Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 7

Naksh was sitting in mandap while naira was sitting next to him.
They hears anklets sound and sees teju was getting down with karthik..
He makes her sit next to naksh.
Soon pandit starts doing completing all rituals and says fills her maag and tie magalsutra to her.
Naksh does same ..
Pandit:- call girls parents for kanya dhaan.
Manish and suwarna comes forward..
Pandit:- you were her badai mom and dad right but kanya dhyan should be done by her parents..
Teju:- my parents died when i was kid and they bought me up ..badai papa if you dont mind can this ritual done by bhai. Please.
All looks on.
Pandit:- haa bhai can also do it.
Manish:- ok karthik do it.
Karthik sits next to her and smiles seeing teju.
Both eyes were filled with tears and all rituals were completed by karthik.
Teju hugs karthik..
Karthik:- you knew both houses are very near to us. When were i or you want to meet each other we can and in few days again we will meet na in my marriage rituals and see naira will cone here and you will go their .you have not to fill their daughrer place but make a new place in their hearts ok.
Teju breaks hug and nodes head..
Dadi:- if you both done by showing love on each other then come here it time for bidaii.
Akshara comes to her and says.

Dont worry we are your family from now and me your mother ok..

They are doing their bidaii karthik was crying naira cones to him.
Naira:- arey karthik why are you crying like she is going to some other country.
Karthik:- say these words to your brother when your bidaii takes place..
Naira hugs him and says karthik dont worry bhai will never hurt her and you knew maa na she will give all her motherly love to her whst ever she missed untill now and dad too.
Karthik nodes and hugs her.
By the way prepare from day after tomorrow because our marriage preparation will start .
Naira:- hmm
They all leaves.
Singainyas welcomes teju and makes her sit in naksh room.
After a while naksh entrs and sees teju in nornal dress and relaxes.
Naksh:- i hope you are comfortable here.
Teju:- its little unconfort as i am new here and if you feel uncomfort because of me plss say it.
Naksh:- no no i am fine.
Teju:- ok i had trust on you and trust on my self too so lets share bed and i will not come to your side and you will do same untill.
Naksh:- we understand each other and move on for then i am your best friend and you were my best friend.

Next day morning.
Naira:- kya karthik jii morning morning you remembered me.
Karthik:- i love and i just want to knew whether teju is ok or not.
Naira:- your sister no no my baabhi is fit and fine i am just going and seeing whether she us ok or not in kitchen as her first rasoii.
Karthik:- o hello my sister cooks well really well .
Infact i had a doudt on your cooking.so it will be better ypu learn cooking.
Naira:- no i will learn cooking by experimenting on you..and you have no option.
Karthik:- oh my god save me.
Naira:- oh your god wont save you from me .
Karthik:- very funny.
Naira:- i will go down and see babhi.
Bye i love you karthik.
Karthik:- i love you naira.
Naira goes down and sees whole mens are sitting on dinning table with dadis..
Akshara looking at teju who is cooking breakfast many dishes and managing kitchen well.
Naira:- what happen ma.
Akshara:- she is doctor and came from london still see naira how well she is managing kitchen.
Naira:- babhi is so special naa maa.
Akshara:- haa thats true..
Teju serves everyone.
Dadi:- how fo you knew about our favorites.
Teju:- bhai said you all favorite and what you prefer to eat so i made it.
Naksh:- its awesome beta so tasty.
Teju:- thanks uncle.
Naksh:- hmm dad not uncle ok.
Teju:- hm.

Precap:->karthik and naira marriage preparations


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    fabulous update dr…loved it sooo much…rockstar cn u plz gve a bit longer update plz plz!!!keeeep rockng n stay blessed my sweety πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ love u so much πŸ˜€

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