Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 6

Karthik is getting ready and teju is waiting for him in hall . Dadi comes and sits next to her and smiles by caring her hair.
Dadi:- thank you for thinking about karthik teju.
Teju:- kya dadi he is more than bhai to me and i will do anything for him.
Karthik comes down and both goes out for shopping.
Four starts going for shopping.
Naira shows a lehenga to teju and says..
Naira:- how is this one babhi you will look awesome in it.
Teju smiles.
Karthik:- no my sister will look awesome in it not in that.
Nairai:-karthik how do you knew about girls stuff haa and teju babhi will looks beautifull in pink.
Karthik:- thats what she will look like pink teddy bear and she will look good in blue..
Teju and naksh both looks at them with wierd expressions..
Teju goes and takes one dress and goes in to trail room..

Here kaira continues their fight while naksh holds his head and sits. He hear door opening sound and looks on and gets lost in teju as who is wearing green mix golden lenhnga.
Naira:- bhai you say to him na bhai pino is best.
Karthik:- no blue is best.
Naira:- bhai speak something.
They both see naksh and see in that direction where teju checking her self in mirror in green mix golden lehnga turning in all direction.
Naira:- wow teju babhi your taste is awesome.
Teju smiles..
Karthik:- looking pretty chotai.

Teju comes back after that they goes to men section and starts selecting and they two shows so many sherwami to him.
Naksh:- enough both of you. I will select on my own now upu both go and select your self ok.
Kaira pouts and goes from their..
Naksh nodes his head and sees threw mirror at teju who is checking a cream mix green color sherwani he to smiles automatically and sees her keep that aside. He goes towards it and makes it packing.
Teju:- shall we go.
Naksh:- they both are doing shopping untill then we will have something to eat.
Teju:- ok lets inform them.
They both goes and sits ..
Here naira and karthik checking dress for them.

Naira shows him white mix pink colour dress while karthik shows her grey colour sherwani..
Karthik:- come go towards them.
Naira:- are you mad let them spend some time together you come with me lets go and eat something.
Karthik:- but.
Naira:- arey come na..
Here naksh and teju.
Naksh:- so what you will have .
Teju:- anything.
Naksh:- burger or roll.
Teju:- roll.
Naksh:- ok.
Here teju waits for naksh and he returns .
Both talk on random things.
Here kaira eats golla.

precap:- naksh and teju wedding..


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