh:Don’t mind but have we met before. I feel like I know you.
Naira gets happy and emotional and is about to tell when her inner self again stops her and she remembers how Naksh always support Akshara and what Akshara did with her.
Naira(acting to he normal):No Mr.Singhania i’ve not met you before.I think you’re confusing me with someone else. How could i possibly meet you when I wasn’t in India only.
Naksh:Ya maybe you’re right Mrs….
Naira:Mrs. Karthik Malhotra.
Naksh:Ya Mrs.Karthik Malhotra.
Emi and Vitki:Now what we’ll call you.

Naira(absent mindedly):MAMU
Naksh gets surprised.
Emi and Vitki:Yes nice idea mumma.Can we call you mamu?
Naksh:Yes of course.
Naksh looks at Naira suspiciously.
Naira:Woh actually they don’t have mamu and they…
Naksh:Yes its okay. I also liked it very much don’t know why when they call me mamu.
Naira gets happy listening it.
Naksh:So you don’t have bhai.
Naira(emotionally looking at Naksh):I had bhai.
Naksh:No you have bhai now.
Naksh:Arrey Emi and Vitki call me mamu then I’m your bhai only na.If you don’t have any problem from today think of me as your own brother and call me bhai.Okay
Naira:Okay and you can call me choti.
Naksh remembers calling Naira choti and gets emotional.
Naira(emotionally):Okaayyy.. BHAI.
Naksh gets very happy listening bhai from her but don’t know why.
Naksh:Okay choti.
Emi and Vitki:Then you should have a brother-sister hug.

They both smile at Emi Vitki and hug each other. Naira feels very happy hugging her bhai after so many years while Naksh is confused why he is feeling so happy hugging her as she is someone dear to him.

So that was it a long episode. Do tell me did you like the brother sister milan or not by commenting please.

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