YRKKH ff New Beginning (episode 7)


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episode 7

The episode starts with Naira and all reaching MM in London.
Ishaan is getting irritated as he wants to know asap what happened. But he sees Emi and Vitki hovering around Naira and Karthik. So he does something to send them away.
Ishaan:Emi, Vitki there is still much time left for the party.So why don’t you go to your room and try out the new video game that we bought at the mall.
Emi and Vitki:Great idea chachu. Can we go mumma.
Naira:Sure beta. Go and play and then I’ll call you and make you ready for the party when its time.
They hug Naira and go.
After seeing them gone Ishaan begins to ask Naira and Karthik.
Ishaan: Now will you guys please tell me what happened.
Naira(gets tensed but tries to hide it):What would happen. Nothing happened.
Ishaan: Wo really. Then how bhai got hurt on his hand. You might have an explanation for that.
Naira(mumbles):Wo wo actually actually he
Ishaan:Actually he what? Why are you mumbling so much? Tell clearly what happened.
Naira:Actually we went to the car to get my purse and I didn’t notice Karthik keeping his hand on the door and I shut the door accidentally on his hand so he got hurt.
Ishaan:Really. Do you want me to believe your bakwaas story. Naira not only me but even your kids know that you can’t hurt each other accidentally also. And you are saying his hand got hurt because you shut the car door on his hand. Now please stop making stories and for god sake tell me the truth.
Naira about to justify herself but Karthik cuts her.
Karthik: Naira I think we should tell him the truth. He has the right to know that.
Naira:But Karthik….
Karthik signs her to understand and Naira also agrees.
Ishaan:Now if you guys are done then please tell me the truth and I WANT THE TRUTH not stories.
Karthik:Okay Ishaan we will tell you everything.
Karthik narrates the whole incident to Ishaan about the man trying to stab Naira, the message and the phone call.
Ishaan becomes super angry and his eyes become red due to anger. He closed his fist in anger and hit the wall hardly.
Ishaan(angrily shouting):How dare he try to harm our Naira? I’ll not leave him alive today.
Saying this he begins to leave but Naira stops him.
Naira:Stop it Ishaan. What are you going to do? You are doing what he wants. Getting angry. Do you really think he can kill me? Say.
Ishaan:Yes I think he can. For a man like him everything is possible. Wait a minute. Why am I calling him a man? He is no more a man. He is a monster.(shouts) A MONSTER.
Naira:Calm down Ishaan. Please.
Ishaan:How can I calm down Naira.Till today I remained calm only. But today he broke all the limits. He stooped so low that….
Naira:I know Ishaan but try to understand he did all this to make us sad on a happy occasion.
Karthik:Yes Ishaan he just want to bring sadness in our life as he can’t see us happy. We should not let him succeed.So cheer up.
Naira:Come on now Ishaan smile please. Its my birthday today.
Ishaan still keeps angry face.
Naira:So you will not agree like this. Then we have to take some other steps .Right Karthik(winks at him).
They both start tickling Ishaan while he starts laughing uncontrollably.
Ishaan: Okay Okay guys I’m sorry. Please stop this torture. Please.
They stop and then all four start laughing.
Then they all get ready and leave for the party.

The scene shifts to Singhania house.
All the members of the family are sitting beside Akshara who is unconscious and all are tensed.
Akshara in unconscious state keeps mumbling Naira’s name.
Naitik, Naksh and Tara comes there just then and hear Akshara mumbling Naira’s name.
Naksh(teary eyed):Papa you’re seeing mumma’s condition.How will we control her when she comes back to her senses.
Naitik:I don’t know Naksh what we will do.
Mishti: I know what to do. We will try to keep her happy and try to not mention anything about Naira di in front of her or tell anything which reminds her of Naira di.
Bhabhimaa:But Naira is her daughter. She is the daughter of this house. How can we….
Naksh:I think Mishti is right badi dadi. We all know that we can’t ever forget Naira and we are not telling you to do so. We are just asking to try to create some happiness in our lives as since Naira left we forgot to smile only.Do you want when Naira comes back and shares her good memories of 10yrs with us and asks us to do the same we remain mum and not able to say a single thing.
Naitik:No buts bhabhimaa. Naksh is right. We have to do this for Akshara. The doctor told us if she takes more tension then her life may be in danger. And no one is telling us to forget Naira. We can’t never do that.We will just try to be happy still she returns and when she returns our happiness can get doubled.
Everyone agree with Naitik and decide to do something special for Akshara before she wakes up.

The scene shifts to the party venue in London.
Naira and company reached the party venue and one by one the guest started coming and wishing Naira happy birthday.
Guest:Congratulations on your birthday Mrs.Malhotra. I must tell your husband loves you very much as he organises this grand party every year on your birthday.
Naira:Thank u Mr.Sharma for both the wishes and for coming to this party taking some time out from your busy schedule.Its our pleasure to have you here.
Mr.Sharma:No Mrs.Malhotra its my pleasure to be here. After all ur husband is one of the biggest businessman and entrepreneur in the whole world. He has his companies spread around in many countries.
Naira: Thank you Mr.Sharma. I hope you will enjoy the party.
Just then Emi and Vitki comes to her.
Emi and Vitki(together):Time for cake cutting momma. Come with us.Papa and chachu are waiting.
They take her with them to Karthik and Ishaan
Ishaan:Where were you moti?
Naira:Ishaan please kamsekam yaha to moti mat bolo.
Karthik:Stop it Ishaan.Its her birthday today. Let her enjoy. See the cake also came.
A huge cake is brought with candles lit on it.
Ishaan:Don’t see the cake like this moti or else hum sabka ise khake pet kharab ho jayega.
Karthik,Emi and Vitki(together):Ishaan/chachu
Ishaan:Okay Okay sorry. Now don’t stare me like this.
All smile at him.
Naira comes and blows the candles and cuts the cake and feeds Karthik first and then the others
Naira and Karthik are talking to the guests when suddenly they hear Ishaan’s voice on the mike.
Ishaan:Attention everyone. As everyone know that today is my bhabhi’s birthday.So I want to say a few words about her. She is the most notorious person when comes in doing masti, the most clever person when it comes to plan something against me, strong like a pehlwaan when comes to beating me for calling her moti but wait guys that’s not all she is also the most supportive person when comes problem ,the most wisest when comes to handle the family and most importantly the most loving and caring when it comes to her family. She may be my sister-in-law but I can bet that even if I had a real sister she might not be as good and loving as she is. So I just want to say one thing to you moti. I might call you moti and all and insult you for fun but deep inside my heart I love you more than I’d had my real sister and respect you more than I would have respect even my mother. You are the lifeline of this whole family and none of us can live without you even for a second. We love you a lot Naira. We really do.
Everyone clap for Ishaan.
Naira gets teary eyed with joy listening to Ishaan’s words. She goes to him and hugs him.
Naira:You know Ishaan you’re the not the best brother-in-law
Ishaan:I know
Naira:But you’re the best brother in the world.
Karthik:Truly said Naira.
Ishaan, Karthik, Naira have a group hug and then Emi and Vitki comes and joins them.
Ishaan:Everyone sorry if I made you all emotional. So come out of you emotional mood and see a romantic dance of Bhaiyaa and moti oops bhabhiii
Naira and Karthik:What….
Ishaan:All the best guys
He turns on the music.
The songs jeena jeena plays in background.
Naira and Karthik dance on it romantically and beautifully.
All are awestruck seeing their dance. They are looking heavenly.
When their dance ends everyone claps for them and applauds them.
They then enjoy the party and returns home back when the party ends.
All went to their respective rooms
Kaira room
Naira changed her clothes and came from washroom and standing in front of the mirror when Karthik comes and back hugs Naira.
Karthik:Did you like the party jaan?
Naira:Of course Karthik. Liked it? I loved it.
Karthik:You know Naira Ishaan told a very worthy thing today that you are our lifeline. We would not be able to live without you even for a second. We love you jaan. I love you jaan.
Naira(turns towards him):I love you too Karthik and all of you.You all complete me and specially you.
Saying this they hug each other. Then they sleep peacefully in each other’s embrace.
The screen freezes on their peaceful sleeping faces.

Recap:The family’s surprise for Akshara. Ishaan talks to Karthik and Naira about returning to Udaipur

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