YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 11)


Like always thanks for your comments and keep commenting. Without much blabbering I’d start the episode.So guys here you have a huge episode.

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episode 11

The episodes start after 2 days. Till these two days Akshara’s curiosity about the mansion’s owner’s wife has increased and she is very eager to meet her. On the other hand in London Naira was busy in doing the packing and making herself strong. Now finally the day came when they are departing to India.
All four of them are leaving the house ,i.e. Naira,Karthik,Emi and Vitki. Naira and Karthik recalls all their moments spent in the house and gets nostalgic.
Naira remembers how she entered the house in her grahpravesh, how she and Karthik started their married life there, and the time when she was pregnant.(Guys I’m not showing the flashback now as it will be showed later ).
They all leave in their car and soon reaches the airport.Ishaan also went with them to drop them.
Ishaan:Okay guys bye for now.
Naira(smiles):Okay bye…

Ishaan:Don’t get so happy moti . Enjoy till I’m here but remember I’ll be coming soon.
Naira:That I know Ishaan ki tum meri kundali ke aathve grahan ho jo itni aasani se nahi katne wala. But I can enjoy till you’re not there and most importantly no one will be there to taunt me, to call me moti and to argue with me.
Ishaan:Don’t worry I’ll come soon to trouble you.
Naira:I also want that as I feel bored without anyone troubling me.
Naira hugs Ishaan.
Ishaan then hugs Karthik, Emi and Vitki and leaves from there.
Naira enters the airport and remembers the day when she first came here leaving India.She remembers the scenes(not shown) and gets tears in her eyes. Karthik notices it.
He sends Emi and Vitki to go and bring the trolley for the luggages
Karthik:Thinking about India or her.
Naira(hugs Karthik):I miss her a lot Karthik a lot and he thinks that….
Karthik: Naira I told you many times no that don’t judge yourself on the basis of what he thinks and don’t get hurt because he is not the same person now. He has changed a lot. Now he is no one to us.
Naira:Karthik I can convince my mind by this but how to convince my heart as I still consider him my…..
Karthik stops her seeing Emi and Vitki coming.
They keep the luggage in the trolley and go for international check in.
Soon they were in the flight and the flight took off.
Naira and Karthik were sitting together whereas Emi and Vitki were sitting behind their sit.
Karthik saw Naira upset and put his hands on her hands. Natra looks at him and he looks at her assuring that he is with her. Naira keeps her head on Karthik’s shoulder.
Naira:Please always stay with me like this Karthik. I can go through everything if you are with me.
Karthik:I’ll always stay with you Naira. No matter what. If you

yourself also tell me to go away then also. He keeps his head on Naira’s forehead and kisses on her forehead.
Both look at each other and smile.
Karthik gets a naughty idea.Naira was resting her head on his shoulder when she saw Karthik coming close to her staring her lips.
Naira: Karthik pl….
Before she could say anything Karthik bends down and took the magazine kept in the seat and gets up.
Naira gets relieved.
Karthik comes to Naira and whispers in her ears.
Karthik:I was just taking magazine now but if you want I can make your thoughts reality Jaan.
Naira: No way Karthik. Its flight not our bedroom.
Karthik:If that’s the case then okay I’ll do it as soon as we reach the bedroom. Okay Jaan.
Naira(gives an impossible look):Karthik….
Karthik:Yes my jaan.
Naira(smiles looking at him):Nothing.You start anywhere. You don’t need reason also no for you romance.
Karthik:No reason is not needed. Something else is needed.
Karthik side hugs her tightly.
Naira and Karthik smile.
Karthik:Now take rest. My shoulder is ready for your service.
They smile and lean on each other’s shoulder.

The scene shifts to Singhania Mansion.
Akshata is pacing here and there in her room and is tensed.
Akshara(in mind):Don’t know why am I feeling such bechaini as if something is going to happen. Oh god now what is it?
Naksh comes there and sees Akshara upset.

Naksh:Mumma what happened to you. From the day I told you about the mansion’s owner and his wife I’m noticing that you’re very tensed. And today you seem more tensed. What happened?
Akshara:I myself don’t know duggu what happened then what will I tell you? I don’t know why I’m having this ajeeb bechaini since I heard about his wife. And today it is just uncontrollable.
Naksh:Relax mumma you are thinking too much. It might be because of stress.
Akshara:Accha duggu you didn’t tell me the owner’s name. You know their name.
Naksh:Yes mumma. His brother’s name as far as I remember was ISHAAN MALHOTRA and the owners let me think they are ….. yes MR. & MRS.KARTHIK MALHOTRA.
Akshara:What Mrs.Karthik Malhotra? I mean what’s her name.
Naksh:Name…… I don’t know mumma as most of the people call her Mrs.Karthik Malhotra only.

Naksh gets a call and goes from there.
Akshata feels more bechaini so she goes to the inhouse temple.
Akshara(praying):Hey bhagwan ab jo bhi karna accha hi karna. I don’t want that this bechaini is indicating towards some sorrow. Please if you can bring anything then bring some happiness, i.e. our Naira, else don’t have to give anything.Neither sorrow nor happiness.

The flight in which Naira and Karthik were coming reaches India.Naira comes down of the plane and starts walking to airport through air bridge.
Akshara feels something and runs towards the door. As soon as Naira steps inside the airport Akshara opens the door. She finds no one there. She sadly turns around(You can assume the scene from k3g when Jaya ran to open the door when shah rukh hugged hrithik but found no one there).

Naira reaches the Maharana Pratap airport in Udaipur.(Its the international airport in Udaipur).
As soon as she reaches out of the airport all her memories became fresh and her eyes became moist(Guys she has no memories of the airport as she was not in Udaipur but in Rishikesh when she left in India. Therefore she went from the nearest international airport there)
Karthik notices this. He sends Emi and Vitki to the car.(Hamesha bachcha ko bhagake romance karta hain).
Karthik hugs Naira tightly and then cups her face.
Karthik:You’re okay no Jaan.That’s what I was afraid of that….
Naira cuts him.
Naira:Don’t worry Karthik. Its nothing. Its just I stepped on the grounds of Udaipur after 10 long years so I became nostalgic.But you are with me na. Now I’m okay.

Naira:100% sure. Now come on lets go.
Karthik(to lighten the mood):Ya lets go fast I have to fulfil your thoughts also.
Karthik:What? Forgot so easily. Array that flight one about my kiss and bedroom.
Naira(shocked):You still remember that I thought you were joking.
Karhtik:Karthik Malhotra never jokes in case of romance. Now always remember that. But as you have promised now you can’t back off . Lets got to the farmhouse and then I’ll have my kiss.
Naira stands shocked.
Karthik:Now don’t be so shocked . Its just matter of a kiss. You can give me that easily. Hain na. Okay give me at night.Then okay na.
Naira:Ya we will see that. First lets go. Emi and Vitki must be waiting.
Karthik:Let them.
Naira(fake anger):KARTHIK..
Karthik:Okay Okay lets go I cant angry my wife. Right.

The both smile and go towards the car. They leave for their farmhouse and soon reaches there.
Naira asks the servants to keep the luggage in the rooms. Emi and Vitki also go to see the house.
Naira and Karthik are left alone.
Karthik:Now if you want we can…
Naira:You only told at night so I can’t do anything about it. So let us first discuss about our house okay.
Naira smiles seeing him making faces and gives a peck on his cheeks.
Naira:Now okay.
Karthik(smiles naughtily):Okay but could have been better if given somewhere else.(points at his lips).
Naira:You will have it at night only. Not now. Now if you can give permission can we please discuss what is important.

Naira:Thank you. Accha I have already talked to the renovators about the renovation of the house. They said that they will meet directly at the house. But I don’t know the address. So you either you call them and give them address or better give me the address and I can tell them as I also have to go there.
Karthik:Okay I also think second option is better. I’m giving you the address. Listen carefully. He tells her the directions and the address.
Naira gets shocked listening it.
The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Recap:Naira visits the Malhotra Mansion in Udaipur.

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