Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 8

All are getting ready and teju is arranging flowers and gayu was making naira ready for mehndi..
Akashara comes and says..

Akshara:- teju you did not got ready till now.
Teju:- bass ma i will see this and go.
Akshara:- they are so many to see these arrangements first you go and get ready..
Teju nodes and goes to her room and sees naksh struggling to put down kurtha from head.
Teju:- what are you doing naksh.
Naksh:- i got stuck in this dont knew why it became tight all of sudden.
Teju:- let me see it.
Naksh:- no, its ok call mom. She will help.
Teju:- so that she can get doudt on us .pls naksh let me help you as a friend.
Naksh nodes his head from inside kurtha.
Teju sees that kurtha button closed, she nodes her head and opens that button and pullshis kurtha..naksh breathes heavily with messedup hair.seeing his condition teju laughs and shows him in mirror…
Naksh:- very funny no need to laugh.
He sets his hair and goes towards hall while goenka arrives.

Karthik was searching for naira..
Teju:- dont be impatient bhai naira will come ok.
Karthik:- oh i am fine ok.
Teju:- ya i can see that..
Later naira comes and karthik looks on.
While ladies applting mehndi to her ..
Karthik and naira both talks by signsling threw eyes..
Teju:- bhai give some rest yo eyes because later it gone pain while searching your name in her hand.
Karthik keeps weird expression and moving naira hand in different angles.
All laughs seeing his struggle

Karthik:- i dont believe it you did not write my nane only.
Naira:- your nane is their and please your this reverse plan wont work on me.
Karthik pouts and looks at teju for help.
Naira:- you were asking help from my babhi not from your sister so my babhi will support me only hai na.
Teju smiles sensing the situation that she will be stuck between them and says you both carry on i will bring juices to all and escapes from their.
Karthik finally finds his name in between her fingers..
While all are busy karthik whispers in to naira ears.
Karthik:- see naira this was start of my success and i will win in all ways from now. Get ready to loose inmy hands
Naira:- lets see.
Karthik:- achaa then ok see tomorrow i will apply haldi to you in your home only that to with out anyone knowledge..
Naira:- achaa lets see.

Precap:- haldi of kaira


  1. Deesh


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di. Just now read all the missed epi. I loved it so much. Naksh and teju are so cute. But the epi is small di. So post the next one soon please !! Sorry for not able to comment on the previous epi di. Was not well. Fabulous epi.

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