Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 2

Teju goes back to jail and cries seeing karthik..
She goes and shows her lisence that she was doctor and want to treat her brother by staying close to him.
Police:- how can we accept ..
Manish:- i got permission from your officals and submits few papers..
Police:- ok you can go inside..
Manish cares teju hair.
She goes and sits next to karthik checks his fever and gives injection.
After few minutes he opens his eyes and gets surprised seeing teju near him.
He hugs her and cups her face.
Karthik:- how are you chotu.
Teju:- i am fine but what happen bhai.why are you taking punishment when you didnt did anything.
Karthik:- i dont want to talk about it and they are saying and trusting that i did this accident so thats it. I did.
Teju:- by doing this you were saving real culprit and do you the person who died will her soul will be in peace.bhai please say what happen that day.
Karthik stays num.
Teju:- wont you say to me also, am i not your sister bhai..
See karthik who is still silent she gets up and goes towards him and says.
I understood bhai i am nothing to u its ok..about to leave karthik holds her and says.
Karthik:- you were my world teju dont say that i wont love you.
Teju:- then say bhai what happen on that day.

Karthik:- i went to party and my friends forced me to drink, you knew na i promised that i wont so i didnt drunk after that i felt dizzy i thought my health was not good so went to home and on the way Flash light fallen on me and thats it after that i was in hospital. Really teju i dont remember anything all were saying that i did accident by drinking.but i didnt drink, i promise on you teju and cries..
Teju:- dont cry bhai see me and say did you drink anything else like juice and all.
Karthik:- i had juice given by sanjay.

Teju:- ok bhai i will go to his home and ask for other details.please take care of your self bhai.
Karthik:- becare full ok and take kriti di with you.
Kriti:-ofcourse i will be with her karthik.
Teju comes out jail and looks on .
Kriti turns and see the direction where teju is seeing and sees gayu ,naira and naksh standing.
Kriti controls teju by holding her.

Naira about to go towards karthik but teju stops her and naksh come s forward and says move we need to talk with karthik.
Teju:- why any more alligations left to keep on him.
Naira:- we need that sanjay address and about to go .
Teju:- i knew his house..
Gayu:- we want to come with you.
Teju about to speak but kriti stops her and says lets goo..
Kriti naira and gayu goes when naksh about to go.
Teju:- what i dont want to go with you all.
Naksh turns and says even we are not intetested to go with you.
Teju:- then why are you coming ha.
Naksh:- because of this case ok.
Teju:- oh my god thank u so much.
Naksh about to speak.
Kriti:- teju are you coming.
Teju:- haa dii, see naksh and says are you coming.
Naksh:- ofcourse and goes back of teju.
Naira:- lets all go in one car it will be better if we wont separate.
Kritu:- ok.
Teju about to sit in driving seat.
Kriti:- teju you cant drive let me drive.
Teju:- why.
Kriti:- you dont have habit of here driving so please and you dont have indian lisence too.
Teju:- oh yaa i forgot about that.
Gives keys to kriti.
Kriti and teju sits front and remaining sits back..
Kriti:- how do you knew sanjay house.
Teju:- once bhai and me went to him and trust me dii if he was reason of bhai drunk na i will break all his bones pinky promise.
Naira:- even me but dont you think one cant drink with out his knowledge.
Teju:- if it was mixed in something then how can anyone knew.
Naira:- it was alcohol it can be taste easily..
Teju about to speak but stops and says to naksh.
Teju:- can you tell your sister that few drinks are their in this world which will not taste bitter onces it mixed with something.
Naksh looks at naira and says she is saying true naira..
They reaches sanjay home.
Naira and teju both gets down angrily and moves towards his house.
Gayu:- we have to stop them otherwise they both will break his bones before he could say something.
Three nodes and goes to them .

Teju holds his collar and shouting.
Teju:- how can you do that sanjay bhai you knew our family promises still you did and you knew what your prank made my bhai landed into problems.
They both comes.
Naira:- that means karthik didnot drunk..
Teju:- i said you my bhai was innocent.
Naksh:- just it proved that he didnt drunk wantedly but didnot proved that he didnt did accident.
Teju:- you knew what i will prove that also and then i will talk with you.kriti dii lets go to garage..

Gayu:- garage why.
Kriti:- please lets go to garage first later we can talk..
All goes to garage and see karthik car and a man repairing it.
Naira goes towards him and enquiry about the car.
Naira:- is this the same car which had a hitted a women.
Men:- arey no madam i dont knew how police did mistake actually this car tyre puncured and hitted a stone not human.
All gets shocked while teju and kriti smiles.

Naksh:- are you sure.
Men:- ha sir i was about to go police station to say this thing only.
Naira and naksh nodes and goes back to car.
Gayu:- we all did a mistake by blaming karthik and looks at teju and kriti.
Kriti:- its not the time to think all this and sees teju thinking seriously and says..
Now what happen to you.
Teju:- bhai was not culprit fine but the main one is roaming outside how to catch him.i cant see any way.
Naksh:- haa if it was not karthik then who might it be.
Teju:- dont that road had cctv.
Naksh:- madam this is india for every street their wont be cctv like london.
Teju looks angrily..
Naira gets police call and says some eye witness came and said that it was another car who hitted akashara jii not karthik car.
Naira says samething to all.
They goes to police station and talks with them.
Police:- we are going to catch that person untill then stay here.
Naira:- i want to come please.
Teju:- me also.
Both looks at each other..
Naksh:- actually we all want to come.
Police nodes and teju and naksh to follows..
Naira sees at karthik who looks at other side..

Gayu keeps hand on her shoulder and says..
Everything will be ok naira .first lets release karthik from jail..
They all goes and stands infront of house by hiding.
Naira:- why we are waiting officer lets go na.
Police:- this area is little complicated easy to escape by streets that why we are preparing and once he came out we will catch.
After one hour..

Naksh:- its almost one hour passed till when we have to wait.if he cant come out lets make a way that he himself will come out.
Police:- its not easy we have to wait no option.
Teju:- i had a idea i will bring him out.
Kriti:- teju please you be calm ok.
Naksh:- dont bring problems on our head..
Teju:- so rude now see i will definetly go..
And walks fastly before they could stop her..
Naksh:- this girl will definetly create problems for us and runs back of her..
She almost reaching near his home when suddenly door opens and immediatedly naksh holds teju hands and drags away from their.
That man comes and walks hiding police man catches him from back and naira comes and slaps him.
Naira:- u killed my mama and tried to escape by putting blame on other.i wont leave you.
Man:- mam its happened by mistake please forgive me..
Gayu:- forgiving you is impossible..
Here teju is pinned to wall by naksh.
Naksh:- are you mad.what are you going to do everything would have spoiled dont you use your mind before doing anything..

Teju just keeps on looking at him.while gayu comes running to them and says ..
Gayu:- bhai mami is alive and she admitted in xyz hospital.
Naksh gets happy even teju smiles.
Naksh:- what are you saying gayu is it true.
Gayu:- haa bhai and both hugs..

You come fastly bhai we have to bail karthik to.gayu leaves
Naksh nodes and looks at teju whoes eyes were welled with tears.
Teju:- congrates nothing happen to your mom and no one scolded me this much like you did .she pouts sadly and goes from their ..
Kriti:- where are you lets go we have to release bhai too.
All stands infront of court..
Karthik comes out with manish Naira:- sorry karthik .sorry for everthing for not trusting you. For not lisening to your words but situation is like that ki..
Karthik goes from their without lisening and sits in car..
Naksh holds naira when kriti and teju comes to her.
Kritu:- dont lose hope naira.where love is their ..
Teju:-nok jok and anger jeaously will also be their right dii and beyond all this trust is important Naira feels bad.

Teju:- i am not blaming you naira .if even we are at your situation we would not trust on anyone you behaved correctly only and bhai and my family members will also understand that thing but untill then please be patient and bhai will be ok.
Naira:- untill then i wont stop asking sorry from him.
Kriti:- thats like naira and about to hug her but teju stops her.
Teju:- dii badai papa was watching untill this situation becomes normal we have to act.
Kriti:- ok.
Teju:- and naksh i wont say sorry for that slap because you spoke very rude words to my brother .
But still i am sorry for that slapping you .

She look at him and says sorry .they both shares eye lock which was disturbed by suwarna.
Suwarna:- are u still giving warning teju.
Teju:- no badai maa.
Suwarna:- no one is at fault and you people not at fault so no more tears and congrates that your mother was fine .we will definetly come to meet her..
Teju and kriti looks at her.
Suwarna:- what.
Teju:- badai papa is hitler to us but not for you na . He will say yes what ever you say.
Suwarna:- badmash and hits her..
Teju smiles and hugs her..
Bhai will be back to our home finally maa..
Suwarna:- i had a plan will you all help me to bring back kaira..

All nodes..
Suwarna says something. So are you ready no mistakes.
Teju:- arey these are just like that for me. Now see mission badai papa run away..
Teju goes towards manish.
Suwarna sees naksh:- naksh i am saying sorry on behalf of teju for slapping you. She was 8 years old when she lost her patents from then we all tried to fill the empty space in her heart and life but we could do that and karthik filled those all empty spaces by becoming mother and father for her. For teju na karthik is her world her day starts and ends on him..
And when she came to knew all this she reacted rude and even slapped you.
naksh :- dont be sorry aunty. Mistake is mine too i used few rough words towards him infront of her and how can we except her to react cooly.i was not either anger on her or sad for the slap.i am happy that because of us innocent was not punished..
Manish:- suwarna lets goo if your talking completed.
Teju comes back and says.

Mission badai papa successfull now mission bhai..
Suwarna cares her hair and says all the best to naira and goes.
Teju pleading driver uncle
Uncle:- how can i do that beta if badai saab find it my job will be gone.
Teju :- dont worry and if anything happen to your job na then i assure you that he drags naksh front and says he will give you job.

Naksh just looks at her with mouth open and says to driver that he will give job.
Naira and gayu smiles looking at naksh condition.
Uncle:- but beta.
Teju emotionally:- bas thats it kaka you love me .i thought you catched my hand snd learnt me how to walk but when i needed you most you are leaving me.
Driver sees her emotionaly.
Teju immdistedly hugs himand keeps her head onhis shoulder and says..kaka her name is naira and bhai loves her alot due to some misunderstanding they both i mean bhai not talking with him .if you help us na then they both will patch up and she will come to our house as bahu ..first bahu kaka..

Uncle:- per badai babu hai naa.
Teju:- oo kadoos kab shadi karaiga. I will become old if i wait for his marriage.
Driver smiles and goes and brings another set of driver dress gives to teju and says done.
Naira:- thank you so much kaka..
Driver:- no problem you both patch up thats enough for me.
Teju:- all the best naira.
Naira smiles
Naira sits in car by changing in to driver dress and goes with him.

Precap:- naksh and teju nok jok.
Naksh drops teju at home and singnaiyas moments. Naira trying karthik patch up


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    I am sorry Di I was not able to comment for ur both ff.please forgive me.I met with a minor accident and my leg got fractured. So bed rest.my parents didn’t allow me to use my phone.today only I got my phone. Awesome epi . update soon.

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