YRKKH ff New Beginning (episode 3)

Thank you guys for all your comments. I’m happy that you like my ff. And don’t worry about the twists but I’ll will introduce it by episode 5 and you might have the question how Naira came to London. I can’t answer it now as it is a big twist which will trigger many other twists so you will come to know about it as the story progresses.

Episode 3

The episode starts in Kaira’s room.
Naira and Karthik were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.The clock struck 11:45.Karthik wakes up and sees Naira who is peacefully sleeping on his chest. He frees himself from Naira’s clutches without disturbing her sleep.Then he takes his phone and calls someone
Karthik(on phone):Is everything ready I don’t want any gadbad at the last moment.
On the phone:Don’t worry everything is done just as you said.
Karthik looks at Naira and smirks:You will get a big surprise today see what I do.
The clock now struck 12.
Karthik comes to a sleeping Naira and comes near her.
She opens her eyes and gets shocked.
Before she could say anything Karthik closes her mouth but not with hands but with his …..
LIPS of course(What did you expect?)

Naira was taken aback by his sudden kiss.
Karthik soon breaks the lip lock and stares at Naira
Karthik:Before you could say anything I will tell you something. I know you must have forgotten so do as I say. Wear this and come fast.
He hands over her a packet.

Naira taking the packet:What are you saying? What I forgot? And why are you dressed as if you are going for a party? And most importantly what is there in this packet?
Karthik:Offo my Rajdhani Express. How much question will you ask in one go. Relax. About my dress and today’s date then it is a surprise and about the gift which you received just now you only open and see what it contains?
Naira:Okay! I know once you tell surprise you will never ever reveal it to me beforehand so why to waste my energy but i can see what’s in this packet.
Naira opens the packet it contains a beautiful saree of pink colour with golden border and light working as Naira doesn’t like heavy works.
Karthik back hugs Naira:So do you like the gift my jaan.
Naira turns towards Karthik and holds his neck:Can it ever happen that Karthik brings a gift for his jaan and she doesn’t like it. Of course I loved it.
Karthik:Then now please without asking any further question go and change and if you want I may help you too.
Saying this Karthik looks naughtily at Naira.

Naira:No need of helping. I can do it myself
Saying this she rushes to the washroom and Karthik keeps staring her.
After sometimes Naira comes out in the saree. She was looking divine in the saree.
Karthik pulls her towards him and starts caressing her cheeks with his cheeks romantically
Karthik:When I bought this saree I never knew it would look so beautiful on you. well of course its not the sarees credit it is my wife’s credit. She is so beautiful herself that everything else looks beautiful on her.
Naira pushes Karthik
Naira:If your romance is over then let’s go show me the surprise na.
Karthik(bends):As you wish my jaan.
Karthik holds Naira’s hand and takes her to their big garden.
It is dark there when suddenly all the light comes and everything becomes illuminated
Including Karthik Four people shout together:HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
They all come and hug her.
Naira gets very happy to see the surprise(Yes guys it is her birthday today)
The three people are none other than Ishaan, Emi and Vitki.
They wish Naira.

Ishaan sidehugs Naira and wishes her:Happy Birthday moti.
Emi and Vitki comes and hugs Naira
Emi Vitki: Happy Birthday mumma.
Emi: Mumma did you like our surprise.
Naira:Of course I’m feeling very happy.Thank you sooo much.
Vitki:Mumma if you liked the surprise then you should not thank us but papa instead as he was the one who planned everything and arranged everything. We just helped him.
Naira looking at Karthik happily:Reeaaalllyyy
Before Karthik can say anything Ishaan comes.
Ishaan:So what did you think. We do not love you so much moti that we will make such a big planning for a pagal girl. It is your husband whom you have made your BIG DEEWANA that’s why he planned all this.(Fake tears) And i just had to support him because I cannot see my Bhai working alone for a moti like you.
Naira gets angry and is about to beat him when Karthik comes and hits him playfully.
Karthik(fake anger):Don’t even try to say anything to my wife or I’ll not leave you.
Karthik side hugs Naira while she smiles victoriously at Ishaan.
Ishaan(murmuring):I’ll see you later moti.
Naira : I heard it. Only time will tell that.

Karthik: Now before you start fighting come let’s cut the cake.
They all go and Naira blows the candle makes a wish and cuts the cake with Karthik holding her hand.
She takes a piece of cake and feeds Karthik first. Karthik eats some and then make Naira have the rest of the cake.
Naira then feeds cake to Emi, Vitki and Ishaan respectively and they all make her have cake.
The start having a light moment while suddenly Vitki asks Naira how papa celebrated her birthday after they first met each other and if it was fun.
Naira and Karthik look at each other and smile while Naira remembers how Karthik took her on a boat ride on River Thames on her birthday and how they celebrated it. It was so much fun to celebrate her birthday with the sky and river and she was super happy and this was when she started falling for her Karthik who fell in love with her at the first sight.She was just became 14yrs old that day and from then on she has been loving Karthik.
Ishaan:Oye moti stop dreaming okay we know that if bhai had celebrated it then it would surely be something exciting as he fell flat on you the first day he saw you and how could he miss the opportunity to impress you. Btw I can bet that before bhai no one could have celebrated your birthday as my bhai does as no one can love you more than him.
Naira becomes sad listening to Ishaan’s word as she remembers how the Singhanias celebrated her birthday before she left.(The one showed in the serial).
Karthik sees Naira sad & understands it. He decides to do something to make Naira happy. Suddenly he gets an idea and whispers something in Ishaan’s ears. Both of them smirk.
Naira was sitting quietly when suddenly something smashed her face. It was a piece of cake.
She turned around and saw ishaan and Karthik laughing holding their stomach she also thought of a plan and signed something to Vitki and Emi. She then started running behind Karthik and Ishaan with a piece of cake while they run away form her saying she will never be able to win. Then suddenly they stumbled by something and there faces were smashed in cake.They got up and were looking like ghosts with there faces covered with cream. They stood up and saw Naira, Vitki and Emi laughing their mouth out.It was all their plan while Naira chased them Vitki and Emi used their skipping ropes to make Karthik and Ishaan fall.
Emi and Vitki(together):This is the result of messing with our mumma.
Karthik: Mumma ke chamche
Saying this he comes towards them when Naira comes in front.
Naira:Khabardar if you tell anything to my kids.
Karthik:Acha ji your kids.
Naira:Haan ji my kids.
They all then burst out laughing and spending a light moment. Naira comes to a corner
Naira(thinks):They might have forgotten this date by now while my family is celebrating it like it is the most important day of their life.Just to see a smile on my face.
A smile comes over her face thinking about the word my family and then Karthik and company comes to her and take her away. She leaves with them happily.

The scene shifts to a different location
A huge mansion is shown with the name plate Singhanias on the gate.
Inside the mansion a lady is sitting on the sofa and crying looking at a album.
The lady:Where are you meri bacchi? why did you go leaving your mumma? How could you go so far that you never turned back once to see how is your mumma spending her days without you? See na today is the day when I got you, when god gifted me with a beautiful and lovely gift i.e. my daughter. I was very happy today and never imagined that I have to wish you like this one day by looking at your photos. Please come back beta please . Your mumma is missing you very much. I know one day my sound will reach you and you will come back. But when will that day come. I’m tired of waiting. Since 10yrs I’m waiting for your return only. Are you not missing us on this day? Don’t you remember us? If you do then come back na. I beg of you.
She cries vigorously
Sone chidaiya plays in background.
A man comes from behind and sees her crying.
The woman is none other than Akshara
Akshara stops crying hearing the man’s voice and wipes her tears.
Akshara:Arrey when you woke up and why did you wake up? Do you need something? I was just…
The man:You don’t have to act Akshara as i know the reason of you being here as I also came here for the same reason.
Akshara hugs him: We came here NAITIK but when will she come Naitik. It has been 10 long yrs. Today she, our NAIRA , would have become 24 yrs old. Don’t know how she looks now what she is doing, how is she and a lots more questions are there in our hearts but our Naira, your PRINCESS is only not there to answer us.
Naitik with tears in eyes: I know Akshara but I haven’t lost hope till now. 10yrs, 20yrs or how many more years pass by but still I’m alive the hope of finding Naira is also alive.
By that time everyone comes there
Naksh:You are right papa we also have not lost our hope of finding Naira.
Tara comes and support Akshara:And not only you papa till we are also alive the hope of finding our Naira is alive as Naira and hope of meeting her resides in her heart. You don’t worry ma.
Akshara hugs Tara:Tara, you know I thought that when you will come I’ll have two daughters, one my Naira and other you. I was so excited about it. But see what happened before you came Naira left us.
Tara: I wish I woudn’t have run from mandap I think that because of my that sin we all lost Naira.
Akshara: Why are you telling like this Tara. It was not your mistake.
Bhabhimaa: Yes beta its not your mistake you were not bad nor were we the time was bad then.
Devyani:After you came we were a bit relieved from the pain of Naira’s absence which we felt at the starting.
Rajshekhar:Yes beta we all miss Naira badly and no one can take her place but I must agree that you have made a special place for yourself in you hearts. Now stop blaming yourself for Naira’s absence okay.
Naman and Karishma together:Now we should cut the cake as we do every year on Naira’s birthday.(Shaitaans became nervous on hearing about Naira and thought to divert topic).
Everyone agrees. Naitik and Akshara cuts the cake with tears in their eyes and also feeds some to the photo of Naira. Everyone reminisces her and becomes sad but then composes themselves and go to their respective rooms.
The screen freezes on their sad faces.

Recap:Naira’s birthday celebrations in London. The entry of Maheshwari family and Singhanias and Maheshwaris holding a puja for Naira on her birthday

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