YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 10)


So finally its episode 10 guys I reached the two digit block.Thanks for all your comments and keep commenting guys.So that I keep going.
And one more thing guys I want to remind you that in my ff mishti is not so much younger to Naira.She is 20yrs old now and Ishaan is about the age of Naira say 23yrs. So he is just 3yrs elder than her. That’s why doing their pairing.

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Episode 10
The episode starts with a beautiful morning in the Singhania Mansion.
Akshata is singing aarti while everybody is praying.
(O kana ab toh murli ki plays)
Akshara finishes aarti and gives prasad to everyone. She then keeps a laddoo prasad in front of the Lord idol.
Akshara(in mind):Everyday I keep this prasad in your feet so that it may reach my Naira somehow but don’t know when I’ll be able to feed prasad by my own hand.
The prasad falls down and falls on a photo of Naira on the floor.

The scene shifts to Malhotra Mansion
Naira, Karthik and Ishaan discuss about returning to India.
Ishaan:Okay guys first we all will go to India to check our house and then slowly slowly do shifting also.
Karthik:No need of shifting Ishaan. We can buy new furnitures and all there.
Naira:But you all told that your house have not been visited by anyone since 15yrs.(Guys don’t confuse Naira left house before 10yrs and came to London and met Karthik here. At that time Karthik was already residing in London).So house needs renovation before any of us would be able to leave there.
Karthik:You’re right Naira. What do you think?
Naira:I think that first I’ll got to India and talk to renovators, etc. for the renovation of the house. As you guys have got nothing to do with renovation then you stay here. Do all the necessary packing and all other things and then you can come.
Karthik:No way Naira. I will not let you go alone there. I will also go with you.
Naira:But if you go with me then who will take care of Emi and Vitki.
Karthik:If I stay here then also nothing will happen as you know your kids will go with you only. You know they can’t stay without you even for a minute
Naira:I’ll convince them.
Ishaan and Karthik(widening there eyes):RRReeaallyyy.
Naira:What other option we have? Its okay for me as I’ll manage but where will Emi and Vitki stay.
Ishaan:You don’t have to worry about that moti. I’ve already made all preparations. I recently bought a farmhouse in Udaipur. And it is renovated. I’ve called the housekeeper sometimes before. He will keep everything ready and keep the house clean. So you all can stay there.So all problems are solved.
Naira:No not all solved.
Naira:Arrey buddhu I still have to talk to Emi and Vitki about this.
Just then Emi and Vitki comes down and hears Naira.
Emi and Vitki(together):Talk about what mumma.
Naira comes to them and holds them
Naira: I know you will be sad listening this but beta we all want to return to Udaipur, India forever.
But we will go only if you permit as I can’t keep my babies sad due to….
Before she could complete Emi and Vitki hugged Naira tightly.
Emi and Vitki(happily):Thank you so much mumma.
Emi: How did you know that we want to go to India.
Vitki:Arrey stupid mumma knows everything. Hai na mumma.
They then start dancing happily.
Naira and all gets shocked seeing them so happy.
Naira:Why are you both so happy? Will you not miss your friends.
Emi:No mumma as majority of my friends were from Udaipur and they returned to Udaipur after sometime.I used to miss them very much.
Vicki:And you know mumma my best friend also went to Udaipur. I missed her so much but now we will also go to Udaipur.
Naira:Lagta hai bhagwan bai yeah chahte the that we return to Udaipur.
Emi and Vitki(together):When are we going mumma.
Ishaan:Day after tomorrow. I’ve booked yours, Karthik’s,Emi and Vitki’s flight ticket. So you do the packing which is necessary. Rest all we can do later.
Naira:But what about you ha. You only shouted India India and now you are only not coming with us.
Ishaan:Arrey meri ma. I’ve some work here and some formalities to complete. So first you all go. I’ll come after sometime.Now please don’t argue on this also.
Ishaan:Now go and start packing. You have to leave day after tomorrow.
They all leave to their respective rooms.

The scene shifts to singhania mansion.
Akshara is sitting and doing some work when suddenly mishti comes there.
Mishti:Mami do you know the big mansion near our house?
Akshara:Yes Mishti I know about it. No one has come to it in 15yrs.
Mishti:No mami they’re coming.I got to know that the owners of that mansion are returning here after 15yrs.
Akshara:Its a good news Mishti that they are returning to their country.
Naksh also comes there.
Naksh:Yes mumma of course its a good news. And also for us.
Akshara:For us.
Naksh:Yes mumma you know owner of the mansion is one of the youngest and biggest businessman and entrepreneur in the whole world. He has a set of multinational companies in the whole world. Here also he has some big projects but I never got a chance to meet him as whenever there was need only his brother used to come to India. Neither her nor his wife and children came to India.
Akshara:He is married and has children also.
Naksh:Yes mumma he married early at 20 to 21yrs. But still he expanded his business so much. I’ve heard that his wife is very nice and supporting and she helps her in business also. He lover her very much. Whenever he received a award he always used to call her wife on stage and give her the award saying that she is the one who deserves the award as without her he would have been nothing.
Mishti: Yes bhai I also heard it.I thinks he calls her jaan as she is his life.Tai ji sorry to say but they have defeated your’s and tau ji’s love.
Akshara(smiles):You’re right mishti. Their relation seems to be very strong and I’m happy to hear that in today’s generation also there are couples like them. Their parents must be proud.
Naksh:They would mumma if they had.
Akshara:What do you mean?
Mishti:I’ve heard that both of them are orphans and their parents died at a young age. While we know that his parents died in a plane crash but his wife doesn’t talk much about her family. It seems that she don’t have anyone in her maayka and only family she has is her husband, her devar and her children. But all of them lover her a lot.
Akshara(becomes sad):Its really sad that they don’t have parents but its also good that inspite of not having parents to teach them the importance of family the themselves have learned it. I would like to meet them specially his wife. When are they coming?
Nash:I heard they are coming by this week only but don’t know the exact date but they will not shift in directly to the mansion as it is old so they will reside in their farmhouse but his wife may come here for the renovation of the house.
Mishti:Bhaiyo you never mentioned that you joined CID.
Mishti:You got so much information about them.
Naksh:Don’t forget I’m 007’s brother. But coming to the information I got it because they are famous and most of the times in news and I got to know about their coming back because I was talking to the caretaker of the mansion sometimes before and he only told me.
Mishti:Oh really bhaiyo you have become CID.
Naksh:That I don’t know Mishti but you have a chance of becoming Laila or juliet or…
Mishti:But how and why?
Naksh:Arrey I told about his brother no. He is very handsome and rich too being his brother. So if you want I….
Mishti:No way bhaiyo. I will not leave you for telling this.
Saying this she runs behind Naksh and they run out of the room.Akshara smiles seeing them.
Then suddenly her thoughts are turned towards the owner of the mansion and specially his wife.
Akshara(in mind):Don’t no why I’m having such bechaini of meeting her.I feel like some connection after listening about her. Is it because she is the age of Naira and she is also leaving without her parents and family just like my Naira would be living?I don’t know that but I have to meet her asap.
She keeps thinking about her.
The screen freezes on her face.

Sorry guys no kaira scenes today but tomorrow for sure there will be. Don’t be angry on me.

Recap:Naira and company reaching Udaipur ,India.

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