YRKKH ff New Beginning (episode 6)


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episode 6

The episode starts in the parking area of blue water shopping mall in London.
The man raises his knife to stab Naira. She closes her eyes. He is about to stab her when….
Naira opens her eyes and finds Karthik in front of her holding the knife’s edge tightly and angrily.His hand is bleeding. Karthik looks at the man angrily. The man gets afraid seeing him so angry.
Karthik:So you you came here to harm my Jaan. Now you see who gets harmed.
Saying this he starts fighting with the man and beating him black and blue.
Naira sees him beating & beating the man ruthlessly and stops Karthik hugging him.
Naira:Calm down Karthik. Please calm down. See your jaan is fine. Nothing happened to me. See.
Karthik comes to his senses and hugs Naira tightly and cries
By this time the man ran away.
Karthik(crying and cups her face):Jaan you are okay na?
Kisses all over her face and hugs her again.
Karthik:If anything happen to you then… no no no nothing can happen to you nothing.
Naira:Karthik calm down nothing happened to me I’m alright.Can anything happen to your jaan still her Karthik is with her.
Karthik:Jaan today my heartbeat stopped for a moment. I thought I lost you. If anything happened to you then I too would have died.
Naira(puts finger on his lips):Ssshhhh… Nothing like this would have happened okay and now stop crying and….

She suddenly sees his bleeding hand and gets super worried.
Naira lifts his hand with concern: Karthik how did this..
She remembers how he was holding the knife’s edge.
Naira(crying):I’m so sorry Karthik because of me you got so much hurt. Is it paining? What am I asking? It must be paining.
Karthik: Yes it is paining but not me you.
Naira: Of course it will Karthik. I love you very much. I can’t see you hurt.It’s bleeding so much.
Karthik(to lighten the mood):If you are feeling so bad then do something no to stop the blood. I’ll suggest you.(dramatically)Tear your saree’s edge and tie it on my hand like a bandage.
Naira: Oh 1990’s hero. I don’t have to do that.
Naira:Because I’ve already got the bandage here. If you remember we have a first aid box in our car. So come now I’ll do the first aid.
They both smile and hug each other tightly and then Naira doe Karthik’s first aid.
Naira(suddenly remembers):Karthik how did you came to know that my life is in danger I mean how you got to know that the man was trying to kill me.
Karthik: I was selecting you sari when suddenly….
Karthik selecting sari for Naira when suddenly his phone beeps. Karthik sees a message from a private no.
Karthik(curiosly):Private no…
He opens the message and gets horrified seeing it.
The message says: Save your jaan if you can.
Karthik rushes seeing the message and comes to the parking area and saw that the man was about to stab Naira. He came in between and held the knife.
Flashback ends.
Naira:But who could have sent you the message.
Karthik: The one who planned the attack.
Naira:But who could do this.
Karthik:Who can it be other than him?
Naira’s eyes become red: No he can’t do this. How could he….
Karthik(cuts her):Stop it Naira. Still you trust him . After so much happened. You know na what he thinks about you and us. He just wants to take revenge and this revenge had made him blind that he is not able to see anything.
Suddenly Karthik’s phone started ringing. He picks up the phone.
The man on phone:Keep the phone on speaker please Karthik. I want your wife also to listen to my words.
Karthik gets very angry hearing the man’s voice but Naira controls him and he keeps the phone on speaker.
The man:So how did you like my birthday surprise Naira. It was best no. Right.
Karthik now gets uncontrollable
Karthik(shouts):How dare you do this? If something have happened to my jaan. I wouldn’t have left you alive. I’ve heard that anger makes a person blind.But in your case it had not left you a person only. You cannot be called human you are an animal. You…
The man: Ooh ho calm down Karthik. Naira make your husband understand that so much anger is not good for health and he can’t do anything by being angry. And don’t worry Karhtik. I will not kill your Naira this much easily. It will be a lot more painful for both of you. What you saw today was just a trailer. Asli film tho ahi baaki hain.

Saying this the man cuts the call. Karthik gets super angry and is about to throw his phone in anger but Naira stops him.
Naira(calming him):There is no use of being angry on him as it will change nothing. Now come on don’t spoil your mood. It’s your Jaan’s birthday today na. You know he did all this so that we become sad as you also know he can’t kill me. Do you want his motive to be fulfilled.
Karthik calms down hearing Naira.
Karthik(cups her face):You are right Naira.I won’t allow him to spoil my Jaan’s birthday.
Naira:That’s the spirit.Come on we should go now. Ishaan, Emi and Vitki must be waiting for us and might be worrying.
Karthik:Okay lets go.
Karthik kisses on her forehead hugs her and then they go hand in hand.

The scene shifts to Singhania mansion
Naksh is very angry and blaming Naira for what all is happening with them. Tara tries to calm him down but in vain.
Suddenly they hear someone’s shout
(Angry tone):Naksh…
They turn around and is shocked to see Naitik.
Naksh:Papa I…
Naitik:I don’t want to hear anything Naksh. How could you say this about you sister? You are blaming her for everything happening with us. How could you Naksh?
Naksh: Why can’t I papa? Did she even think about us before leaving the country?Did she even think for once in all these years and what we might be going through? No. Because if she thought she wouldn’t have left the country or would have come back. But no she decided to stay away for us. You give me just one reason papa that if she loved us and cared for us then why she left the country and never came back.
Naitik:She may…
Naksh:Now don’t say after all this that she had some kind of majboori we already got to know…
Naitik:Yes we got to know Naksh she didn’t tell us.Yes I agree that she was not forced by someone to leave the country but she might have some other reasons of her own of doing this which we don’t know and therefore I’m asking you not to blame her so much that when she comes back and tells the reason you are not able to meet eyes with her.
Tara(supports Naitik):Yes Naksh. Papa is right. We can’t blame her till we don’t know her pov. We can’t blame her by listening to anyone else. We don’t even know what happened with her in these 10yrs and how she lived all these years.
Naksh calms down and feels guilty:Papa tara you’re right. I shouldn’t have blamed her without knowing why she did this? I’m very sorry papa. I’m very sorry tara.You don’t worry papa. What if police didn’t help us. We will find our Naira ourselves.
Naitik and Naksh hug each other while Tara smiles.

The scene shifts to london
Ishaan is at meeting place and tensed as Naira and Karthik are not back till now.
Ishaan(in mind):If bhai says 1hr then he is always back before 1hr but today half an hour have passed more but he still isn’t coming. Everything might be okay no. Is it. no no no no. Everything would be alright.
Emi and Vitki: Chachu where are mumma papa. We are waiting for so long.
Naira and Karthik:WE ARE HERE.
They turn around and see Naira and Karthik.
Emi and Vitki go and hug them.
Ishaan comes to them:Where were you guys?What took you so much time.Again started your ro…
He was about to say complete it when he noticed Karthik’s wounded hand. He is about to ask about it but is stopped by Naira as she shows him Emi and Vitki.
He stops for the meanwhile.
Naira and Karthik acts to be normal with Emi and Vitki. But Ishaan senses that something is wrong but keeps quiet.
Karthik:We should all leave now or else we will get late for the party.
The all agree and leave by the car while Ishaan keeps thinking about what might have happened and Naira and Karthik thinks about what had happened.
The screen freezes on their tensed faces.

Precap:Ishaan gets to know about everything and gets super angry. Naira’s birthday party.

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