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So guys I’m back with episode 12. And keep commenting guys.Silent readers out there please comment. And today’s episode is a total Kaira. So i hope you enjoy it.

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Here we go

episode 12
The episode starts with Naira getting shocked listening to the address of the Malhotra mansion. Tears instantly made their way through her eyes.
Karthik gets tensed seeing Naira like this.He comes to her and hugs her tightly and then cups her face and tips her tears.
Karthik(wiping her tears and concerned):What happened Jaan? Did I ….
Naira cuts him.
Naira:No Karthik its not your mistake. Its just that after listening to the directions and the names of locations, etc. I got a little nostalgic.(Trying to hide her problem turns her face)Its nothing big. Don’t worry.
Karthik turns her face and makes her look at him.
Karthik:If its nothing big then say the same thing looking in my eyes.
Naira looks at Karthik’s eyes but is unable to speak anything as tears outburst from her eyes.
Karthik:I knew it that you can never lie looking at my eyes. Now please tell me no Jaan what happened. I’m getting tensed seeing you like this. Please share with me what is making you cry.
Naira:I will Karthik but first promise me that we won’t change our decision of staying in our house in Udaipur there after listening to me.
Karthik:Arrey first tell me what it is then I ….
Naira:No Karthik first promise me please please…
She looks at him with tears in her eyes
Karthik gets more tensed and promises her.
Karthik:Achcha okay baba I promise now please tell me.
Naira:According to the address you’ve given me the Malhotra mansion……Karthik our house is …
Karthik:Is what Naira tell me.
Naira:Is just opposite Singhania Mansion.
Karthik is shocked at the fact and gets angry also.
Karthik:What? Is it true Naira?
Naira nods in yes with tears welling down her eyes.
Karthik:Pack your things Naira we are going back.We can’t stay there.
Karthik:No buts. Okay you want to stay in Udaipur. Okay then this farmhouse is also very good and we all can stay here and infact it is better than our Malhotra Mansion we will stay here.
Naira:Now only you promised me that we won’t change our plans.
Karthik:At that time I didn’t know about this but now I know.
Naira:Its okay Karthik I think God also want to my test that whether I truly forgot my so called family or not.But I’m ready to give the test.
Karthik:But I’m not.
Naira:Karthik will you not support your Jaan. You only tell na that you’ll support my every decision then why are you doing like this today.
Karthik:Because I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU.(cries)No I CAN’T LOSE YOU.That AKSHARA SINGHANIA is also there in Singhania Mansion. What if she again calls the police and no no this can’t happen.I will not let that happen. No one need to go there. If you want to stay in Udaipur then stay here or we will return London.
Naira hugs Karthik tightly and tries to calm him. She can feel his pain and love for her.She knows how much Karthik loved her. Infact she has always known this.
Naira(cups his face):Karthik listen to me. Nothing will happen to me. Nothing can happen to me till you’re with me.I’m not saying your fear for me is wrong. Its just that there is no need of it.
Karthik:How can you say that? Don’t you remember what happened 10yrs ago.You yourself told me remember.
Naira:Yes I remember everything but you’re forgetting what you did to end my fear.

(at that time they were 13 and 15yrs old respectively and Naira has come to London 6 months ago.Naira and Karthik both have feelings for each other but have not expressed it.)
Young Naira and Karthik are playing then suddenly Naira sees the police coming towards them. Naira gets afraid and hides behind Karthik. The police passes by and Naira goes away from there. Karthik gets tensed seeing Naira and runs behind her. He sees Naira crying. First he thinks to go away but then unable to see Naira crying he goes to her. He keeps his hands on her shoulders.Naira wiped her tears and turned around.
Naira(sees tears in Karthik’s eyes and gets concerned):What happened Karthik? Is everything alright?
Karthik:Thats what I want to ask you Naira. What happened?
Naira:Its nothing Karthik. I think we should go home.Its getting late.
Naira starts to go but Karthik holds her hand and stops her.
Karthik:Not today Naira. Today you have to tell me everything. What is this pain in your heart that keeps hurting you day and night?Why you get so angry when anyone asks about your mother?Why you get afraid seeing police?
Naira hearing Karthik sits down and cries. Karthik gets tensed and thinks that he has hurt Naira.
Karthik(with concern and guilt):I’m sorry Naira. I didn’t know that you’ll be so hurt listening to me.Okay you don’t have to tell me anything but please don’t cry please.I just wanted you to share your pain with me to lessen it but if you don’t want to then its okay but please don’t cry. I can’t see you crying.
Karthik also cries while speaking these words. Naira sees concern for her in his eyes and gets happy as someone is there who cares about her.
Naira:No Karthik I’m not crying because you asked me. I’m crying remembering what you asked me and on my fate that snatched my past from me and on that woman who made my past so painful that I become afraid remembering it.
Karthik(cups her face):Please share with me Naira.It can lessen your pain
Naira:Okay Karthik I will tell you but promise me you will not tell anyone else about it. I’m telling this to you because I trust you more than anyone may be myself too and I want to share everything with you.
Karthik(assuring her holding her hand):I’ll never break your trust Naira.
Naira:Karthik before knowing the truth first you have to know a big secret about me.
Naira:Yes Karthik. I’ve told you that I’m an orphan which is true but it is not because no one in my family is alive. I’ve a huge joint family or rather had a huge joint family. But just because of one person I’ve to leave everyone and go away and forget that I ever had a family. And you know who that woman is? She is none other than my SO CALLED MAHAAN MUMMA. She gave me birth but that mother only to show her mahaanta sacrificed me.
She then tells him the whole incident about Sukanya’s accident, blame falling on her, her mother saying SHE WILL GIVE NAIRA TO POLICE and her running away.
Naira then cries vigorously. Karthik hugs her tightly but he also have tears in his eyes. Naira feels comfort in Karthik’s arms and feels like this is the place where she belongs and she wants to stay there forever. It was a long hug and after sometime they broke the hug.
Karthik:Are you okay Naira.
Naira:You know Karthik till now there was huge burden on my heart and this memories pained me like thorns. But now I feel very light. Thank you Karthik for listening to me and supporting me.
Karthik was boiling in rage after hearing what Akshara did to Naira.
Karthik(in mind):How can a mother be like this? She made her own daughter’s life hell.From having a mother like this it is better to be motherless. That’s why Naira was so afraid of police.But now she will be not.
Karthik:Naira there is no need for you to be afraid of anyone. See what I do.
Karthik calls someone and tells him something.
Naira:Karthik what did you do?
Karthik :You’ll know soon.
A message popped up in Karthik’s screen. Karthik gets very happy to see that.
Karthik:Naira do you know what happened. You were proved innocent.May be you don’t know because you left home but you’re know more under suspicion and therefore there is no need for you to be afraid of police.
Naira:Really. But how? and how you got to know?
Karthik:Just now I called my friend in India whose father is a police officer in Udaipur and told him about you. And he told me that you were proved innocent.
He tells her whole incident about Sukanya’s boyfriend.
Naira gets very happy and hugs Karthik and he hugs her back. Soon they break the hug.(They both show it to be a friendly hug).
Naira:Thank you so much Karthik. Now I can live freely.But that doesn’t mean I’ll go back because…
Karthik:Its okay Naira. I can understand and you don’t have to justify yourself.(in mind)Its better for you to not go to a mother like her. God please never make her come face to face with me or don’t know what I might do to her for hurting my Naira.
Flashback ends.

Karthik:I did it to end your fear and so that you live freely but it doesn’t mean….
Naira:Karthik I just tell you remember so that you also remember that I was proved innocent then how come the police will catch me. She can’t do anything now.
Karthik:She can do anything. You only told no she just wants to become mahaan. If again she sacrifice you for becoming mahaan then….
Naira:She can’t sacrifice me as she doesn’t have that right on me. I’m not her daughter NAIRA SINGHANIA anymore. I’m NAIRA KARTHIK MALHOTRA your wife. I know till you’re with me no one can harm me. So please you also trust yourself or just trust on my trust please.And also she’ll do something then na when she recognises me. She doesn’t even know my face.
Karthik(convinced):Okay Naira but you have to promise me that if anything however small it may be happens then you’ll tell me and not hide anything. Promise.
Naira:Promise baba. Have I hidden anything from you till now that I’ll hide now. Now please smile.
Karthik:Same to you.
The both hug each other and smile . The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Guys please don’t get angry on Karthik for blaming Akshara. He has heard only Naira’s POV and therefore considers Akshara to be wrong as because he loves Naira therefore its obvious that he will trust her and he will be hurt seeing her hurt and will also hate that person that hurt her.

Recap:Same as yesterday.

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