YRKKH ff: New beginning(episode 1)

Hi guys! It’s Debarati I,m a huge fan of yrkkh and Kaira. So I’m writing a fan fiction. I took this idea from ABC. I am directly posting the first episode without introduction and as the story progresses you will come to know the characters. The story starts after 10yrs leap when Naira left home and boarded the train.

The scene starts in a huge mansion in London. The signboard showed in big letters MM(Malhotra Mansion). A beautiful lady of age 23 is seen running after two children 3 to 4yrs.

Lady:Stop running vitki and emi and drink your milk . please beta stop now . listen to me. stop running you might get hurt.
vitki and emi together:No mamma we won’t drink milk catch us if you can.
Lady:Bahut shaitaan ho gaye ho dono bilkul apre baap par gaye hai. Par main bhi inki maa hoon abhi batati hoon.
Saying this she act like getting hurt in her leg and sit down.Seeing this both vitki and emi run towards her
vitki and emi shout:mummaaaa………
Hearing their shout a man also come out and seeing the lady hurt got highly tensed.(he doesn’t know she is acting.)
He was about to shout when the lady gets hold of vitki and emi and forcibly make them drink milk.
The keep making faces while she laughs seeing them.
Seeing her laughing they go to the man complaining:See na papa what mamma did we were so highly tensed seeing her hurt but she only acted to get hurt.
The man asks them to go and play while he would talk to their momma and scold her for the prank.
After they went the man comes towards the lady
man:Are you mad?Never do such kind of prank again.If something happen to you in real then how I will live?You know I love you so much NAIRA.
(Yes guys it is none other than our Naira )
Saying this he has tears in his eyes.
Naira understands and feels happy to see his love towards her.
Naira:I’m sorry KARTHIK I was just playing the prank to make vitki and emi drink milk.If I would have known you would be so much hurt I would have never played such a prank.Please don’t be angry with me. I won’t be able to bear it.I love you too.
Karthik:I’m sorry for getting angry on you but you know na how much I love you and if you are angry then I’ll give compensation for that.
Saying this he pulls Naira close to him and is about to kiss when naira pushes him away.
Naira:KUCH TO SHARAM KARO.You are the father of two children.
Karthik:Why to do that? It was the romance only that brought him to this world or more precisely the RAIN ROMANCE.Don’t you remember.

Karthik and Naira were coming back home from somewhere.When they reached home suddenly it started raining.Karan and Naira came out from car and enjoyed the rain when suddenly Karthik slid his hands inside Naira’s saree and touched her bare belly romantically and sensuously.Naira not able to take anymore turned toward him and hugged him tightly.Karthik too reciprocated and hugged her back . After some time they broke the hug.Karthik was looking at Naira’s lips romantically and Naira closes her eyer understanding his intentions.Seeing this Kartik placed his rough lips on her rosy yet soft lips and kissed her .Naira too responded to his kiss.They kissed each other passionately,lovingly at first but then it changed into a hungry and wild kiss his one hand was caressing her back other was holding her waist, her one hand was caressing his hairs pressing him more on her and another one was clutching his shirt tightly. The were kissing and kissing each other. Soon they patted due to lack of oxygen and stared each other. Kathik then carried her in his arms and took her to their room.Naira blushes and hides her face in his shirt.
Karthik now losed all patience and placed Naira on the bed while she was blushing hardly and breathing more and more.Soon he ducked himself in her neck, kissed her and bites her leaving her mourning his name in pleasure. he unhooked her saree pallu she felt shy and turned herself now her back was facing him. He smiles seeing her shy soon he unhooks her blouse and was caressing her back romantically with his lips and turned her towards him her eyes were down due to shy he lifted her chin and look into her eyer for permission.
Naira:I’m all yours Karthik.
Now he cannot control himself he removed her pallu while she was playing with his shirt button unbuttoning him. Soon they both were naked. Karthik kissed her everywhere bitted and kissed more and more while she was mourning in pleasure. Soon she was on top of Karhtik and kissed all over his body madly.Soon Karthik again rolled on top of Naira and kissing her finally they made love with each other a drop of tear escaped from Naira’s eyes showing how happy see was after getting her love.

After some months Naira started filling dizzy and having vomittings .Doctor was called and Naira’s pregnancy news was revealed to all.
Flashback ends.

Naira blushes remembering all this. Karthik sees this.
Karthik: Stop blushing so much or I won’t be able to control myself.
Saying this Karthik started to lean close to Naira when
emi vitki together:Mummaaaa……
Naira releases herself from Karthik’s hold and rushes.
Emi and Vitki’s room:
Naira is making Emi and Vitki ready for school.
She makes them wear uniform.
She first brushes emi’s hair then she goes towards Vitki.
She is making her choti when suddenly Vitki screams naughtily just as Naira used to do in childhood.
Naira :Raising her hand naughtily just like akshara
Naira:Vitki you will never change hamesha jhoot much ka satati hai. How can I forget akhir beti kiski hai . You know when I was small I also used to do same thing and then mum..
She stops herself from completing the sentence.
Vitki: Mumma really then what your mumma used to do? did she also do what you do?
Naira gets angry on hearing mumma but controls herself seeing Vitki’s face(Come on guys even she is mother she also melts seeing her daughter’s face and let me tell you she is a very nice mother, loves and mostly trusts her children a lot and most of all SHE IS AKASHARA’S DAUGHTER so she will be like her wantingly or unwantingly)
Naira:(controlling inside anger and showing love):I didn’t have mumma Vitki so no one to tie my hair but you have.
Naira saw Vitki and Emi looking towards her
Quickly to change the topic Naira says
Naira:By the way Emi and Vitki do you know what tiffin I gave you.
Emi:Aloo paratha
Vitki: Sandwich
Naira(smilingy):Bingo! My kids are really too intelligent.
Emi and Vitki(Happy and Excited):Reallllllyyyyyyy……..
They runs toward Naira and hugs her tightly
Emi and Vitki:We love you mumma.You are the best mumma in the world.
(well might not be the best daughter Naira indeed is the best mother. I wished my mother was also like her)
Naira:And you are the best daughter and son of the world.Saying this she kisses them on their forehead and hugs them tightly
Karthik comes there just then and sees them hugging
Karthik:Can I also get some space guys.
All together:NOOOOOO………
Karthik makes faces all laugh seeing him then they have a family group hug.
The screen freezes on their smiling and happy faces.

Recap:Naira remembers the Singhanias and becomes sad and Karthik consoles her.Some romantic moments between Kaira. Entry of Ishaan Malhotra and some light hearted family scenes.

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