YRKKH Analysis- wake up cvs

Hello guys I hope that everyone is going great .before I brust my anger I just want to make one thing clear :-


Ok dear cvs enough of your playing with us seriously now I cant take it anymore you know what guys in recent weeks whenever I use to lose my cool some of my good friend use to say keep believe in cvs they will make everything all right but guy now my believe is shaking up badly yrkkh as come 9th position in trp chart I don’t know about you but now it’s the wake up call for cvs for 8 yrs cvs were making a base and now when it is time to make monument on that base these cvs are only messing up with their base platform for 8 yrs .over the time yrkkh has seen many up and down over the time I have love some track I have dislike some track especially the devyani-rajshekhar track saw lots of crticisment but still loyal viewrs like me kept faith but know my faith in you cvs is shaking up badly all I want to tell you guys is wake-up before yrkkh is out of top -10 .you know what cvs for the downfall of yrkkh only and only you are responsible you guys have so badly messed up story that know you yourself are in spider –web one way or another you are going to messed up . let me tell you one fact guys the reason yrkkh have stayed for 8 yrs the most beloved serial on Indian television was due to the fact the nayi soch they portrayed as to how a simple girl akshara married to naitik a strikes a balance between being maheswaris daughter and shinghaniyas bahu and how her in-laws guide like her mother scold her like her father (and not father-in-law or mother-in-law) and how naitik helps her in doing all this .

but guys then to shinghaniyas weren’t shown as rich arrogant brats and neither maheswaris were shown as shinghaniyas slaves , what ever problem akshara faced were natural what at that time was shown was the thinking gap between old-young people and how together everyone bridge the gap for example when akshara came as the new bahu she had problem in keeping pallu over her head and gaytri wanted her to learn as it was ritual then akshara with the help of naitik explain her that why it is difficult and then finally dadaji gave her permission to be bare headed now this was the beauty of yrkkh both akshaara and gayatri were correct akshara couldn’t keep pallu as she had never kept so it was hard for her to manage and gayatri wanted it because she wanted to keep the tradition alive now both the person involve kept their views and the dadaji gave verdict in favour of akshara and explain it gayatri that tradition are kept alive by heart and not these kind of show of .know this was the beauty of yrkkh

1] both the person involve were allowed to kept their views
2} the verdict wasn’t passed by the akshara or by gayatri the veridict was given by dadaji as the oldest member of the family
3} all this was done peacefully no blaming no shouting no thod-phod AND MOST IMPORTANTLY EVERYONE KEPT THEIR OPINION AND NOT FORCED THEIR OPINION
But the reason that elders could take the decision was that elder be it dadaji or dadi maheswari showed maturity or the ability to understand the problem without being judgemental .but know coming to current situation well for god sake don’t dare to put dadi goenka in the category of DM or dadaji she is one of the most irritatating arrogant character which I don’t know for what reason I bear . know coming to current scenario of yrkkh well I don’t know why everything is messed up

1) The first mistake and the major mistake cvs are making is :- to cut one hypocrite(dadi goenka ) they are using another hypocrite (naira ) which at the end is resulting in double hypocrisy. for example at first they showed that naira don’t like heavy jewellary and dadi goenka like heavy jewellary now in sangeet function they are showing just opposite naira wanting to heavy jewellary and dadi goenka stopping her( I told you both dadi goenka and naira are biggest hypocrites on yrkkh rite know) I know you are still not convince with my statement well remember naira dance competition after marriage well at that time dadi goenka shouted on kiran becoz she didn’t like her goenka bahu dancing with some other man expect her husband believe me it was the cheapest meantality possible but then did dadi goenka faced anykind or ire from naira no ,from karthik again no ,from manish keerti suwarna any other goenka no ,from shinghaniyas well no . no dadi goenka for her cheap mentality (she wasn’t even confronted properly) didn’t faced any kind of ire from anyone what she said was willingly or unwillingly accepted by goenkas and shinghaniyas both know coming to another situation here baisa take keerti for sudhikaran puja with pure motives it didn’t cause any harm (unlike dadi goenka move which made kiran leave the competition) well know come the major play kaira come to know about and then comes the boom naira breaks matki karthik along with naira shout at baisa shinghaniyas show their ire now I ask simple question the girl who couldn’t stand for her own self respect was shouting breaking things for some else didn’t this shows the hollowness of naira character ?? sorry guys after all this naira character appear like a hollow person with hypocrite mentality desperately trying to become great or mahan for everyone

2) None problem that naira faced after marriage are natural all are man-made probleam ( whereas after marriage whatever akashara faced was a natural proleam that anyone will face as new bride) I know you guys don’t believe me so take the problem mahaboj problem well naira was told not to do anything but she wanted to become mahan so that problem appear .karthik-suwarna-manish problem again a man-made thing , dadi goenka problem (well if she was in my contact list I would have named her problem calling) keerthi-aditya problem again naira poked her nose tell me problem in which naira didn’t poked her nose and she found herself in mess .No you wont be able to pin-point single problem . because I tell you the matter it is as simple as this naira as to poke her nose in everything and the she cries that she is in mess

3) Dear cvs I can never forgive you for the way you handle akshara death sequence seriously I am still raged thinking about it I mean how could you give only naira the right to take decision on the be-half of everyone believe me more than her it was naitik and naksh right they were way more attached to akshara. naira for once live eight yrs without akshara but naksh couldn’t even think about that naitaik wont even think about leaving akshara how come you guys give that responsibility to only naira it was in other simple way a declination of right to naitik and naksh and guess what though goenkas commit mistake but at the end it was naira who was making a sorry face for karthik .SERIOUSLY?????? and if this is not enough then mansi and the person responsible to hide all this walk away and they all were at the end celebrating WTH? Goenkas for once didn’t even try to ACTUALLY apologize all they did was to make sorry faces and then party

4) Kaira well dear cvs as far as I know their relation was supposed to be of husband wife ie of equality but sorry till know at every major point karthik becomes like a grumpy kid then naira like a good teacher make sorry face plead sorry sorry all the time .take the first major accident that is akshara death and naira blaming karthik and then after everything get clear karthik become a grumpy kid who wont talk or try to understand or for once show maturity and then naira was again pleading for forgivness .karthik too lost his mother couldn’t he understand naira’s pain no excepting this is too much .then when akshara death truth come out then to karthik become the grumpy kid and in other way order naira to comeback or their relation is for toss and in current situation also its karthik who is wrong but then naira is one pleading apologize and cvs you want us to accept them as nkashara seriously?? And guess what rajshri in yesterday episode said that kaira are different yet they look so good together well seriously are they different ?? both of them are punishing everyone for their own misunderstanding naira punished everyone including akshara becoz of her inability to understand akshara and here too karthik punished manish and suwarna and everyone becoz of his inability to understand them .

both of them are mannerless rich arrogant brat who are more childish then the any child could every be . btw karthik you are getting so angry on everyone becoz they are just calling your mother mentally ill just imagine how much anger naksh must have felt when he came to know about his mother’s death truth in which you all goenkas were directly or indirectly involve but like you did he misbehaved no he handle everything calmly and maturely and know that is the exact reason why you guys are celebrating varna if naksh would have reacted the way like you forget celebrating he wouldn’t even for once look at you and guess what everyone sing nayi soch nayi soch all the time whenever we talk about kaira well guys climbing trees for romance , romancing in front of everyone shouting at elders isn’t nayi soch at all

5) Keerti met naksh becoz of NAIRA
Naksh agreed to marry keerti becoz of NAIRA
Manish was getting close to karthik becoz of NAIRA
sHinghaniya forgave goenkas becoz of NAIRA
dadi goenka is happy ,sad,angry anything becoz of NAIRA

6) GIVE SOME BACK-BONE TO GOENKAS LAIDIES all they do is plead forgiveness every time.gayatri no matter how harsh she was on akshara at being but when naitik was at coma for five years she managed house and naksh properly so that akshara could work not only that she was the one who come up with the name naksh as combination of both nakshara so in short she had back-bone and abitlity to understand situation and act accordingly plus in adverse condition she supported akshara and here we have suwarna who never support naira openly or handle thing for her only thing she do is to plead forgiveness. And please stop kirti and suwarna crying they start crying at the drop of hat.surekha to all the time is sorry to dg

7) Enough for today just to end the essay on happy note I AM TELLING A BIG COINCIDENCE I don’t know how many of you notice but I was recently watching old yrkkh episode and that to episode 1 in which akshara goes to temple to get her wish ful-filled of watching a hrithik roshan movie eventually I realize that akshara was a huge fan of hrithik roshan now akshara first child that it naksh share his pet name duggu with hrithik roshan and guess what his sangeet performance song with keerti was hrithik first movie song kaho na pyar hai well hrithik roshan defiantly has some connection with akshara and naksh don’t know why but I feel it a HAPPY COINCIDENCE

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  1. kaina I totally agree with u but i have not stopped watching yrkkh and i will request all viewers to not stop watching it plzzzz atleast until keesh marrige

    1. Kaina1

      yes dear even i am watching yrkkh till keesh wedding after that the whole focus will shift to kaira again which i am not gonna bear anymore

  2. Hi Kaina – I totally agree with your thoughts, yrkkh seems to be going downhill fast… Don’t get me wrong there were times I got fed up with Akshara being placed on somd pedestal, but at least it felt natural, Akshara always had the best interest of her family. Here we have Naira who just comes across as some spoilt brat, who can’t help but interfere or create problems….. one minute she is supposed to be the perfect bahu & daughy(even though she disappeared for 8 years) the next she is climbing tress or shouting at her elders and breaking pots in their faces. It just makes her character come across as so immature.

    You are also totally right about the whole jewellery thing too, I recall her not liking heavy jewellery & all of a sudden she’s into heavy jewellery & acting as if her life has come crashing down when she had to dress simply – I’m not suggesting that telling anyone how to dress is right – but c’mon have a bit of common sense on the brides function isn’t it obvious that the bride should be the one to standout.

    Cvs are ramming Kaira down our throats all the time…. it’s Naksh & keerti’s engagement but who exchanges the rings first Kaira why oh why? There a fabulous couple, they make a great couple ok ok, we get it no need to keep throwing them in the limelight. In all the functions they’re there alongside the happy couple stealing the show. It’s coming across as so fake. ?

    Daadi’s character is so fickle & she has such double standards, problem is she doesn’t seem to stick to her standards one minute she’ll be opposed to something, throw a tantrum about it and the next she is happy. There is no substance to her character. As for her bahu’s you are right all you ever see Swarna doing is crying or becoming emotional – I wish they would give her with a backbone.

    I (like you) was so shocked by the way Akshara’s death was handled, I just about swallowed the immediate effects after her death even though the whole story seemed to centre around Naira when they should have given some time to Naitik & Naksh (like the gave time to all characters when gayatri died), but then how they handled the whole maansi situation being discovered by the singhaniya’s was so rushed. I had heard about this storyline prior to it being released-so was expecting all sorts of emotions and reactions instead they just touched on it, showed a few tears from the Gienkas & next thing you know everyone’s partying- completely unbelievable and nonsensical.

    For those of you that are wandering why we still bother to watch it, it’s for the sake of the last 8 years, the fact that the show still has a lot of pivotal characters (which need to be given more airtime) & there is still lots of potential if the show moves away from being the Naira show.

    1. Kaina1

      meera i agree to every single word of ur 100 % girl u just spoke up my mind agrees that they have maked story unbelivablw and non sensical even i am watching yrkkh for the sake of last 8 yrs only agreed that show still have pivotal character which need more time space and it still have lots of potential if it moves away with naira show

    2. Aarti32

      I agree wid your point of getting Kaira in everything..arey yaar, it’s keesh’s wedding..so atleast given them, if not more than, equal importance like Kaira..they’re d wedding couple yaar!!

  3. Fenil

    Agree with you and Hrithik’s coincidence is totally surprising me also.

    1. Kaina1

      yup broo hrithik is definatly having some connection with akshara and naksh i myself is surprized at the coincidence

  4. Hey superb.. I totally agree with u.. I also became angry seeing tht why always naira ask sorry not only from karthik but from every1.. why not karthik understand naira.. and secondly the story just shldnt move around naira.. some times mature naira is shown but the other time naira shouting at elders.. these r d real reasons the downfall of trp.. now they will show karthik’s accident bcz he iz hurt.. I just laugh at it tht chahai kch bhi hojae naira q hurt nae hoti.. like karthik is angry at naira and nt trusting her so why naira is nt hurt at this.. why this is nt shown tht bcz she is hurt she does this or something happens to her.. I don’t like this.. and this k everything revolve around her.. the right of making decisions shldnt given to other ppl too.. not only to naira..

    1. Kaina1

      naira is having only three thing to do
      1) poke ur nose in evrything
      2) start crying when nothing is in you way
      3) plead forgivness at the drop of ur hat

  5. My mother started watching d show because of d reasons u mentioned……Akshara matured with age by committing mistakes,getting scolded,facing different trials and tribunals…..Here in Naira’s case,From d start itself they have given her d topmost pedestral.She ran away from home just coz she misunderstood her mother,she misunderstood Kartik so many times,Naksh,Gayu,Keerti and Misti acted as teacher and later cupids for her…Now d case s She s shown as Mahaan among d crowd….Be it Gayu,Naksh,Naitik,Baisaa and so on…Entire show just revolves around her…..Naksh and Keerti are parallel leads and they shd b given space to develop themselves….But instead cvs fill Kaira romance and Kaira mahaan and Kaira as d 1 and only 1 couple…Keesh marriage was supposed to happen in August but shifted to September to give Kaira some track…..Cvs r not understanding that audience want balance and proper continuity of characters…I used to watch Yrkkh but now have stopped coz I find it boring……Parallel tracks and development of other characters without Kaira interference s needed to raise trps….Also I did not like Cvs showing Rajashri being affectionate to kartik but no such scenes were given to Naksh..

    1. Kaina1

      i agree to each and evry single word of your dear we all loved akshara becoz she matured by age she learnt by comminting mistakes exactly many people are stop watching yrkkh becoz of the same reason like yours even i am still handling this mess becoz of keesh

  6. Also,I forgot some depth shd b given to Suvarna’s character……Instead of Naira…Naksh shd b her support…….

    1. Kaina1

      i agree to your this point magar cvs ki akal nahi kaam karne waali they wont stop till yrkkh is out of top 10

  7. Aarti32

    Gurllllllll!! I doubt u hv read my mind!! I think exactly same as u..literally SAME!!

    Akshara’s problems were actually real ones.. issues wid in-laws, Naitik, kids, balancing both families..everything was real n relatable..but dats not d case wid naira, sadly ??
    N no one was actually negative..they were anything but villains!!

    Naira n DG (Dadi Goenka) r d ppl I don’t like at all..their hypocrisy is level paar!!?

    Dis is Naira’s habit dat she has to do everything..arey, someone is doing some work n she’ll be like..aap rehne dijiye, main kr dungi..I wonder in keesh’s marriage, she wud say..aap rehne dijiye, main kr dungi!! ?? She shud at least keep herself away from ppl’s personal matters!!?

    Wat d CVS always do is..naira decides everything n everyone is bound to act accordingly..I’ve simply been ignoring it thinking dat naira is d heroine, so dis was expected to happen!!

    Kaira..all they think of, all d time..is romance!! Who cares if they’re in private or public.. they’re always busy in their coo-chie-coo!! N yeah, there’s no equality..kartik is always angry n naira is always effing SORRY!!

    I totally understand your sarcasm ?? Naira is given way too much credit!!

    No comments on Goenka ladies!!??

    I had noticed Naksh’s nickname since he was a baby..n I even talked to my mom abt akshara’s HR luv?..but I didn’t notice d sangeet incident, coz I missed d beginning of d sangeet..

    1. Kaina1

      vahi toh naira ka bas chale toh keesh ki shadi ke mandap pe jake bole “aap rehne dijiye me karl lungi ” thanks dear for reading and agreeing

  8. Aarti32

    I’m literally hating dis style of clothes n jewellery (probably inspired by Gul Khan’s shows) yrkkh was known for its colourful dresses n ethnic jewellery..all d current dresses n jewellery r so boring n non-colourful..I hate it!!

    1. Kaina1

      no dear i agree to you now a days yrkkh style of clothes and jewellary are so distressful
      1) stop giving chokers to naira they dont look nice on her
      2) naira should not use red lipistick it makes her look so awfully old
      3) tone down the make up of naira she looks beutiful in simple

      1. Aarti32


  9. I totally agree to u dear…even I was wondering how naira started to like heavy jewelry and not dadi…and one thing I want to say old yrkkh showed problems of everyone,gave screen space to everyone now only kaira kaira and kaira… sometimes Manish and suwarna…now it’s keesh shadi but only kaira Mahanta…if others r doing something good appreciation applause goes to naira…now I really think that naira is muskil-asaan of everyone’s problems…and especially how could they give right to naira for deciding Akshara case when she herself was away for 5 years misunderstanding Akshara…I really feel right goes to Naitik naksh rajasri viswambar and Shaurya…they are not giving screen space to anyone..so actors r leaving…even during kaira marriage no one was there except goenkas Singhanias rajasri and viswambar…and Now during keesh shadi gayu is not there… seriously Naira tied Rakhi to Kirti but not gayu and mishti….. r they not her sister before Kirti????CVS pls show something reliable…now during keesh shadi kaira Mahanta and goenkas sach track going on…is this keesh shadi track or kaira ka rishta Sambhalna track…I really think now the name should change from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai to kaira rishta kya kehlata hai!!!

    1. Kaina1

      exactly my words dear keesh ki wedding me keesh ko chod kar sab kuch hai

  10. Seriously yrkkh has lost its old charm and glory!!!

    1. Kaina1

      yup and now they are degrading what they have

  11. u juzz snatched my words….yrkkh has been worst downfall in recent days……nd plz i really big cvs giv some damn footage to our KEESH…..dey r juzz adorable……nd i find ppl sayng dat kaira are leads….but i guess evn KEESH r also parallel leads…..v also juzz luv rishi and mohena’s off screen fun…..

    1. Kaina1

      exactly even keesh are leads parallel they should be given their screen space

  12. Vivian20

    Yeah….ur r8…..the old episodes were far better than these!!

    1. Kaina1

      thanks for commenting dude

  13. Everyone agreed to you dear kaina.when I read analysis and comments ,I was like oh God they are saying what I feel.everything has no meaning now.postpinding keesh marriage was a mistake from their side.i don’t like naira s over acting.she doesn’t know how to do emotional scenes.but keesh is just perfect.everytime there is lots of difference between keesh and kaira.keesh is very matured while kaira is immature.keesh understand and respect everyone.the way karthik’s shout and keerthi understand about moms condition is the best example.
    If they want to give importance to kaira why they introduce keesh marriage all of a sudden.

    At akshra’s time akshara used to speak with her family members esp.with rajsri and varsha.most of the problem were real.i still remember daadji s incident,it was so touching.the way they respect dadaaji was just awesome.he also was very strict but genuine.

    Now rajasri is always praising naira which is so boaring.

    1. I am saying everything what I felt.its not because I am keesh fan and kaira enemy.im not.they made me say all this.

      1. Kaina1

        exactly dear i agree to every single words of you

  14. Gayu left as only kaira gets importance had enough of naira

    1. Kaina1

      and slowly slowly everyone wil leave the show if they didnt improve their kaira ko mahan dikhao policy

  15. i totally agree with u . the old episodes are far better than these . i am liking suwarna-manish and keesh more than kaira .they r giving too much importance to kaira and their romance . in old yrkkh too there used to be a little imp to akshara-naitik as they were leads , but not this much as they give to kaira that we start hating them . keesh were supposed to be the parallel leads but there is no parallelism . the goenka family is so dumb (including kaira) except suwarna , i like suwarnas character a lot , she is very understanding and she has a reason for loving naira . she thinks naira will solve her problems and considers her DIL as her daughter . so sweet ! she is the only character who is the same from the starting till now . karthik said he wont come home , he came , manish changes whenever he wants . dadi is too stupid for writing abt her . they could not give a proper ending for gayus character only because of kaira . the singhania family says naira is a pachayi of akshara . but gayu was a daughter to akshara in real sense . i wanted the cvs to give a proper ending to her . but no they want to show kaira everytime , so they left her character just like that . pls bring a lead opposite to naitik . he is not that old like rajbanna too . he too has a long life . when rajbanna married why cant naitik . we always have naira mahan to solve all the problems . get ur father married to a beautiful lady

    1. Kaina1

      no dear naitik like that is only goo remarriage of naitik will reult in severe backlash from every person so i think better stick to naitik alone

      1. yes u r right , naitik is ok with akshara’s thoughts , but still i feel somewhere that they will bring this track sometime later . but naitik always looked perfect with akshara . i miss them .

  16. festivals and marriages make yrkkh then in those festivals also kaira are seen most of the times solving problems that they dont even show the other members properly . dadi is so dumb that she is asking ,naira to dress up in a simple way . why r they showing such a old character like dadi so dumb and idiotic , they could have made her more loving but strict kind of dadi sas . but she is shouting at her daughter in laws and her DIL’s daughter in law too . i am just waiting for keesh marriage . by saying all this still i like the show , just hoping that this too much impostance to kaira and dadis stupidity comes to an end

    1. Kaina1

      even i am hoping that naira importance and dadi stupidity is reduced

  17. Rishneee

    Bad times for Star Plus
    the only other show in the list is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and that too at the 9th spot. The show grabbed 2.3 points which is relatively low.

    1. Kaina1

      yup if these cvs keep ramming kaira down our throats like this then i dont think it even deserve to be in top 10

  18. Kaina you snached words from my mouth, I especially agree with you about akshara’s death. In reality No matter how good The person is but no daughter can go back to the house & family responsable even indirectly of her mother’s death, at least not so soon. She could have saved mansi from police but no go back to them nd behaves like nothing happened. Love, hate, anger, jealousy,pain…are what making us human it is not a bad thing to feel them, it is natural. Nayi soch doesn’t mean we have to suppress our feelings to prove ourselves better. It is sad that a show maintaining its popularity thanks to its realism is turning to a typical indian serial with irritating leads.

    1. Kaina1

      exacatly girl i agree to your every single word of you nayi soch never implies that we should not have Love, hate, anger, jealousy,pain in us it just mmeans that what ever it is we deal with it sensibly

  19. Absolutely spot on Kaina sis
    I agree to everyone’s point of views
    YRKKH has lost its charm
    I wrote a lot but lost it all when I moved and I am too tired now to type it all again.

    1. Kaina1

      dont worry dear i am hear to bash cvs from ur side too

  20. Just a few words

    Awesome analysis Kaina. Times change and so does the problems. When the writers could think of close to real life problems when the show started with Akshara as the lead then why couldn’t they think of better ones when the makers wanted to make Naira the lead? More than Naira sometimes karthik’s Dadi looks like the lead here.. Ha ha ha.. Agreed on keesh equal screen space. They could have come up with better plot than Naksh agreeing because Naira would end up in trouble. I really hope they show the wedding fast so that we can expect some more screen space for keesh after their wedding.

    1. Kaina1

      i have literally left any hope of having keesh as parallel lead cvs are just going to push kaira down our throats

  21. Amrita

    U r absolutely correct, to me Naira can’t be compared to Akshara in any case. Akshara was farrrrrr better than her daughter. To be honest I used to watch YRKKH only b’coz of Naksh and Yash.After the 10 years leap, the grown up boys had stole my heart. And I used to loved the show. But soon enough Kaira get crashed into my favorite characters and (unfortunately) took over there place, and that’s where I got disappointed and stopped watching the show. During Yash’s wedding, Kaira romance was shown, I thought it’s OK, she is after all Akshara’s daughter so some limelight will go to her, but now they are crossing all limits. CVs , it’s KEESH wedding but Kaira have to come in everything, promos, episodes (45% Kaira, 50% Goenka drama and Rona dhona and all and hardly 5% for Keesh romance and Singhanias).So now I’m not watching, only reading the updates of YRKKH just to have a glimpse of Keesh romance. I’m fed up with Kaira Kaira Kaira…… For god’s sake stop this before it’s too late, my dear CVS, good luck to you…….

    1. Kaina1

      eactly even i am just reading yrkkh wu on tu when i see keesh scene then only i watch it

    2. agree with u Keesh engagement it was Kaira’s engagement n the filed keesh’s ring part in gaps of kaira , then Keesh sangeet but it was all about naira her dress and all the mess… 2 minutes keesh performance and 5 minutes kaira’s performance… it said keesh will host but i didnt see them on stage except for thous 2 performance.. It’s hight time CV show Naksh’s confusion getting cleared … they are showing 2 or 3 minutes keesh on thier own wedding track in that also naksh is so confused… soo pissed off with the current track.. now let see what they will show after manish kartik union….!!!!

  22. Amrita

    Sometimes I feel that CVS have fixed Keesh alliance just to give more screen space and importance to THE GREAT GRAND LOVING COUPLE (ACCORDING TO THE CVS) KAIRA, KAIRA AND KAIRA, CLAPS TO THE CVS

    1. Kaina1

      sahi me slow claps for cvs for this kaira crap

  23. Ponkuri

    Sis Kaina totally agree too with ur analysis ??I find most of comments on episodes are on the same page… We all agree together?????

    1. Kaina1

      yes ponkuri di no one likes kaira crap but still these cvs ramming kaira down our throat

  24. well pen down… couldn’t agree with you more… CV are busy making Kaira the Mahan and forgetting past 8 years we watch the show for it’s story.. i am sick of this kira romance we can’t watch YRKKH with kids now.. earlier we use to watch it with family not it’s going in another direction.. agree couple has change but story quality should remind the same .. I am feeling Naksh and keerti has a story to unfold than this 24×7 romance.. seriously i am sick of this..
    I am very disapoined the way CV has take a U turn of Naksh’s character they have completely side him.. they have murder naksh too.. they are having him as a puppet now a days.. i wished CV took Naksh’s story ahead than Naira’s .. past 8 years we have seen him growing and viewers have been with Naksh’s charter.. to be honest we are attached to Naksh than his sister.. we know his character well not like Naira…

    1. Kaina1

      thanks zak even i like naksh more than naira

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