YRKKH ff New Beginning (episode 4)


episode 4

The episode starts with a beautiful and calm morning in London. Naira,Karthik,Ishaan,Vitki and Emi are sleeping in the hall after yesterday night’s party.
Karthik and Naira are holding hands while sleeping. The sun rays falls on Naira’s eyes and she wakes up. She sees Karthik sleeping holding her hand while emi and vicki are sleeping on her lap and just beside them Ishaan us sleeping. She feels very happy and has tears in her eyes to see her family. A family where everyone supports and understands her.
(Guys you can think her Akshara of their family or not to angry Naira more I will only say Naira of the family).

Naira first wakes up Karthik by kissing on his cheeks he wakes up and hugs her and is about to kiss her when Naira show emi and vitki sleeping on her lap. They both together wake up emi and vitki. Naira kisses on their forehead lovingly.
Naira: Good morning my kiddos. Now wake up and give a morning hug to your mumma.
Emi and vitki wakes up and hugs Naira and both kisses on her cheeks together.
emi & vitki together:Good morning mumma
Karthik(fake jealousy):Only love your mumma and hug her and kiss her. Never do that for your papa.
emi and vitki:AS YOU WISH….

Naira smiles at Karthik
Karthik keeps fake angry face.
Seieng this emi and vitki go towards Karthik and give him a hug and kisses on his cheeks.
Emi & Vitki: We love you too papa.
Emi and Vitki:But not more tham mumma.
Saying this they again run to Naira and hug her.
Naira kisses them and hugs them and smiles victoriously at Karthik.
Karthik is about to say something when he hears something
phew phew phew……
Naira and kids also hear it and look in that direction and find Ishaan snoring.
Naira thinks of a plan seeing him sleeping peacefully.
She tells something to Karthik, Emi and Vitki.
Ishaan is sleeping peacefully when suddenly splash…. He got all wet.
He wakes up in a startle and looks around snd sees Naira giggling.
Ishaan: Today you are gone moti.

Saying this he runs behind her.
Ishaan:Today even your husband and kids can’t save you from me.
Suddenly Naira bends and something is thrown which falls on Ishaan.
Ishaan is now looking completely looking like ghost all covered in flour. Yes flour was thrown over him and it was done all by Karthik, Emi and Vitki as per Naira’s plan.
Seeing Ishaan everyone burst out laughing loudly. Seeing them laughing makes Ishaan also happy as he can even become joker to bring a smile on his bhai and bhabhi(sorry moti)’s face.(Naira and Ishaan fight all the time that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other(of course as friends). They just mingle with each other freely as they were the best of friend before becoming bhabhi and devar. And Naira also has same feelings as while Karthik is her childhood love turned husband, Ishaan is her childhood best friend turned devar).
Ishaan(acting to be angry): You all go. I won’t talk to you.
Seeing this Naira comes to Ishaan and pulls his ears tightly.
Ishaan: AAAHHHH…..Are you mad moti? Btw why am i asking this question?You are beyond doubt mad.
Naira:And you are beyond doubt a very bad actor. So don’t act to be angry when you aren’t angry.
Ishaan understanding he has been caught scratches his head then all 4 s

tart laughing together.

The scene shifts to Singhania house
There are preparations going on for some kind of puja and all are busy in it.
Bhabhimaa: Akshara did you call pandit ji and ask him if anything more is needed for puja and when he will come.
Akshara: Yes bhabhimaa don’t worry. I’ve called him and asked him everything and he his coming in sometime.
Devyani:Bhabhimaa you don’t worry and take rest all are here to handle the things and don’t you know Akshara she will manage everything and I and Karishma are also there to help her hai na Karishma.
Karishma nods in yes.
Akshara:Karishma where is Mishti?
Just then a beautiful girl comes down descending the stairs. She is wearing a beautiful lehengas fir the puja.
Everyone gets happy seeing her.
Mishmi comes towards Karishma but passes by her and hugs akshara.
Mishti:How am I looking tai ji.
Akshara: You are looking very beautiful. Just like a pari
Karishma gets angry and jealous seeing them.
Just then some people enter seeing whom Akshara and everyone become happy.
Akshara got and hugs them.

Bhabhimaa welcomes them.
They are none other than the maheshwaris.
Rajshri:How are you my bachchi.?
Akshara: How can I be ma today?
Varsha:We know Akshara but you have to be strong as you keep this puja for NAIRA only na every year.
Akshara: Ya varsha I know every year we keep puja for her but but God is not giving us the result. Don’t know when will Naira return.
Varsha:She will one day.
By the time Pandit ji also comes and they start the puja.
Akshara and Naitik do the puja and pray for Naira’s return.Everyone does the same.

The scene shifts to Malhotra mansion
Karthik, Ishaan, Vitki and Emi discussing how to celebrate Naira’s birthday
Karthik: The evening party is final and no changes in it. I’ve already booked venue and ordered cake and catering. Ishaan what about you..?
Ishaan: Bhai I’ve invited all the guests personally like we do every year. This year also the party will be big bash.
Naira comes there just then and hears them talking.

Naira:What party are you talking about haan?
Ishaan: Lo aa gayi duffer. You have short time memory loss problem or what moti or you intentionally forget every year so we have to waste our energy every year to remind you.
Emi:E chachuu don’t dare to speak a word against my mumma she is the best and don’t spoil her mood on her birthday.
Ishaan:Emi ke bachche. Jab dekho mumma ki chamchagiri karta rehta hain.
Emi: I will.
they both start fighting like kids
Naira & Karthik(shouts): Stop fighting both of you.
They both stop hearing them.
Naira: Now will you all kindly tell me what party you are talking about.
Ishaan: Offo duffer every year we need to remind you. Your BIRTHDAY PARTY what else? You know na every year to celebrate your birthday we throw a grand party then also we have to remind you.
Naira about to say some thing when everyone stops her.
Everone(together): Its finale and don’t argue on it like every year.
They all look at each other while Naira stares them at amusement. They all know her so well.
They start laughing at it.

Finally Karthik Says:So the plan is that now we will get ready and go for shopping for the party and then come back home change and directly go to the party venue.Agreed
Everyone (in saluting posture):Yes sir.
The screen shows their happy and singhanias’ sad faces.

Recap:Naira’s birthday celebration continues in London. Some goons trouble her and Karthik beats them. The Singhanias gets to know something about Naira.

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