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Guys I present to you episode 8 and I want to inform you that the cover picture of my ff changed as it was set as default.

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Here we go.

Episode 8

The episode starts with a beautiful morning in malhotra mansion.Naira woke up early and took a bath.When she comes out of the bath she finds that Karthik is not on the bed.
Naira:Now where did Karthik go. Today he doesn’t have office also as today is Sunday.
She suddenly remembers something.
Naira(shocked):This means he……
She goes to the kitchen and finds that her doubt was right.
Naira:You all never forget na about Sunday.
All together:How can we?
Naira smiles seeing them. They are none other than Karthik,Ishaan, Emi and Vitki.
Naira:Come on guys. You already worked so hard yesterday to make my birthday special. So I’m thinking if today I….
All together:No way.
Naira:Guys its matter of just a Sunday only. And yesterday also you worked hard.Even you should take a holiday and take some rest.
Karthik:Naira please. I don’t want any arguments. What happened if we worked hard for two consecutive days.You work hard everyday and do the household chores all round the week. So you need a holiday. And every Sunday is a declared holiday for you and you will not do a single work today instead of resting.
Naira:Arrey but let me help you. You guys also help me in doing the house work.
Karthik(holds Naira and makes her sit on sofa):If I told not a single work then NOT A SINGLE WORK.
Ishaan:I agree with bhai. Take some rest moti and give dharti mata some rest too. For one day she is also on a holiday as you are not running around on her.
Naira:You’re toh my biggest dustman in the house.
Ishaan:I’m and I’m proud to be.And btw you get a whole week to show off your cooking and household skills in home and also you get to show off your business skills in office. Then if you get to show off both then I and bhai should also get the chance to show off our skills which we do on every Sunday and no one can snatch it from us. Its our birth right.
Both Karthik and Ishaan starts convincing Naira together.
Naira(irritated and shouts):OKAY……fiiineee. Now shut up please.I can never win over you two.
Karthik and Ishaan (together):We know.

Karthik:Emi and Vitki you know na what you need to do.
Emi and Vitki(together):Yes papa.
Naira:No wayyyyy.
Emi and Vitki comes to Naira and one starts pressing her head and the other one starts pressing her legs.
Naira stops them both.
Naira:How many times will I have to tell you not do these things by listening to them. I can’t let my babies work.
Emi:Mumma but you always work for us and do our every work.
Vitki: Yes mumma at that time we don’t tell you anything. You tell us stories, sing lori for us and play with us. Now we will do something for you. You can’t deny us.
They request her very cutely. Naira smiles at their cute attics.
Naira:Okay if you want to do something for me then come on I want a huge hug and kiss.
They come and hug Naira tightly and then kiss on her cheeks.’
Naira:That’s like my kiddos. Come on I’m getting bored sitting here. What about playing video game? So who would like to play with me?
Emi and Vitki(Together):Meeeeeee…….
Naira:Come on then Follow me.
They leave happily.

The scene shifts to Singhania Mansion.
Akshata is sitting sadly on her bed and remembering Naira. She remembers her birth, the moments spent with her and finally her leaving the house.
Suddenly she hears some sound coming from downstairs. She goes downstairs to see what is going on.
She sees that the lights are all off.
Akshata:Arrey light kaise chali gayi. Bhabhimaa, chotimaa, duggu, tara, naitik where are you all?
Suddenly the lights comes and she sees the whole house decorated with flowers and lights.
Everyone are standing there and smiling at her.
Akshara(surprised):What is happening? Why have you all decorated the house so much. Is there something special today?
Naitik: Yes today is very special Akshara. From today we will start smiling again, from today we will start laughing again, from today we will start making new and beautiful memories again. From today we will start NEW BEGINNING.
Akshara:What do you mean Naitik?Our Naira is not with us and you’re talking about happiness and memories.
Naitik:Yes Akshara and I’m doing this for my princess only. So that when she comes back we have some good memories also to share with her.
Naksh:Yes mumma and do you want Naira to question that why we didn’t we take care of ourselves in her absence.
All convince Akshara by something or the other and finally she understands.
Akshara:You all are right. We should all stay happy and wait for Naira so that when she comes back she doesn’t gets sad seeing our sad face but instead gets happy seeing us all happy. We will try to be happy Naitik so that when our Naira comes back our happiness gets doubled.
Akshara smiles and everyone else also smiles seeing her smiling by heart after a long time.

The scene shifts to MM
Naira is playing and enjoying with emi and vitki when they hear Ishaan and Karthik calling them.
Karthik & Ishaan(together):Come on. Come down the Lunch is ready.
They come down and sits to have food.
Naira tastes it first.
Naira:Ooh I must say you guys have improved a lot in cooking. The food is just awesome.
Karthik & Ishaan: Thank you madam.
They start having their food and chatting randomly when suddenly Ishaan mentions ….
Ishaan:Bhai I was thinking about something.
Karthik:Tell Ishaan what you were thinking.
Ishaan:Bhai we got a grand project in India and even our main headquarters can be shifted to India.So why don’t we return to India and most luckily we can return to our hometown UDAIPUR..
Naira who was eating suddenly stops hearing about India and Udaipur.
Karthik notices it and understands it.
Karthik(angry):Ishaan how many times I’ve to tell you that I’ll never ever return there and not mention about that place to me.
Ishaan:But bhai what’s the problem in returning to India. I know you get angry because we lost our parent there but that’s because I’m teling you for years to return there. But you never agreed mentioning work. But today we got a major chance then why are you not ready to return.Naira you only tell him na Udaipur is your birthplace also no.
(Guys Ishaan only knows that Naira was born in Udaipur but didn’t know about her leaving the house. Only Karthik knows it because she shared with him. Ishaan thinks that like their parents died Naira’s parents also died in Udaipur and she is also orphan.)
Naira gets very sad listening to Ishaan which is unnoticed by Ishaan but noticed by Karthik.
Karthik(gets very angry and gets up):Once I told that i’ll not return that means we won’t. Its final and I don’t want further arguments.
Ishaan:Then listen to me also bhai.We will return to India as it was my mother’s last wish.
Karthik:She was my mother also.
Ishaan:It doesn’t seem like that bhai as if you considered her mother her last wish would be more important to you than your stupid selfish reasons.You do not deserve to be called her son
Karthik gets hurt by Ishaan’s words but controls it
Naira sees this.
Naira(anger):Ishaan don’t forget that Karthik is your elder brother. How can you talk to him like this?
Ishaan:Sorry to say Naira.He’s just a selfish person. Do you know our mother’s last wish was that we all stay together in our home in India. But bhai never returned to India. I’m trying to convince him since the time of your marriage but he shows me some reason or the other and I agreed to it thinking bhai can never be wrong.But actually he was always wrong.
Naira about to say something but stops hearing Karhik.
Karthik:You can think whatever you want but I’ll not change my decision of not returning to India.
Ishaan(angry):Then I’m also telling that I’ll go to India even if I’ve to go without you.
Saying this he gets up from there angrily and goes away.
Naira looks at Karthik and sees him hurt very much but Karthik is trying to hide it.
Naira(thinks):Karthik why you never told me about your mother’s last wish. I’ve to talk to you.
She’s about to talk to him when Emi and Vitki comes there
(Actually guys Emi and Vitki were not there when the fight was going on as they’ve finished eating before because Naira feeds them with her hands)
Emi and Vitki insist Naira to come with them and tell them a story. Naira also complies resignedly as she doesn’t want them to notice Karthik’s sadness.
Naira looks at Karthik and decides to talk to him about Udaipur the day itself.

The screen freezes on her determined face.

Recap:Naira’s decision.

What do you think guys will be Naira’s decision? Will she return to Udaipur?

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  2. probably naira would decide to return udaipur for kartik and ishaan..
    Am i right DEBARATI

  3. This is too good. I like it more than the real story (Star plus one). Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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