Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 1

Hi first time i am writing of yrkk and i was old writer of many ff i hope you will accept me here also lets go to story and ya if u dont luje i will stop it..

Karthik getting arrested and in jail with fever..
His father and mother are feeding him.
Just then a girl entres in to police station by running and goes to police and asks..
Girl:- where is karthik goenka..
Police:- who are you mam.
Girl revealed as tejaswii.
Girl:- tejaswii goenka. I am his sister please tell me where is he.
A women places hand on her..she turns and finds..
Suwarna:- tejaa..
Tejaswii:- badai maa and hugs her and sees karthik lying on floor she goes and lies down next to him.
Goenka:- teja your bhai never says no to you.say him to get up and say him to not to act stubborn.he is spoiling his life by lieing.
Teja:- what are you saying papa bhai is lieing but why.
He explains everything ..
Teja gets angry and get up in rage.
Suwarna stops her and says..
We need proof teja ..
Tejaswii:- proof is their na badai maa .our trust towards him that he never drinks and that to drink and drive impossible then how can he do accident.but why he is accepting it when he was not at fault.
Manish:- he is mad after that girl and that girl without trysting she accused him for her mother death and this boy just came and get arrested because they accused him..
Tejaswii:- did he say anything about that day.
Suwarna:- he is just saying that he dont remember anything and the women who died was mother of naira singaniya whom your bhai loved.
Tejaswii:- does she not trusted him any way i will go and talk to police officer..
Suwarna:-all proof are against him and only our trust was with him but he was not supporting us nor saying anything about that day.
Manish:- i am using all my sources and see he was not healthy still he was not accepting to join in hospital..
She goes and checks him and gets angry and asks them their address and drives angrily from their were krithika follows her..hurridily..
Here naksh was devasted as he did not even spend sone quality time with her and scolds karthik in anger.
Naksh:- i knew that idiot will do something hurting like this only .when ever i thought i was thinking wrong about him, he proved me wrong this time he snatched everything from us that idiot doesnt deserve anything..that bas..
Before he could speak anything they all lisens to sounds which are cing from out they runs out and sees a young girl breaking their car glass doorss.naksh stops all aruns towards that girl holds her hand and pulls towards him.
And that girl revealed to be teja.
(No eyelock yar as they are drowned in sortow)
Naksh:- what are you doing are you mad and who are uou.
Teja jerks his hands and goes towards his family members..
Teja:- who is naira singhaniya here.
naksh comes back and says firat say who are you.
She looks at him and says tejaswii goenka and sees towards family members and says karthik sister.
Naksh:- oh your brother broked our family and now you are breaking our property .blo*dy idiot and..

All gets shocked while naksh jolds his cheecks and sees at tejaswii whoes face turn in to complete red and covered with tears..
Naira and gayu comes running yo him and says bhaii..
Naira:- i am naira and how dare you to slap my brother.
Tejaswii:- snd how dare he to speak against my brother and who the hell are you to say those words to my brother.
Naithik:- your brother killed my wife and what you except from us.
Tejaswii:- did you people saw him killing your wife.did you saw him doing accident..
Gayu:- but we got all proof against him and he wastheir in dpot at time of accident to.
Tejaswii:- so many will be their at spot when accident happen that doesnt mean all were accused of accident and please trust me my bhai didnt did that accident.
Naira:- where were you haa are you with him that you are taking his side.
Tejaswii:- are you with him that u are accusing him.
Both looks at each other angrily.
Naksh:- stop this non sense and get out from here ,otherwise i should call police..
Dadi:- munna dont speak like that and plss u go from here we already lost everything with our bahu..
Just then kriti comes running inside home and sees 2 cars broken glasses and goes towards teju..
Kriti:- teju what did..come lets go to home you just came from london come ..
Naira:- see your brother drunk and killed my mom so prepare your self to see karthik getting punishment.
Teju jerks kriti hand and goes towards naira but naksh comes infront of her to protect her sister.
Teju wipes her tears and says see naira you are doing a very big mistake by not trusting my bhai.
Trust is basement for anytype of relationship and my bhai wont drink.
Naksh:- did your brother satya harichandra that he wont drink.
Kriti:- please talk with respect and teju lets go from here..
Teju:-one second dii and you naksh i was years old when my dad and mom went to party .he drank more and drived back aftwer stopping by mom and then they both didnt reach to me untill
now and they will never..

When i was crying by seeing my parents bodies karthik bhai came to me and my whole family promised on my parents bodies that they will never touch anytype of alcohol from then karthik bhai became my mom dad guide friend everything.truat from then untill now and in future also no one from my family will drink and you are saying that he was drunk.
All becomes silent and gets teary by lisening to her story..
Gayu:- but we got proof that police say that they found alcohol in his blood and he fid drunk and drive.
Teju:- that impossible..
Kriti holding her shoulders ans says lets goo teju its not time for this all.
Teju goes towards naithik and says uncle i knew loosing someone whom we loved pains us like hell and i knew it very well as i faced in my childhood and still i am in that pain only please uncle karthik bhai will never do like that please..
Naithik turns his head..
She looks all of them who turns their heads. Kriti cries seeing teju begging them.
Teju:- fine i am going but i will prove my brother as innocent very soon and see you all will regret for this assues you were threwing on my bhai..
They both drives from their to their House..
All singainiyas goes inside and sits in hall and remembers tejaseii words and about promise..
But no one says anything..

Precap:-teju talking with karthik and naira finding some clues ..


    • Sindhura



      See yar if someone said oyr brother blo*dy bidiot and going to call bastard means any sister will reavt like that only na
      Snd dont worry even laksh going yo slap her in particular sityation
      Thanks alot gor reading

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