Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 10

Happy new year..and one more shot left to.complete this ff..
As i dont want to prolong it..

Naira calls karthik.
Karthik:- hello wify
Naira:- for that still time is their.
Karthik:- haa only few hours left..
Naira:- someone betted me that he will come and apply haldi to me.
Karthik:- remembered madam and i did that to.
Naira:- lier when you came.
Karthik:- just go to flash a middle aged muscular lady came with veil to with help of gayu and appiled haldi to your cheecks touching your lips.
Naira goes to flash back in her haldi.
All were applying haldi to naira..
Just gayu entres with a lady whos face is covered with veil..
Akshara:- who is she gayu.
Gayu:- my frd maa.
Akshara:- but why her face is covered..
Gayu:- while they comes out they dont show their face where men are present.,
akshara:- ok.
Gayu:- can i make her apply haldi to naira..
Akshara :- sure take her.
That lady goes towards naira and applies haldi from her cheecks and touches her corner lips to..
Fb ends..

Karthik laughs.
Naira:- i felt weird but i didnt care about it and it was you. unbelievable chaa how i didnt guess you.
Karthik:- dont worry after marriage you will identify me by my touch as you will get used to my touches.i hope you ubderstand whst i mean.
Naira:- shut up karthik you were impossible and cuts call by blushing while karthik too smiles cutely remembering their haldi moments..
Naksh sits on bed and sees teju who is massaging her legs..
Naksh:- got tired..
Teju:- haa little bit.
Naksh:- thank you.
Teju:- for what.
Naksh:- after being tired still you managed mom and dad ..
Teju:- may be they didnt give birth to me but they were my god given parents …
Naksh smiles and forwards a tablets and says pain killer and gives good sleep for you.
Teju took it with smile..

Next morning.

naksh gets up and sees teju hugging pillow and smiling in sleep.naksh too smiles and wakes her up..
Teju gets up says good morning.
They both gets ready and goes down.
Naksh gets a message his expressions changes ..he says he had some urgent work and will join them in one hour.
Akshara:- teju can you go and once confirm food was packing correctly or not.
Teju nodes and goes to their resturent..
Naksh goes to his resturent and drags tara from their to his cabin.
Naksh:- what are you doing here.
Why you came back.
Tara:- for you naksh i missed you alot.
Naksh:- oh please tara u missed me .you never loved me and thats why you escaped from our narriage by saying you have problem with my family.
Tara:- at that time i am confused naksh about big family still i am uncomfortable but i will bare everything for you.
Naksh:- you were late tara i got married recently and i am happy with my wife.
Tara:- no you were lying she cups his face and says look into my eyes and say you forgot me sbd moved on.
Naksh doesnt speak anything.
Tara:- i knew your family might be forced you to marry that girl and you dont like her naa so leave her divorce her lets marry and hugs him immediatedly.
Naksh doesnt hug back but turns his head to other side and sees teju reflection in mirror and turns to door..
He gets stunned looking at her while she just gives a small smile and goes from their..
Naksh tries to break hug but she holds him tightly he gets fed up and finaly pushes her and runs outside and sees teju leaving in car..
He gets worried and goes inside his cabin angrily..
Naksh:- whats your problem tara and how dare you to speak about breaking my marriarge.
Tara:- when you love me then how can you be happy with this marriage.
Naksh:- u were wrong let me correct you i loved you long back ago and did a mistake and now i rectified it by marrying tejaswii and now i love my wife tejaswii naksh singaniya and thanks to you because of your these words made me realise my love for her..
And get out dont come back in my life
Tara:- i will see how you will be haapy with her.
Naksh:- yaa you just see how i will be happy with her..tara goes out.
Naksh sits in his chair holding his head by remembering teju hearing their conversion he thinks.what she might think of me and now how can i say that i love her if i say now she will think i said by pity on her no . Let me first clear all misunderstandings from her heart then i will make her feel for me then i will say how much i had fallen to her and she is like a lucky charm to me.he gets up heads back to his house.
Here teju reaches home sadly while akshara calls..
Akshara:- work done beta.
Teju:- ha ma everything is fine food arrangements and all good.
Naira:- babhi as per my knowledge this work will be completed in one hour by including going and coming but you took 45 minutes more ha what bhai and u did in this time..
All laughs while.
Akshara:- naira…
Teju:- well teju i was with bhai but not yours, infact my bhai after marriage he will forget his surrounding and roam around you na thats why we spending time with him before only so that no one will disturn you people.
All laughs
Naira:- babhi and pouts..
Teju hugs her..
Bg music plays..
Akshara smiles and thinks you were a blessing little child to this family teju who can bring smile on every face.i hope naksh gives you hour rights and his love for you.
Naira:- i thought to tease my babhi but.
Teju:- instead i teased my babhi and won in teasing battle.
Naira:- hmm.
Gayu:- bhai came..
Teju smiles fades away but sees akshara watching her so immediatedly smiles..
Akshara looks on.
Naksh smiles and comes towards them and sees teju in between who is not giving eye contact to him.
Naira:- now a days bhai bhai na raha..
Naksh holds her ears and says to ask sorry for teasing him.
Naira:- babhi see na.. fine i am sorry.
Naksh:- hmm say properly.
Naira:- babhi say something na its paining she shouts ahh by seeing teju with fake tears..
Teju forgets everything and goes towards them by leaving his hand on her ears..
teju:- arey leave na naksh she is tearing in pain.she rubs her ears..
Naira laughs and hugs her babhi you were so cute are you that dare babhi you broke our car windows
In anger.
Teju:- situation is different and you were showing fake pain to me.
Naira:- i am teasing you babhi.
Teju :- hmm.
Akshara holds teju and says..
May be you all are my sons and daughters but my teju us my special kid so dont dare to tease her.
Naitik:- saas is buttering bahu.
Akshara:- naitik.
All laughs.
Dadi:-ok ok enough of masti go and see arrangements tomorrow moring only marriage.
All nodes and sits back at their works..
Akshara:- somwthing is wrong between naksh and teju naitik he is trying to see her and she is avoiding eye contact from him.
Naitik:- they both will solve if not we are their na dont worry.
Akshara nodes..
Teju goes towards kitchen naksh calls from back and asks for coffee.teju nodes..
naksh is walking here and their teju entres and gives cup about to leave..
Naksh:- wont you ask me anything.
Teju:- if you find me worth of telling ,you will say and she is your love your life and i new our marriage situation too.i wont stop you from doing anything if you want her you can as i came in between you people i will go .
Naksh about to speak but someone calls her so she goes from their.
Teju turns and says just lets proceed for divorce once naira and bhai gets married..
Naksh gets shock and stands still.

Precap:- karthik tieing mangalsutra to naira..


  1. Hales


    |Registered Member

    Awsum!! If possible plz continue with the ff …dont end it here …as there r many scope ..n readers love ur ff so much ☺

  2. Pinky

    Di epi was nice.I hope nakah clears misunderstanding and even I like short and sweet ff but please come with new one. If u don’t mind can u write a ff with ragini and shaleen – my fav pair from ur family bonding ff and in rishtey meaning of sally .please can u write.

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