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Guys I’m back the next episode as usual. And please comment guys. All the silent reader its my request to you.
and guys I’m thinking about pairing Ishaan with Mishti as he is younger to Karthik and almost of the age of Naira so pairing him with Gayu will be irrelevant as Gayu is elder to Naira.What do you think about it?Don’t worry I’ve already decided the pair for Gayu when she returns but it will be suspense.

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episode 9
The episode starts in MM.
The day passes by and Naira didn’t get chance to talk with Karthik alone as they were surrounded by Ishaan, Emi or Vitki. Finally night comes.
Kaira room
Naira is standing in front of the mirror and is in deep thought when Karthik comes and bach hugs her tightly.
Karthik:What are you thinking so deeply Jaan. Let me guess about morning’s incident right.
Naira nods in yes.
Karhtik:Don’t think about it so much jaan. You know Ishaan na. He gets angry very fast and his anger also cools down very fast.
Naira(turns around):I’m not worried about Ishaan’s anger instead I’m thinking about the reason for his anger.
Karthik(turns around and doesn’t face Naira):Its nothing jaan. No need to think about it. We are not going anywhere from here and even if we have to go we will not go to India and if our luck is so much bad that we have to return to India also then also we will not go to Udaipur.
Naira turns Karthik around and comes face to face with him.
Naira:Is it true that it was your mother’s last wish that we stay in Udaipur.
Karthik turns his face.

Naira turns his face toward her.
Naira:Look at me Kathik. I’m talking to you. It true or not.
Karthik nods with tears in his eyes.
Naira(also gets teary eyed):Why didn’t you tell me Karthik? Didn’t you trust me or did you thought that I’ll not be able to understand you?
Karthik:Its nothing like that Jaan.
Naira:Then what is it Karthik. I thought that we share each and every thing with us. That we don’t have any secret between us. That’s why I told you everything about my past, my leaving house and all. But you hid such a big thing from me. Why? tell me Why?
Karthik:Because I didn’t want to hurt you by talking about that place. I can’t see you in pain.I love you very much Jaan.(tears roll down his cheeks)
Naira(gets teary eyed and hugs Karthik):I’m sorry Karthik. I told so much to you in anger. But what could I do. In the morning when I saw Ishaan confronting you and calling you selfish and you were hurt I couldn’t control myself. I also can’t see you hurt Karthik.
Karthik:I know jaan. Its okay .(wipes her tears)Now stop crying and give me your million dollar smile.
Naira(smiles and weeps Karthik’s tears):Same to you.
Karthik:Come now let’s sleep.
Karthik and Naira sleep hugging each other.
Karthik soon falls asleep.
Naira(hugging Karthik looks at his face):I bet I’m the most luckiest person in the world to get a husband like you Karthik. You think so much about my happiness that you are okay with it that you can’t fulfil your mother’s last wish to keep me happy(gets teary eyed).You’ve done so much for me Karthik and now I got a chance to do something for you and I’ll do it.
Naira hugs Karthik tightly and sleeps with a smile on her face.

The scene moves to Singhania Mansion.
Naitik comes to the room and sees Akshara staring Naira’s photo and smiling and writing something in the diary.
He comes to her.
Naitik:What are you doing Akshara.?
Akshara:Naitik from today I’m making a diary in which I’ll record our happiness, our missing Naira and our memories of everyday.
Naitik:But why are you writing it.
Akshata:I’m writing it for Naira so that when she comes back she doesn’t feel that she has been away from us since so many years.When she will come back I’ll give this to her like a gift. She will be happy no Naitik.
Naitik:Yes Akshara of course she will be happy.Not because of the diary but because of the one who made the diary. She loves her mumma a lot.(Bechara Naitik what he is thinking about Naira is exactly opposite the thing Naira is doing.)
Akshara(gets teary eyed):I also love her Naitik. Let her come back once. Then you see I’ll pamper her more than you’ve done.
Naitik:Achcha we will see that. Let her come back once.
Akshara(gets teary eyed):When will she Naitik?
Naitik:Akshara we promised no that we will not cry like this. What will Naira say when she comes to know that whenever we remembered her instead of being happy we always cried. She will feel bad no. Then please don’t cry at least for her.
Akshara(wipes her tears):You are right Naitik. I can’t become weak. I’ve to become strong for my Naira.
The both smile and go to sleep. Akshata sleeps hugging Naira’s picture.

The scene shifts to MM london.
Karthik wakes up by an alarm and sees the time. Its 5a.m.
Karthik:Who put the alarm this early? Anyways(yawns) I’m feeling sleepy. He looks to the other side and sees Naira missing.
Karthik:Where did Jaan go so early in the morning?
Just then he sees a note kept under the pillow.
The note says:Come to the hall.
Karthik:Hall….What happened now?I should go and check.
He comes down and sees Naira standing there in deep thought.
He comes to her.
Karthik:Jaan why you called me to the hall early in the morning. Did anything happen?
Naira:Yes something has happened. I mean I’ve decided something and I’ve called both you and Ishaan to tell my decision. But I called you 15mins before him as I wanted to talk to you about it.
Karthik:Okay then tell me Jaan. What decision you’ve taken that you want to discuss. And you just tell for formality as I’ll always support your every decision.
Naira:Ive decided to Karthik I’ve decided to..
Karthik:Tell Jaan what’ve you decided without any hesitation.
Karthik(shocked):What are you saying Jaan? You want to go to that bl**dy place that snatched your everything from you. No I won’t allow you to do this. I very well know that you suddenly changed or rather forced your mind to return to Udaipur for me. But I’ll not allow you to sacrifice your happiness for me.
Naira:First of all Karthik I’m not sacrificing anything as my happiness lies in my family’s happiness which consists of you, Ishaan, Emi and Vitki. Secondly, yes I’m doing this for you and this itself is giving me very much happiness as I got a chance to do something for you.
Karthik:But Jaan…
Naira cuts Karthik
Naira:Before saying anything listen to my third reason also Karthik. I’m also going there because of me.
Karthik:For yourself…….

Naira:Yes Karthik. I want to test myself and prove to myself that I’ve moved on and forgotten the past. I’m tired of running away from the past. Now I’ve decided to face it. Someone truly said Karthik that the easiest way to escape your problem is to face them. Therefore, I’ll return to that country, that state and that city too and I might even come face to face with them. But that’s what I want to see that if their being near to me makes any difference because staying away from them and saying that I’ve forgotten them is easy but if I’ve really forgotten them then there presence will not make any difference.
Karthik gets teary eyed and happy listening to Naira as he notices that Naira has become strong. enough to face her past just for him.He goes and hugs Naira tightly.
Karthik:I knew my Jaan is very strong and today she proved it.But I’m still worried that you might break….
Naira:If I break down then you’re present there to support me na. Then don’t worry. As still her Karthik is with her Jaan she would never fall weak as Karhik is Naira’s support system.
Naira and Karthik hold hands and stand and just then Ishaan comes and sees them.
Ishaan(fake shyness):CHI CHI CHI Hey bhagwan subah subah yeh kya dikhaya tune.You both besharam. You woke me so early in the morning to see your romance. Array kuch toh sharam karo.
Naira:OOH dramebaaz stop your drama all right. I called you to give you a good news but If you don’t want to listen then…..
Ishaan(comes down):What? good news. Wow moti tu phir se moti I mean ma banne wali hai.
Karthik coughs hearing this while Naira beats Ishaan
Naira:Stupid.Idiot.Monkey.Donkey. You see tv serials so much that your mind is always revolving around that only. There can be many more good news in the world instead of bring pregnant.
Ishaan:Arrey I was just joking now stop beating me please.
Naira stops beating.
Ishaan:Now please tell me the good news.
Naira:Sure the good news is not so big its just that we’re returning to India.
Ishaan:Oh acha Okay.(then suddenly realises what she said)You’re saying the truth Naira.
Naira:No I thought to joke with you at this time. Arrey pagal of course I’m saying the truth.
Ishaan holds Naira’s hands and swings round and round with happiness.
Naira:Arrey leave me.Sar ghum raha hai mera.
Ishaan leaves her. He dances around the whole house madly with joy.
Naira:Arrey pagal. Stop jumping ike a monkey. Ghar ke farsh aur diwaron par darar par jayegi.
Karthik and Naira smiles seeing Ishaan so happy.
Finally Ishaan comes to his senses.He then goes to Kaira.
Ishaan:But bhai how did you change your mind.
Karthik:Your bhabhi convinced me.
Ishaan comes and hugs Naira.
Ishaan:Thank you so much moti.
Naira:You don’t have to as I did it for me as I wanted to return to Udaipur.(jokingly tells truth).
Ishaan:Arrey but I didn’t thanked you for that.
Ishaan:I thanked you for using your brains for the first time in life for doing something good work.
Naira & Karthik(together):ISHAAANNNN……
Ishaan:Okay sorry guys Now come ek jaadu ki jhappi ho jaye.
They all have a group hug.
The screen freezes on their faces.

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