YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 13)


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episode 13
The episode starts with Karthik and Naira discussing.
Naira:As you’ve agreed then may I have the permission to got to the Malhotra Mansion.
Karthik:Only on one condition that you’ll not go alone.I’ll also go with you.
Naira:But you told that you’ve some important work in the office.
Karthik:Its not that important Naira. I’ll go with you.
Naira:Karthik don’t worry I’ll be fine. You go for your work.
Karthik:I know you can’t be fine if you’re alone. So its final that you’re not going alone.
Just then Emi and Vitki come
Emi:Where are you going mumma?
Vicki:We will also go with you.
Naira:Okay baba I’m going to MM our new house. You also can come. You go to your room now. I’ll just come to make you ready.
They hug Naira and go to their room.
Naira:Now I’m taking Emi and Vitki also with me. So I’m not alone. So now you can go and complete you office work.
Karthik:Its okay with me as my kids are my representative only for you.Right
Karthik:Achcha okay you get ready I’ll drop you to MM on the away and while returning we can come back together only.
Naira:Okay I’ll just call the renovators and ask them to came to MM. Then I’ve to ready Emi and Vitki also.Then get ready myself.
Karthik:You don’t have to do the last one.
Karthik:If you want then I can also make you ready.
Naira:No need to do such a big favour on me. You go and get ready yourself that will be enough for me.
Karthik:But not for me.
Naira:I can’t do anything about it. Now go please.
Karthik:I’m going now but remember your promise about the night.
Naira blushes.
Karthik:Don’t blush so hard Jaan or it becomes difficult for me to wait till night.
He comes close to her but she pushes her.
Naira(fake anger):Karthik will you go now or I’ve to take other steps.
Karthik:Okay baba now don’t be angry.
Saying this Karthik goes to get ready while Naira goes to get Emi and Vitki ready.

The scene shifts to SM(Guys I’ll call Singhania Mansion as SM)
All are talking with each other in the drawing room but Akshara is lost thinking about Mrs.Karthik Malhotra.
Bhabhimaa:Akshara I’m thinking to do some daan in anarth ashram and I want the things to be send are homemade and we ourselves go to the anarth ashram to do the daan.
Akshara remains silent as she didn’t listen to bhabhimaa’s words.
Devyani:Akshara bhabhimaa is asking something. Why aren’t you answering?
Akshara still remains silent.
Naksh shakes Akshara.
Akshara gets back to her senses.
Akshara:Ho..oh..Wha..t happened? Are you telling something?
Naitik:That’s what we should be asking you Akshara?What happened?
Akshara:Wo sorry. I was thinking about something else so .. But say what happened?
Devyani:Bhabhimaa was telling about giving homemade things to do daan in the anarth ashram and that we ourselves should go to do it.
Akshara:Its a great idea bhabhimaa I also think the same.
Naksh:But I don’t think that now you were thinking about it mumma. Tell me you were thinking about Malhotras or specifically Mrs.Karthik Malhotra na.
Naitik:Karthik Malhotra means … that great business tycoon Karthik Malhotra who has a chain of multinational companies in the whole world.And Mrs.Karthik Malhotra means his wife. I heard about them and also that her wife also helps her in business. I think they’ve got two kids also.But why is Akshara thinking about his wife.
Naksh:Yes papa you are right. Since the day I and Mishti told mumma about them don’t know what happened to her. She is thinking about his wife only.You know they are going to become our neighbours and since mumma got to know this she is so restless to meet them.
Naitik:I can understand they are big personalities but Akshara you never were such eager to meet any specific person like this even if he/she is a celebrity then why are you behaving so restless today.
Bhabhimaa:Yes beta munna is right. You’re not interested in this things and they are not celebrity too they are business tycoon. I never see you so excited to know about any business tycoon. And business tycoon is also okay but why so restless to meet his wife.
Akshara:I myself don’t know bhabhimaa what is happening? why I’m feeling this bechaini since I heard about her and why am I so restless to meet her. I’m feeling strongly connected to her without even knowing her name. It feels like I have to meet her anyhow and asap.It feels like I’ve some relation with her.
Naksh:I already told you mumma that you’re thinking so much. How could you possibly have any relation with her.She is not living in London since 1 or 2 years. They both have been together in London for atleast 10yrs and they have mentioned it in many interviews that their love story dates back to childhood.
Naitik:I agree with Naksh Akshara. I’ve also heard about it. You’re thinking too much.Stop thinking about it and you’ll not have any bechaini.
Akshara:What do you think I haven’t tried?I tried a lot Naitik to divert my mind from this topic but I’m not able to. Don’t know what is happening.
Naksh:I think now you will only know when you’ll meet her. Okay mumma I’ll try to know when they come to India and try to make you meet her.
Akshara hugs Naksh.
Akshara:Thank you duggu beta.
Naksh:Its okay mumma I can do this much for you.
They both smile and everyone else also smile looking at their bond.

Karthik, Naira, Emi and Vitki came to MM.Just opposite to it was SM.
Naira gets down from the car but is not able to face SM.
Karthik comes out of the car and holds Naira’s hand.She looks towards Karthik.
Karthik:You sure okay Jaan.
Naira:Ya Karthik am sure and Emi and Vitki are also there and on top of it I’ll be busy with renovators and by the time I would have finished my work you would also come back so there’s no need for you to be tensed.You go do your work without tension.I promise to take care of myself.
Emi and Vitki:We also…
Karthik and Naira looks at them and smile.
Karthik bends down.
Emi and Vitki:We promise papa that we will take care of mumma. You go to office till then we will have fun with mumma.
Karthik hugs them and says bye to them and goes from there.
Naira:Lets go.
She holds Emi and Vitki’s hand and directly enters MM without even looking at SM.
At MM Naira gets busy talking with renovators while Emi and Vitki play in the garden.
Emi and Vitki are playing catch catch with a ball when the ball falls from Vitki’s hand and rolls and goes and strikes the feet of a woman.
Emi and Vitki goes to her to her and ask for the ball.
Emi & Vitki(sweetly):Can you please give us our ball. Sorry it strikes you.
The lady smiles at them.
The lady:I’ll give ou the ball on one condition that you tell me your name and become my friend.
Emi:My name is Ehsaas Karthik Malhotra but everyone calls me Emi.
Vitki:My name is Vidha Karthik Malhotra but everyone calls me Vitki.
Emi and Vitki:Now tell us your name also.
Yes guys she is another than Akshara.

Recap:Akshara bonding with Emi & Vitki and talking to them while Naira comes in that direction looking for Emi & Vitki.

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