Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 5

Karthik comes back home happily and goes to teju room to share about his decision but see her sleeping by catching photo frame .
He slowly goes towards her and removes photo frame and sees her parents photo and analises her face which filled with tears.then he remembers after 2 days her patents death anniversary..
He covers her with blanket and sleeps next to her while caring her hair in sitting position.
Naira:- what uou did bhai.
Gayu:- haa bhai you didnt understand her.she is like a kid bhai pure at heart.
Naira:- she will do all things from heart and you.
Naksh:- i am accepting na i hurted her . Now say what i should do and how i should say sorry to her.
Voice:- we have a idea.
Three looks at door and finds naitik and akshara.
Naitik holds his ears and scolds him for hurting her.
Naksh:- are you my father or her.
Naitik:- i was your father but i wa.t to become father in law to her.
Three:- what..

Naksh:- dad you knew about my past experiences and i dont want to marry anyone.
Akshara:- she is not anyone naksh.she the girl of light which bring rays in dark places and still we font knew whether they will accept us or not and please think about it for our happiness and goes for their leaving naksh alone..
Naksh:- i cant marry her and spoil her life but maa . She just came after a very big accident and asking me something.what i should do.haa she must also agree na then we will see .
Dadi calls to akshara and asks them to come with family to attend in havan held for teju parents..
They arrive in their house and karthik was looking after teju as this day she lost them and always stay lost on this day and stays dull but manages to smile by seeing singaniyas family..and sees naksh pouts and goes from their..
After pooja done all sits..

Dadi:- i called pandit jii today to fix karthik and naira marriage date.
Kaira looks at each other and smiles..
Akshsra:- but we didnt bought her rasi
Dadi:- its ok he will check by birth date or by both hands too.
Akshara:- ok…
Teju comes with pandit and makes him to sit with them and goes..

He checks and says..
Pandit:- i knew you people from years and this house to.karthik and naira were made for each
other but first their martiage should not happen..
Dadi:-i didnt understand you pandit jii.
Pandit:- in this house first small one should get married.i mean tejaswii according to rasi.she should get married first from this house then only remaining will be in happy as her parents are not their and she is your responsibility thats why first you should fullfill this responsibility or else her parents soul may not rest in peace.
Dadi and all gets thinking..
Dadi:- if u dont mind akshara jii can we ask naksh hand for teju.
Akshara gets happy and says sure..
Manish:- but maa.
Dadi:- i knew what i am doing be quite and akshara jii this marriage will only happen if their both rasi match up..
Pandit:- i knew teju betas rasi and tell me your son birthdate ..
Naithik says some date and pandit starts seeing both dates..
Pandit:- once i have to see their hands also..
Dadi:- hmm

She calls a servant and asks her to call all kids..pandit jii dont let her knew why we are doing or else you knew na .We will tell her slowly or else she will take all this house up and down.
Pandit checks kaira hands and says perfect and sees teju and says ..
How are you beta when you came.
Teju:- what pandit jii u knew na every year i will come on for this day then ..
Pandit:- i am just asking formality sake ok.let me see your hand also we have update rasi book.
Teju sits infront of him and gives her hand says is my fate is software or app to upgrade and laughs..pandit jii too smiles and wishes her and says .
Pandit ji:- as always where ever you are their happiness and love will be filled . You born to dpread happiness.
Teju smiles and says :- and born to loose my parents..
Pandit:- dont say like that see your parents will return to u one day.
Teju:- how.
Pandit:- you will come yo knew.
Teju:- ok..

Akshara:- naksh you also show beta .its long time passed we didnt showed about you.
Naksh goes and shows his hand..
Pandit:- smiles and blesses him ayushmanbava . Soon your life will be filled with colors and what ever pain is their, it will vanish.
Pandit looks at dadi and smiles dadi to smiles back.
Dadi:- ok you all go we will fix date and will tell u.
All goes..
Naksh:- tejaswii.
teju turns and looks at him.
Naksh:- i need to talk with you.
Kaira goes from their smiling.
Teju:- hmm say.

Naksh:- i sm sorry for my rude behaviour on that day. I was upset and you.
Teju:- and i irritated you more right.
Naksh:- no its not like that.
Teju:- its ok naksh i understand in fact i forget about that day their itself..
Naksh:- i am really sorry.
Teju:- its ok and shall we go down.
Naksh:- hmm and nose is perfectly ok now.
Teju smiles and he too smiles back.
They both gets down talking with each other..
Naira sees them while talking with karthik amd smiles.
Naira in mind :- i hope bhai could move on from tara and teju and bhai were looking cute..
Dadi:- first let me talk with teju and naksh then we will decide..
Akshara:- i will talk with my son.he wont say no.
Dadi:- you can talk but i will also talk with him.

At night.
Karthik and teju were talking in room
Teju was teasing karthik and he chases her whole room they both banges with dadi.
Dadi:- watch out, you both are not any more kids ok and you both will ne getting married.
Karthik:- me and kriti after that teju turns will come na..
Dadi:- hmm karthik you go out i want to talk with teju personally.
Karthik and teju both looks on and he goes out..
Dadi:- will you take me to long drive..
Teju:- haa sure dadi come but wear you shawl its cold outside.
She care teju cheecks says ok.
Here naksh was working on something naitik snd akshara comes ..
Naksh:- maa what are you saying ma.
Akshara:- what wrong in that naksh.she is good heart and beautifull..
Naksh:- ofcourse ma she is but my past and what if i could not move on give those rights to her.she deserves best ma.
Naitik:- my son is best and she will be best for you.
Naksh:- ok but i will tell her about my past after what ever her decision is i will be ok.
They both hugs him..

Here teju and dadi..
Teju:- are you serious dadi.
Dadi:- untill you wint get married no one from our house should be married and we choosed naksh for you after enquiring aboyt him only.he is good and you are lucky to get married to her and his marriage onces stopped on madap because the girl cheated him and says everything about tara..
Teju:- as your wish dadi but i want to speak with him..
Dadi:- ok tomirrow u can do that..
Lets go home now..

Kaira side.
Karthik:- what are you talking naira.
naira:- haa just now i lisened them talking about bhsi and teju relation ship. I am vwry excited karthik.
Karthik:- our excitement brings nothing naira ,they both should accept it with full hearts..
Naira:- with out talking with them how we will knew..
Karthik:- you talk with teju and i will talk with naksh.
Naira:- ok boss.
Karthik:- so..
Naira:- so..
Karthik:- give a kiss na…
Naira:- first focus on our brother and sister later we can focus on us.
Karthik:- unromantic fellow.
Naira:- what ever good night kisses him on phone and cuts call.
Here karthik too blushes both falls on their beds thinking about each other and on other side teju and naksh lands in confusion thinking about their future..

Next day teju about to take car but dadi comes and stops her..
Dadi:- i hope you will take right decision because your bhai marriage depends on your yes only..he did alot for you and its your turn now.
Teju:- hmm dadi i wont disappoint you.
She goes from their and waits in cafe.
Teju:- dadi was right bhai did alot for me and now its my turn but what if naksh says no..i dont think he like me..
Naksh comes sits infront of her..
Tejaswii i knew what you are thinking but before i could say my decision i want you to knew about my past and says everything about his and tara relation ship.
Naksh:- my parents want me to move on and your marriage is compulsory then only my sister marriage will happen and from my side its a yes but it will take time for me to give you your rights and if uou are ok then only i will say yes if not i will say no.

Teju:- from my childhood my bhai did alot for me and its my turn now and i knew about your family and being apart of it makes me lucky.even from me its take time to accept u. So its a yes from my side too.
Naksh:- we should hide from all that we are doing this for our siblings .
Teju:- hmm done.
Naksh:- ok then bye.
Teju:- bye..
They both goes to their houses and says yes for their marriages.
All gets happy..
Karthik:- are you happy teju.
Naksh:- haa naira why are asking like that .
Teju:- i am happy bhai.
Naksh:- and i want to move on naira and i think tejaswii is best for this family..
Naira:- that was true.
Teju:- why do you think that i am doing this in some pressure.
Karthik:- i dont knew.
Teju sits on her knees and cups karthik face and says..
Bhai look at me ..
I am happy bhai and i want marry naksh and i want be part in that family..
Karthik smiles and hugs her..
Here naira and naksh hugs each other..
Next morning all are happy by their positive response and thinks first their marriage shoukd happen later kaira marriage.

They all fixed their both engagement on same day.

Precap:- shopping kaira moments and naksh teju growing bond..


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