Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 4


Karthik and teju entrs their home and finds manish standing along with suwarna..
Manish:- where you both have been from morning.
Karthik:- i dont think its needed to give answers for you .
Manish:- i dont want you to go their to meet that girl and.
Karthik:- that girl has a name naira and i love her ..
Manish:- after what ever they did to you still you love her..
Teju:- badai papa situation is like that no is fault.
Manish:- teju i dont want to show anger on you and u dont come between when two were talking you still kid u dont understand.

Karthik:- thats what she is younger than you but still understands and stands by very relation and you can never do that and i will make one thing clear i will love her and marry her only..
He goes from their..
Manish:- did you see how he is talking to me.
Suwarna:- they both love each other..
Teju:- haa badai papa they both love each other and their family is big and lovelely ,naira is best for karthik papa . When i see akshara jii and naithik uncle i wished my mom and dad would have been with me , they are lovely.plss do separate them and goes from their.
dadi comes from back and says.
Dadi:- see they did a magic on my pota and poti, fine let meet them no infact lets stay with them and see what their in them that our house daughter and son are mad of them.
Manish:- staying with them means maa.
Dadi:- when time comes i will say and leaves from their.
Suwarna:- what going on in maa mind manish.
Manish:- i too dont knew, we hsve wait for time ..and leaves from their..
Suwarna:- i hope everything will be fine snd karthik gets all his happiness.

Here karthikand naira talking on phone.
Karthik:- out that to at night no naira..

Naira:- after so many days we both came close please lets go out naa.
Karthik:- if anyone came to knew in my home naa they will kill me
Naira:- take teju help and come na.
Karthik:- fine i will do something and haa you must look beautifull ok.
Naira:- ok but for that you should look hsndsome.
Karthik:- ok madam..

Naksh was standing infront of mirror and sees his bandaid nose and thinks about teju and jis incidents one after the other. Admile appears on his face and remembers how he lost in her eyes and thinks ..
Hmm she has beautifull eyes and again smiles widely but feel pain and stop smiling suddenly he remembers his past about tara and her given wounds..
No i cant go threw that phase again nor i cant trust anyone.love doesnt click for me and i cant hurt my family again..
He brushes his thoughts and again indulges into his work…
Here teju is doing work and streches her hand and feels pain in her palm and sees some black spot on it .
Teju:- when i got hurt that my blood clotted and remembers hitting naksh on nose and smiles.hmm thoda akhudu hai but cute akhudu..i should ask him about his nose but how i dont have his contact number. Haa i will ask bhai and goes to his room and sees him with shock as he spreaded whole bed with his shirts..
Dont tell me bhai that you were going on date..
Karthik gives a smile and drags her towards him and says. Now you are going to select a dress for me.

Teju:- bhai its your date ok and it should go on as per your wish not even for dress you shoukd not ask others help ok.
Karthik:- its just a dress.
Teju:- no bhai its not a dress . You are going to impress babhi and when she gives compliment to you and your dress then you should not get feeling that dress was selected by someone remember naira babhi favorite and wear something ok and one small advice. Never let anyone enter your love life even for small things
also ok.

Karthik cups her face and says my choti really became very big that she started understanding relation in complete new angle. By the way do you love anyone or like anyone.
Teju:- if something like that happens na then i will firat say to you before him ok.
Karthik:- done.
Teju:- acha give me naksh number naa.
Karthik:- why whats the matter ha.
Teju:- oh plss and he got hurt because of me thats why i got concerned.
Karthik:- hmm you are you saying right or love at first sight like this something happened.
Teju:- not love at first its slap at first sight for us..
Karthik laughs and hugs her..
I missed you chotai so much.
Teju breaks hug and says lie. If you missed me then you would have called me and in these 7 year s you never thought of coming to me.did you were thought i will again become alone but no.
Karthik:- sorry.
Teju:- i will forgive you at one condition.
Karthik:- bring my babhi soon to this home so that i can pulls ypur leg with her.
Karthik:- hmm done.
Teju:- really ..

Karthik:- tomorrow i am thinking to talk with our family members about naira..
Teju:- first you enjoy today and goes from their..

Karthik gets ready in blue shirt while naira gets ready in yellow.
Both starts in their cars from their houses.
Naira gets down and sees karthik arranging flowers on table he senses her presences and smiles.
While naira slowly goes and hugs him from back..
Karthik gives her rose, she takes it onto her hand and smiles..
Karthik turns and hugs her..
They both starts dancing slowly and holding each other hands and naira rest her head on karthik chest….
Here naksh comes from a building and sees teju buying flowers and gets mesmerised by seeing her in red colour shirt and black jeans.
She crosses road and gives those flowers to a small baby boy and says..
Teju:- he is looking do cute can i lift him please..

Women gives that baby boy to her..
She starts playing with that boy her naksh too smiles seeing her..
Teju:- oh my boy. What your name.
Women:- aman.
Teju:- aman i will wait untill you become young will you marry me.
That boys smiles widely and claps his hands.
Women:- he liked u alot..
Teju:- yaa and i love you aman..

She gives that boy to that women and starts walking.
Voice:- it seems you like babies alot.
Teju turns and finds akshara and naksh..
Akshara signals naksh to come..
They walk close to each other.
Teju:- hi aunty .how are you now naksh.
Naksh:- shows his thumb up as good.
Teju feels bad and says are you still unable to speak..
Akshara see her sad face and says:- he started talking beta you dont worry.
Teju:- oh.
Akshara:- you wait one second i will come now only.
Teju nodes and goes towards naksh..
She says sorry because of me you got hurt is it paining alot.
Naksh slowly:- fine . Its ok.
Teju:- is it paining more..

Naksh:- how many times you will ask .i said na i am ok then and sees teju who gets teardy eyes because of his anger and he immediatedly calms down and tries to speak but she turns to go.
Just akshara comes and gives her rose she says thanks aunty and goes from their.naksh feels bad for hurting her..
Akshara:- what happen to her.
Naksh:- nothing maa lets go.
Akshara:- duggu did you said anything to her and dont try to lie to me i knew you.
Naksh says what ever happen..
Akshara:- thats so rude duggu she just got concernd about you..
Naksh:- i am sorry.
Akshara:- say to her not me.
Naksh:- next time when i met her i will say.
Here teju drives car and cries..

She stops aside and says and looks up and says..
I knew maa i should not done like that but i didnt even did wantedly you knew na i cant hurt anyone wantedly and how can he talk rude to me and why i am getting this much hurt by his words and behaviour..
Here karthik and naira both hugs each other and dances slowly.
Karthik:- get ready naira with in few days i will come to ask your your hand for marriage…
Naira looks up and says really.
Karthik:- hmm

They both hugs tightly..

Here teju wipes her tears and goes to home..

Naksh sits on his bed snd scolds himself by remembering his hurtfull words to teju and her tears i should not have talked to her like that i was confused about my own feeling and i scolded her . I have to ask her sorry..but when i will meet her again or i should call her. I should ask naira about her number no what if she doudts on me.

Precap:- singaniyas at goenkas house..

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