YRKKH ff New beginning (episode 2)

So guys here is the second episode. Thank you for your comments but I expected more comments. So silent readers please comment. Its a humble request.

episode 2

Recap:Naira and Karthik’s rain romance.Naira’s bonding with her son and daughter.Naira thinking about Akshara and getting angry.

The episode starts in Kaira’s room.
Karthik is getting ready for office and Naira is giving his things one by one.
Karthik:Jaan mobile.
Naira gives him his mobile
Before Karthik’s asking she gives him her handkerchief and then before he could ask Naira gives him his laptop.
Then Karthik’s phone started ringing.
Naira shows his watch to Karthik while Karthik forwards his hand.
Naira makes him wear watch while Karthik watches her lovingly.
Naira then makes Karthik wear tie while suddenly Karthik pushes her close and Naira gives him
you are impossible type of look while Karthik gives her I’m like this only type of look.
Karthik then cuts the phone and caresses Naira’s face
Naira tries to go away but Karthik holds her tightly.
Naira:Karthik leave me no are you not getting late?
Karthik:These excuses don’t work in front of Karthik Malhotra.As you know I’m the boss therefore I don’t work according to company but the company works according to me.
Naira:But i have work tell me when you are ready to leave me
Karthik pulls her closer and with teary eyes says:I’ll never leave you as I’ll not be able to live without you even for a second.You know na you are my jaan, my life, my everything.Before you I was just breathing But after you came I started to leave.I’ll not leave you and go away even if you ask me to do so.
Naira is overwhelmed to tears by listening to Karthik’s words.She can easily see his love for her in his words.
She hugged him tightly.
Naira:Even I can’t live without you as I only have you, vitki and emi.How do you think I’m supposed to live without you all. If anyone of you go away he/she will take my life also with him.
Karthik puts his finger on Naira’s lips
Karthik :Never talk about death in front of me. How many times I’ve to tell you this?
Saying this Karthik keeps an angry face.
Naira:Achha ok baba sorry. I’ll never tell this again.Now please don’t be angry with me.
Saying this she keeps a puppy face.
Karthik melts seeing her and kisses her forehead.
Karthik:I can’t be angry with my jaan for a long time. By the way jaan are you not forgetting someone.You told you have me,Vitki and Emi but forgot about him.
Karthik(smirking):I’m surely gonna tell him that.
Naira(horified face):Dont you dare to do anything like that. I just told in a flow and forgot to mention
Karthik(interrupting her):That’s what I’m telling forgot him no. Now see what I do. I got a strong reason to enjoy the BHABHI-DEVAR fight and it can start from today only when he will be coming.
Naira(Surprised):What ISHAAN is coming and you didn’t even inform me Karthik. You are so mean I’ll not talk to you.
Saying this Naira turns.
Karthik turns Naira towards him and cups her face.
Karthik:Arrey baba what will I tell you when I also got to know sometimes before.That mahashey called me and told me that the contract got finale so he is coming and didn’t inform me earlier as he wanted to give us a surprise.
Naira:That dramebaaz. aaj ane do use ache se maza chakhaungi. By the way when is he coming.
Karthik: In the evening I’ll pick him up while returning from office and then we all will go for dinner.
Naira: Okay bye now
Karthik(unwillingly):Bye jaan.
Naira:king of nautanki
Karthik:I know and you are my princess of nautanki.
Karthik suddenly realised what he said
He looked at Naira worriedly but found her okay or rather acting to be okay but left without telling anything as if she has not noticed it she might notice it and become sad.
After Karthik went Naira sat on her bed remembering the word princess.
She had flashbacks of how her papa used to call her princess and pamper her.
A drop of tear escaped from her eyes remembering him.
Of course she had noticed but didn’t want Karthik to notice this as if he did he would become worried and feeling extremely guilty as if he had done a big crime.She remembered last time when this happened and Karthik noticed it he became extremely sad.He consoled Naira and made her smile but at the evening Naira saw his hand burned and it didn’t take her even a second to know why he did this?
She knew her Karthik loved her very much and cannot tolerate anyone who brings even a drop of tears in his jaan’s eyes(tears of sadness not happiness) not even him.
The thought of Karthik’s love at once brought a smile on her face as it always did. Just a thought of him was enough to make sadness run away due to fear of him from her heart and mind.
The morning went by and soon the sun set
Naira was playing with Vitki and Emi when suddenly she heard Karthik’s scream
Karthik:Jaan! where are you ? Don’t you want to see who has come?
Naira rushes hearing this and comes downstairs.
Naira:Where is he?
Just then a tall handsome man enters wearing suit and pants.
He comes and hugs Naira
Man:Missed me or forgot about me already bhabhi.
Naira rubbing her eyes in disbelief:Am i watching dream or what THE GREAT ISHAAN MALHOTRA called me bhabhiiiii.
Ishaan:OOHOOO No need of overacting I thought to call you so that no one even thinks it in his baddest dreams that you are my friend moti leave far behind girlfriend.
Naira:Ishaan how dare you call me moti
Ishaan:Do you want me to show it again.
Naira beats him.
Ishaan:OUCH kya khati hai tu. Bhai how could you fall in love with this insane and moti girl.(Fake tears)Bechare mere bhai ki zindagi barbad ho gayi.
Naira hits him again:Oye you monkey donkey don’t even try to fill my husband’s ears with your stupid talks. He is not like you he loves me very much right Karthik
Karthik:Of course. She might be mm but I don’t care I love her very much.
Ishaan & Naira together:What is mm?
Karthik: MAD-MOTI
Hearing this Ishaan bursts out laughing holding his stomach and giving a victory look to Naira.
While Naira gives YOU ARE DEAD look to Karthik.
Soon Vitki and Emi come and all of them spend some light-hearted moment.
Then all of them get ready and got to the restaurant. They enjoy very much.Naira and Karthik comes to a side and Karthik starts romancing her while Ishan sees this and teases them. They enjoy a lot and then come back home.

While Naira is busy with Vitki and Emi Karthik and Ishaan start chatting.
While talking suddenly Ishaan speaks out about their new project they got in Udaipur and as their ancestral home was also there so..
Before he could complete Karthik rose with anger and said
Karthik:I can do contract in any part of the word and can even reside even in hell for that but never to udaipur or even India.
Naira who was coming hears their talks.
Karthik rushes angrily to the room while Naira gives I’ll handle him look to Ishaan.
As soon as Naira comes to the room Karthik hugs her tightly before she could say anything.
Karthik:I’m very sorry jaan. I know you are hurt to hear that blo*dy place’s name but please don’t get upset. I can’t see you like that. Ishaan doesn’t know what HAPPENED 10YRS AGO so he blurted it out. But I should have been careful I…..
Before he could complete Naira keeps her finger on his lips
Naira:There is no need for you to be sorry as neither you nor Ishaan is at fault. I know you can never ever think of hurting your jaan willingly or even unwillingly. And coming to the past then don’t worry I’m alright as you are with me and till you are with me nothing can happen to me and it is just past you said no 10yrs ago then don’t worry.
Karthik cups her face and kisses on her forehead and they sleep hugging each other.
Naira lies on Karthik’s chest and remembers the past. How Akshara told the police that she is ready to go against her daughter and send her to jail and how she came with the police when Naitik came alone to find Naira and how she ran away.
Naira: 10 yrs have passed since that incident. Don’t know how are they?
She looks at Karthik sleeping beside her peacefully and hugging her as she is the most precious possession of the world.
Naira:Even I don’t want to know.
Naira smiles and hugs Karthik tightly sleeping on his chest.
Both sleep in each other’s embrace.

Recap:Entry of Singhania family.The Singhanias and Akshara missing Naira. and surprise.

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  1. Amm I dont think this is much great some sort of cheapness and afterall its just your imagination not aired on the tv and the whole serial will go wrong this way what actually rajan shahi ji has planned is wayy better.

  2. Is this really going to happen in yeh rishta kya kehlata hai? what happened with gayu? Will naira go back to India?

  3. awww akshara misses naira hope kartik makes them close

  4. marvelous superb surprising mind blowing episode great imagination of urs really loved it a lot keep it up eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode god bless u may all your wishes come true and may u get all the happiness and success don’t worry in start everyone gets less comments in ff but then slowly u will get 100 200 comments don’t get upset as I am here to support u actually majority of the people don’t know about ur ff but when they will know they will love it ok bye bye take care debarati and one more thing can I call u deb

  5. Debarati

    Thank you so much everyone for your comment
    Thank you ayesha for you support and comment and yes of course you can call me deb
    and shanaya don’t get angry yaar its just a ff and my imagination and I’m not saying that this has to happen in the show

  6. Yes debarati..you have very grt imagination…everyone doesn’t have this talent…keep it up…include some twist in your story…your story is very simple…make some twist in that…

  7. but priya simplicity is regionalism I like her story I know its simple but its nice every thing is so nice and positive awesome story keep up the good work deb

  8. Claps for the creativity.. Keep continuing

  9. Why did you wrote the ff like this ? Just don’t unferstand at all . How did Naira reach london huh ? She was in India . Sorry but you must write it dome other I mean better way .

  10. Debarati

    Shubratika how Naira reached London is a major twist so it will be revealed slowly as the story progresses as this twist is a combo pack of many other twists

  11. Nishtha

    Debarati keep writing this story, its very nice, keep it up! Big fan of kaira like you.

  12. yo see in first episode u got 2 comments but in second episode u have got 13 comments see I told u don’t be sad people are liking ur ff a lot

  13. Debarati

    Yah ayesha I think you were right Thanks for your support

  14. At what time Deb u update the next episodes

  15. Debarati

    I’ve already updated two more episodes Ritham.-YRKKH New Beginning(episode 3 & 4).
    And the time then I usually submit the article for review in the morning and it is posted by afternoon.

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