Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 11

Next day..
Gayu and teju were helping naira to get ready…
While naksh was looking after mandap and looking continuesly towards naira room.
Akshara comes and keeps hands on his shoulder and asks what happen duggu is everything ok between you both.
Naksh says what ever happen in office and how their marriage took place.
Akshara:- do you love her or still you were on tara.
Naksh:- maa one think sure i wont have those type of feeling towards tara and coming to teju i dont knew its new feelings i like to be with her i love that bond she shares with you all..i love her smiles. Maa i love her.
Akshara:- when are you going to say this to her.
Naksh:- after naira marriage i will propose her..
Thry both hugs..

Teju comes down saying maa.
They both breaks hug and sees her coming from stairs fastly.
Akshara:- carefull teju.
Teju:- i am fine maa badai papa and all will reach in 5 minutes.
Akshara:- ok i will prepare for arthi and goes
Teju about to go but naksh stops herand says you were looking beautifull.
Karthik was welcomed by all..
he sits in mandap and sees towards stairs for naira..
Teju:- bhai relax ok she will come.
Karthik:- dont remove my prestige yar.
Akshara:- teju you and gayu bring naira down.

After naira entrs and all looks on as she is looking beautifull.she was made to sit next to karthik.
They both looks at each other gayu does kathbandan they both holds each other hands and takes 7 vows..
Pandit asks him to fill her maang and tie mangalsutra..naira closes her eyes when he applies sindoor to her vermillon and mangalsutra..
Karthik wipes her tears which were just forming in her eyes..
They both takes blessing from all.
Naitik akshara and naksh to cries while doing her send off…
Naira hugs teju..
Naira:- take care of my family babhi.
Teju:- i will naira and you too take care of my family ..
They both smiles..

Naira and karthik entres into their house.
Whole family were sitting around them for ring finding cermony ..
Naira and karthik both keeps hands inside milk starts finding..
Naira holds karthik hand and winks at him silently without anyone notice.
Karthik gets stunned mean while naira about to take ring out and sees dadi and gives that ring in karthik hands inside bowl makes him to win..
Naira sits in middle of bed..
Karthik sits next to her and says why you lost wantedly..
Naira:- for dadi.she will be happy if you win.
Karthik smiles and hugs her..
Both looks at each other he hugs her both lost in each other.
He makes her lie on bed and he leans towards her..
They both consumate their marriage..
Here teju is checking whole house while naksh comes and holds her hand.
Teju:- do you want anything.
Naksh:- i need to talk to you.
Teju:- i will lock doors and i will come to room.
Nakah :- ok i will wait here..

Teju looks on and goes towards door.
they both hears a pot breaking sound looks at each other and goes out.
Teju:- someone is hear naksh lets go in different directions..
They both goes indifferent directions.
Naksh sees tara hiding..
What are you doing here.
Tara:- as i said i dont allow you to be happy with her and let her take my position.
Naksh:- she can never take your position in my life because you dobt exist more in my life now my whole life is filled by her and no one can take her position.
Teju lisen to him she about to speak some one closes her mouth and starts taking her away..
Teju struggles and that sounds make naksh to turn and sees a goon taking teju..
He about to but tara tries to stop him he pushes her away and glass table breaks making a large sound Whole family comes out snd seeing naksh fightimg with goons.
Tara comes and hits teju with stick on her head..
Teju wincs in pain akshara and naitik runs towards her and holds her bleeding head..
Here naksh pushes that men and slaps tara hardly…
Gayu calls police and gets them arrested.
Naksh runs towards teju..
Teju:- maa plss dont tell these all to bhai ..
Akshara nodes..
Naksh about to talk to her but she faints..
He immediatedly lifts her and takes to their room.
Doctor comes and gives first aid..
Naksh:- how she doctor or we should admit her ..
Doctor:- dont worry naksh she is fine and will get senses in few hours..
Akshara:- you stay with her naksh.
naksh nodes.. he goes inside and sits next to teju ..he takes her hand cares it..
He slowly sleeps next to her.

Teju gets up wincing in pain.
Naksh gets up immediatedly hugs her.
Teju:- i am fine naksh ..
Naksh closes his eyes while hugging and says..i love you..
Teju smiles hugs him back..
Teju:- are you ready to bare me whole life..
Naksh:- hmm.
Teju:- then i love you.
Naksh breaks hug and says i love you and kisses her immediatedly without letting her speak ..
Both enjoy their kiss and hugs each other smiling.
After 2 years both couples blessed with baby girl and baby boy…
Naira makes karthik forgive his parents and teju created a new
World in their families…

The end…


  1. Deesh


    |Registered Member

    Sindhu di, why did u end it soon? But it was such an awesome ff. I just loved this pair di. It was superb. Please do comeback with another ff soon. Till then, take care. Loads of love to u di.

  2. Hales


    |Registered Member

    Amazing one!! Plz dont end it here ..i would really like u to take it foreward there is a scoop ahead of thia story line!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.