YRKKH ff New Beginning (episode 5)


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episode 4:

episode 5

The episode starts in Singhania house
The pandit ji gives flowers to Akshara and Naitik
Pandit ji: Now holding this flower in your hands fold your hands and pray from heart as true prayers never go unanswered.
Akshata gets teary eyed listening this as she remembers Naira.
Naira is praying to god.
Naira: Oh god please please see I somehow gets chocolates and a new dress god please I promise to share 1 chocolate with you pack wall promise. If you cant hear I tell more loudly.
Saying this Naira starts shouting and telling.
Akshara comes to her and sees her.
Akshara: Naira why are you shouting?
Naira: Mumma I’m asking something from God but it may happen that my sound doesn’t reach him so high saying loudly so that God doesn’t have any question.
Akshara starts laughing hearing this.

Naira gets angry seeing her laughing.
Naira(angry): Why are you laughing at me mumma?
Akshara: Arrey if you talk like this I will laugh only know. You have to shout to make god hear your voice.
Naira:Then how am I supposed to make him hear my voice.
Akshara:You don’t have to shout for that. Just pray truly from your heart and god will listen to it as true prayers never go unanswered.
Naira: Really mumma okay then I’ll try.
She prays truly from her heart and wishes that Akshara gives her these things to test the power of true prayer(I don’t think guys I need to tell you why?)
As she opens her eyes she sees Akshara with two packets in her hands.
She gives it to her.
She open and finds that one packet contains chocolate whereas other packet contains a new dress
for her.
She gets shocked and surprised and hugs Akshara.
Akshara:Do you like my gift?

Naira(hugs her):Yes mumma thank you so much. Now understood the power of true prayer. Now I’ll always remember that true prayers never go answered.
Flashback ends.
Akshara gets sad and her eyes became red remembering Naira.
Akshara prays to god: Bhagwan I told Naira about the power of true prayer but why is it failing now? Is it that I am not praying truly to you? If I’m then why my prayers are getting unanswered? Please return my Naira back to me or at least show us some sign please bhagwan ji please.
Akshara opens her eyes and just then sees police entering the house. They all get shocked.
Akshara(with hope): What happened Inspector? Did you find our daughter or or got some clue regarding her.
Inspector: Yes we got some clues about her.
Naitik: What clues inspector. Please share with us.
Inspector:We will share with you everything but you also listen very carefully and try to understand it.
Naksh: Why are you telling like this inspector? What clue you got?

The scene shifts to MM london.
Naira and company gets ready for shopping and leave in the car
They all reach the blue water shopping mall in London(Remember the one shown in k3g where Shah rukh khan met jaya bachchan and kajol met amitabh).
It was a big mall.
Karthik: Okay guys after one hour we will meet here Okay.
Everyone: Yes sir.

Seeing them entering the mall a man calls someone
Man:Sir they have reached the mall. I’ll do my work as soon as I get a chance.
The man on phone:Make sure you don’t return empty hand.
Man(sees a sharp knife):Don’t worry sir. Today no one can save NAIRA MALHOTRA.
Karthik is about to take Naira with her when Emi and Vitki comes in between.
Emi:Mumma please select our clothes first then we will go and play in the kids zone with chachu.
Vitki: Yes mumma you please select our’s first. You know na we will only wear your selected clothes.
Naira: Okay baba. First I’ll select your clothes then you go and play with your chachu. Happy.
Emi and Vitki(hugs Naira):We love you mumma.
Naira: Mumma loves you too. Now come let’s go.
Karthik also goes with them.
Naira selects clothes for them and then she then class Ishaan and sends Emi and Vitki with him to the kids zone.
Then Naira goes with Karthik and Naira selects dress for him and Karthik selects sari from Naira.
While Karthik is selecting the sari Naira suddenly realises that she forgot her purse in the car.
Naira:Karthik I forgot to bring my purse. I’ll just get it from the car.
Karthik: Wait I’ll also come with you.
Naira: No need Karthik. You select the saree till then I’ll just go and come.
Naira takes the car keys and leaves from there.
The man seeing Naira going also goes behind her holding the knife.
Naira reaches the parking area. There is no one there other Naira and the man.
Naira turns as she feels someone is following her but the man hides and Naira can’t see. She goes to the car opens the door and starts finding the purse in her car.
The man comes from behind and raises the knife to stab Naira.Naira turns around just then and get shocked.

The scene moves to singhania house
Nash:Why are you telling like this Inspector? What clue you got?
Inspector: Listen to us carefully. After so many years we found out that she was last seen in Rishikesh. We think that day she boarded a train from the railway station which took her to Rishikesh.
Inspector:After inquiry in Rishikesh we found out that no one knew her there as your daughter. Infant they were shocked to know this. They told that she had a sister and both were orphan but were very rich as they belonged to a rich family and were life of each other. We assume that she might be her friend but their bond was so strong that nobody ever understood that they were not related from blood.They were there for a month or two and then…..
Niatik: And then where did they go Inspector? Do you know? Can we meet our princess.
Inspector: Mr.Naitik as per our information then they left from there and went back.
Akshara(happy): Came back that mean they they returned to udaipur. My Naira returned to Udaipur. Then why did she not meet us? Where is she?
Inspector: No Mrs.Singhania you are taking me wrong. They didn’t return to Udaipur but the your daughter’s friend country as she was a NRI and came to visit India only for a few months.
Inspector: Your daughter went with her only but inspite of asking every people who knew about your daughter and friend they could only tell us that they left the country and never returned back.
Even the closest relatives were not told where they go.So we…
Naitik: So what Inspector why did you stop?

Inspector: I’m sorry to say that we can’t find your daughter now as she has crossed the country’s boundaries and we don’t even know in which country she is? So we are deciding to close the case and need your permission for that.
Nash(gets angry):How can you say this inspector. There is something which you can do.
Inspector: Sorry Mr.Singhania. But we all already know that she is not within India then its of course waste of time only to search for her here.
Naitak(gets super angry): What do you mean Inspector? Finding my daughter is a waste of time? Finding my princess will be a waste of time for you but not for me. You do whatever you want but I’ll not stop searching for my princess, my daughter.
Inspector: Mr.Singhania I know you’re emotional but there is nothing we can do as your daughter left by her own will and we have to stop the case now as we got to know that. She is 24yrs old now. She could’ve come back if she wanted but she didn’t and as because she is not inside india too we have to shut the case. Sorry to say that. But we came to inform you this only.
Saying this the police leaves. Akshara who was standing loses control and sits down crying vigorously while Naitik is beating the wall and crying. Everyone else also cries vigorously.
Akshara(sobbing): Naitik what did the Inspector say? How can this happen? How could our Naira do this? Did she hate us so much that she not only left the city but to be away from us she left the country too?
Naitik (crying):I don’t know anything Akshara. I don’t know anything(shouts). Where are you Princess? Just come back now. (falls down and cries) please please come back I beg of you come back.

Bhabhimaa:Hey bhagwan why are you taking so kathin pariksha of us? Till now we had the hope that we know where we need to find Naira i.e. in our country. But today you snatched this hope from us also.
Devyani: Now where will we find our Naira. We don’t even know in which country she is.
Akshara:(acting like mad): I don’t know anything just bring my daughter back.(goes and holds Naitik) I want my daughter Naitik. Bring her Naitik. You go Naitik she will listen to you. Bring my daughter Naitik bring your princess back.
She keeps mumbling in shock when suddenly she gets asthma attack and her condition starts to deteriorate.
Nakh shouts :Maa………
He calls the doctor.
The doctor comes and checks Akshara.
He comes out and talks to everyone.
Naitik: Doctor is there any problem.
Doctor: Mr.Naitik I told you not to give her much tension but then also….
Nash cuts him: But doctor mumma is fine no. Nothing happened to her na.
Doctor:She is fine now as I gave her Injection. But this cannot go on like this. Please understand you all. I think today she received a big shock. And if it continues like this her LIFE CAN BE IN DANGER. So I request you all to take good care of her and make sure she doesn’t take much tension.
Naksh angrily comes to a side. Tara follows him.
Naksh:How could you do this with us Naira? How could you? I would never forgive for this. Never.
Tara hears him
Tara:Naksh. How can you say like this about your sister. She …
Naksh cuts her.

Naksh(angry): She left us all and went away. Till I didn’t say anything as I thought that she got afraid and took a wrong decision as her mental condition was not well then. She didn’t even thought of us or coming back to see how we are for once. Till i didn’t say anything as thought that she might have some majboori. Tara you don’t know till 10 yrs my mind and heart always asked me these questions like why Naira didn’t came back? Does it mean she doesn’t care for us? but i have always convinced my mind and heart by something or the other but today see na my heart and mind both were right Naira didn’t care for us and never loved her so she..
Tara:So she left the country right. Naksh why are you saying like this today. We already knew that she left the city and probably the state but you said you convinced yourself then what happened today. Just because she left the country you….
Naksh agin cuts her.
Naksh: Not because she left the country. I’m not angry at her for that. I’m angry because SHE LEFT BY HER OWN WILL. Nobody forced her Tara. She left the country with as she wanted to. And didn’t even think once what will happen to us. You saw mumma’s condition Tara. It is only because of Naira and she doesn’t even care about it.
Tara:Because she didn’t know about it.

Naksh:Never tried to know about it and whatever you say Naira it would not change the fact that Naira left us because of her own will and I’LL NEVER FORGIVE HER FOR THAT.

Will Naksh’s anger be calmed? Who was the one that tried to kill Naira ? Will he succeed in that? Will the singhanias be ever be able to meet their loving daughter?

Precap: Suspense.

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