Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 3

Karthik is lost in his thoughts remembering all moments whole singaniyas blaming him and naira words he closes eyes and tears escapes from his eyes..
Naira see this from mirror and cries..
Naira:- wont u forgive me mendak.
Karthik widens his eyes and looks around.
Karthik:- i just lisened naira voice but how that possible..
Car stops at lonely place..karthik looks around and says kaka why you bought me here.
Naira turns towards him and he gets shocked and about to speak but stops and gets down from car.
Naira to gets down and holds him and says wont you talk to me..
Karthik:- their is no use na naira, you wont believe me right.
Naira:- i am sorry.
Karthik:- sorry naira..i thought akshara jii as my own mom and you accused me of killing her. I
knew in that situation anyone will behave like that only but trust it should be present between two people and ha i am very happy that akshara ji was fit and fine and haa if you need any doctor my sister is their tejaswii goenka she is well known doctor he goes and sits in driving seat and keeps on horn and after sometime naira goes and sits next to him.
Karthik tightens his fist onsteering and controlling his feelings by seeing her teardy eyes..

Here naksh and teju side..

Naksh was driving and teju sit next to him..
Teju was seeing her hand and keeps on face of naksh.
He jerks and says what are you doing are u mad remove your hand and let me drive.
Teju:- mr.singaniya see my hand properly..
naksh sees her hand and realises that his finger prints were their on her hand and remembers their eye lock and how he pinned her to wall.
Naksh:- i am sorry.
Teju:- sorry but no need you knew why because i am going to take your finger prints and keeps them safe with me.
Naksh:- what..
Teju:- haa i will use them in future and capture your property ha ha
naksh:- ha ha very funny he takes water and pours on her hand and says..
Ayooo fingers prints were gone.
Teju looks on and laughs..
But you spoiled your own car.
Naksh realises water incident and nodes his head..
Teju laughs more and says ok leave me here..
Naksh:- why i will drop you at home.
Teju:- after so many days your ma was back to you enjoy with her and haa if any need please call me i am doctor and gives him her card and goes by walk from their.
Naksh looks on.

Here in kaira car..
Karthik was driving seriously..
Naira:- i knew you were angry on me but that doesnt mean that you will not come and meet mom.
Karthik:- i knew minimum formalities no need of your advice.
Naira:- the husband who doesnt lisen to wife never came up you knew
Karthik:- excuse me we are not husband and wife ok.
Naira:- but honaiwala right.bass now i am honaiwala wife later cut that honaiwala thats it.
Karthik smiles little but hides..
Naira observes that says:- arey even in hidding smile you are looking handsome and kisses his cheecks and sits back leaving shocking karthik..

Here naksh reaches home and hugs akshara and yrkk bg song plays…
Naksh:- maa ..
Akshara:- duggu nothing happen to me but what ever happen with karthik was not good.i think we should go to their home…
Karthik drops naira outside house.
Naira:- wont you come inside and see mumma.
Karthik:- i will come but right now my family needs me and goes from their..
Naira runs inside room and cries hugging her mom.
After some time..
Karthik reaches home and sees dadi feeding teju..
Karthik:- can i have a bite too.
Dadi seez karthik and hugs him.
Karthik:- i am fine dadi see.
Dadi:- because of that family you faced these all.
Teju:- no one is fault dadi its just situation.
Dadi:- dont come between when elders are talking.
Karthik:- hmm understand chotai.
Teju:- i am not chotai anymore ok.
I am successfull doctor.

Karthik:- still you are chotai for me.
Teju shouts bhai .
Both runs whole house.
Manish:- teju came to our home along with happiness maa.
Dadi:- haa she is heart of our house..
Kriti just comes down.
Suwarna:- arey kriti where are you going.
Kriti:- for theater pratice maa.
Dadi:- tell to this girl not to waste time and come back on time.
Kriti nodes and goes from their sadly..
Teju:- why dadi always rude to di.
Karthik:- leave it ..
Teju:- what progress of your relation ship.
Karthik turns towards her and says that means you were their in that plan.
Teju blinks eyes and says which plan.
Karthik:- hmm.

Teju smiles runs away from their.
Karthik smiles….
Here akshara was pampered by all.she gets emotional.
Akshara:- naitik i want to go to goenkas house.
naitik:- first you get fine then we will go..
Akshara:- it will become late naitik.we have to take naira and karthik relationship next level.
Naitik:- first you get fine then we will go..
Mishti comes running and says to all that bff came.
All becomes happy and comes out and see karthik and teju..
Karthik sees cars condition and says. Seriously teju you did it all.
Teju looks down and says sorry that time situation is different and i could not control my anger when i saw you in jail in that condition.

Karthik looks at her.
Teju:- fine dont see like that .i already called mehcanic and he is coming bill is on my side.
Karthik:- doctors should have patience but you are completely different.
Akshara:- if its doctor or god when it comes to protecting family every one will react like that only and i felt happy by knewing that how much u love your brother.
Teju:- still i am sorry to all that day i behaved rudely.
Naitik:- even we behaved rudely.
Teju:- its ok uncle i dont mind you knew and goes hi fives to him.
All laughs while naksh nodes his head in disbelief.
Akshara:- lets go inside.
Naira stands infront of karthik holding his ears and says sorry.
Karthik tries to moves left and naira moves along with him.
Karthik:- move naira i dont want to talk to u.
Naira:- atleast lisen na plss.
Karthik:- what left to say.
Naira:- i love you .this one left to say.

Karthik nodes his head and about to go but teju stops him..
Teju:- if u dont talk to her then promise on me and goes from their..
Naksh and teju hides and sees them from back of pillar.
Naksh:- do you think it will work.
Teju:- ofcourse it is teju plan.
Naksh:- thats why i had a doudt.
She looks at him and he signals her to look front.
Teju:- acha lisen after patch up if they kiss then first you take it easy and close u eyes also.
Naksh:- then what u will do. Will you enjoy it .
Teju:- very funny i will go from here by sensing the situation.
They both see towards them again.
Naira:- after so many years i got my mom karthik before i could get all love these all happened.you only say if you were in my position what you will do..its not that i didnt trust you.its just situation karthik and when i find its not you then my self retified my mistake na . Just once you place your self in my situation and then say that i didnt trust you or did all this wantedly…
Naira wipes her tears and turns to go but karthik holds her hands and stops her.she turns and finds karthik holding his ear and saying.
I am too sorry and i love you too.
They both hugs each other..
Here teju jumps in excitement and hits on naksh nose..
Naksh holds his nose snd shouts ouchhh.
Teju holds his face and says sorry sorry naksh please let me see and see little blood from his nose.
Teju:- shit blood and she immediatedly takes him inside all gets worried by seeing him.
Akshara:-duggu what happen to you.
Teju:- aunty i need first aid and bag full of ice and ice water please fastly..
Gayu nodes and runs inside kitchen.
Teju tries to hold his face and he is not allowing her to do and moving head here and their..

Here karthik and naira both breaks their hugs and looks into each other eyes..
Karthik cups her face and sees her lips and leans towards her while naira closes her eyes… they about to kiss their hear teju voice and gets into senses.
Karthik:- why she is shouting lets go inside and see.they goes inside Teju stands infront of naksh by keeping hands on her waist while all sees her with widen eyes.
Teju:- enough ok just be calm and sit properly with out moving now i am going to touch your face and see your wound i dont want any sounds from anyone.
She leans close to his face and cleans his wounds applies cream and does band aid..while naksh just lost in her eyes..
Just then karthik and naira comes and asks what happen.
Gayu says everything …

Here teju says done..its small bruise nothing to worry she writes something on paper snd gives to karthik.
Teju:- bring that medicine bhai plss.
Akshara:- i will send our driver dont worry.
Naira sits next to him and asks how it happen bhai.
Naksh looks at teju while she smiles by showing teeth.
He signals towards teju.
Karthik:- what happen chotai.
Teju:- first of all i am not chotai and secondly i am innocent i was streching my hands and his nose came near my hand thats why
Naksh tries to speak but stops as his nose pains.
Teju says fine relax and explains everything what happen outside.
Karthik holds her ears and mumurs in ear..

You are becoming unbearable..
Just driver comes and hand over medicine.
She prepares injection and holds naksh hand while akshara closes her eyes.
Teju:- aunty trust me it wont pain.
And does injection..
Akshara:- is it paining duggu.
Naksh:- no ma its not paining. I am fine.
Naitik:- are you doctor beta.
Teju:- yaa uncle.
Karthik:- ok we will leave all must be waiting for us..
Akshara:- this time we will definetly come to your house..

Precap:- kaira romantic outing.
Naksh and teju again meets outside.


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    loved it!!!awesome awesome awesome update rockstar 😉 ..teju is superb 😀 ..keeep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉

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    amazing didi….teju and naksh scenes r supper didi…loved it….it’s sooooo cute didi….waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi….

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