YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 14)


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Episode 14
The episode starts with Emi and Vitki talking to Akshara.
Akshara:My name is Akshara Naitik Singhania.
Emi and Vitki(sweetly):Nice to meet you.
Akshara smiles seeing them.
Akshara:Nice to meet you too Emi and Vitki.I can call you Emi and Vitki no.
Emi:Of course.

Vitki:But what will we call you?
Akshara:You can call me anything. Tell me what you all want to call me.
Emi and Vitki(together):Can we call you nani?
Akshara:Yes of course if your nani doesn’t get jealous and angry by you calling me nani.
Emi(sadly):We don’t have nanu nani.
Vitki(sadly):Neither we have dadu dadi.
Akshara(to lighten their mood):Achcha then who you have?\

Vitki:We have mumma papa and chachu.
Akshara suddenly strikes about Mr. & Mrs.Malhotra and Emi and Vitki’s name.
Akshara:What did you say you father’s name?
Akshara gets shocked for a moment but then notices that she is standing in MM.
Emi and Vitki(asks her):Can we call you nani?
Akshara(smiles):Of course.
Emi and Vitki goes and hugs her.
Emi and Vitki(together):Thank you nani.
Akshara feels a strange happiness when Emi and Vitki hugs her and calls her nani.

The scene shifts inside MM.
Naira was talking to the renovators.
Naira:If everything is clear then can you start work from tomorrow.
Renovator:Yes mam we can start our work from tomorrow but we may need you or someone from your family who knows about your preferences.
Naira:Don’t worry. If you need to ask anything or any help then just give me call I myself will come here to look after the work.Btw how much time will be required?
Renovator:Not much mam it will be finished in one to two weeks.
Naira thanks them and they leave.
Then Naira calls Karthik.
Karthik:Hello Jaan. Work done.

Naira:Yes yours.
Karthik:Yes Jaan I’ve also completed my work and I’m just coming to pick you.
Naira:You take your time Karthik. Till then I’m playing with Emi and Vitki.
Karthik:Okay Jaan bye.
Naira(in mind):Emi and Vitki must be playing in the garden.I’ll also go and play with them.
Naira begins to go.

Outside Akshara has bonded well with Emi and Vitki and playing with them.
Akshara:Achcha so you’re coming to Udaipur first time.
Emi and Vitki(together):Yes nani.
Akshara:So you didn’t see anything in Udaipur till now na.
Emi:Yes nani not till now but we’ll be visiting soon.
Vitki:Yes nani we just have to ask mumma and she will take us.
Akshara:What if she says no.
Emi:She can never say no to us. She loves us a lot and she never says no to anything which is not bad.
Vicki:Yes nani she is the best mumma in the world.
Akshara:Oh so you both are mumma’s kids.
Emi & Vitki(together):Yes nani we love mumma the most in the world.
Akshara(curiously):What is her name?
Emi and Vitki:Her name is NA
Suddenly Akshara’s phone starts to ring.It was Naksh.
Naksh:Mumma where are you?
Akshata:I’m just outside nearby the house only. Why? What happened?Your sounding tensed.
Naksh:Mumma woh badi dadi sprained her leg. But you don’t worry mumma everything is fine now.
Akshata gets tensed.

Akshata:What bhabhimaa sprained her leg. I’m coming just now duggu.
Naksh:Relax mumma. You come we have managed everything here.
Akshata cuts the call.
Akshata talks to Emi and Vitki.
Akshara:Sorry I’ve to go now because one of my family member got hurt.
Emi:Its okay nani you go. We’ll meet you afterwards.
Vitki:Yes nani you go now.
Akshata hugs them and turns to go just then Naira comes.
Naira doesn’t see her face.
Emi and vitki(happily):Mumma.
They go and hug her.

Akshara turns around to see but just then Naira turns and faces Akshara’s back and talks to Emi and Vitki and Akshara misses to see her face. Akshara waves to Emi and Vitki and they also wave to her. Seeing Emi and Vitki waving Naira turns around to see who is there but Akshara turns around just then and goes from there.
Naira:To whom were you waving?
Emi and Vitki:Our new friend mumma. You know she allowed us to call her nani also.
Emi and Vitki:Yes mumma she is very good and she played with us also.We loved her mumma.
Naira(acting jealous):Achcha you love her more than me.
Emi & Vitki goes and hugs her.
Emi:No mumma. We love you the most.
Vitki:Yes mumma no one can be better than you.
Emi and Vitki:Of course.
Naira kisses on their cheeks.

Naira:Achcha do you know her name or anything.
Emi:Yes mumma. Her name is Aksh…..
Before Emi can complete Karthik comes there.
Karthik:Hi guys enjoying without me. Very bad.
Saying this he keeps a pout face.
Everyone goes to him and hugs him.
Emi & Vitki:We love you papa.
Karthik:I love you too.
They then run go towards the car.
Karthik holds Naira’s hand during walking and whispers in her ears.
Karthik:Forgot to tell I love you.
Naira:I love you two three four and infinity.
They smile and go towards the car.

The scene shifts to SM.
Akshara goes to bhabhimaa.
Akshara:Bhabhimaa what happened? How did you sprain your leg. And what did doctor tell?
Bhabhimaa:Don’t worry bahu nothing much happened. The doctor also asked me to take rest then it will be okay.
Akshara:Then you will do as the doctor tells you and take only rest and not do any other work okay.
Akshara goes from there. Naksh comes there.
Naksh:Where did you go mumma?
Akshara(smiling):Actually I went outside and you know who I met?
Naksh:Who mumma?
Akshara:Emi Vitki.

Naksh:Who are they mumma?
Akshara:Arrey you told me about Karthik Malhotra no there are his children.(laughs)You know they are so cute and sweet. And their talks uff. They most of the time talk about their…
Naksh:Their who mumma?
Akshara:Their mumma and praises her a lot.Achcha dug you know what they call me.
Naksh:What mumma?
Akshara(smilingly):Nani.. They call me nani.(gets emotional)If my Naira was with me and she had kids then they also would have called me nani like Emi and Vitki.
Naksh:Don’t get upset mumma.I think god only sent them to fulfil your wish of hearing nani.
Akshara:I think you’re right duggu. I also felt like they are my own grandchildren.
Naksh gets happy seeing Akshara happy.
Naksh:I also want to meet them mumma.
Akshara:Okay you can meet them if they come tomorrow.
Naksh:Okay mumma.
Akshara smiles thinking about Emi and Vitki and Naksh also smiles seeing him.

Recap:Kaira romance. Naksh meets Emi and Vitki. Naira sees Naksh.

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