Yrkk kaira and naksh tejaswii – teri meri love story episode 9

Both mansion were decorated with white mix yellow combination..
Naksh was taking bath and teju was getting ready standing infront of mirror.
Naksh comes out wearing towel around his waist..
With out seeing teju he about to open his towel.
Teju:-naksh what are you doing.
Naksh immediatedly wraps his towel and says sorry sorry i forgot about you..everything is fine na..
Teju smiles and says. Ha i didnt say anything and laughs loudly..
Naksh gets embarresed and says stop it teju ok.
Teju :- no what will you do. Infact i will to all and about to turn but soon she lands on naksh chest and she realises that naksh dragged her towards him.
Teju:- what are you doing naksh leave me.
Naksh:- first you say that you will not say anything to anyone.
Teju:- i dont knew , first uou leave me.you were making me wet and he tries to push him but slips due to wet floor and naksh tries to hold her and both landson bed while teju was top of naksh.he slowly passes his hand from her waist to her face clears hair tucks them begind her ears.both lost into each other.

Akshara comes and knocks door.
Both comes back to senses .
Teju adjust herself goes and opens foor.
Akshara:- are you ready teju you have yo go their and bring haldi too.
Teju stammers:- ha ma i am going.
Akshara:- are you ok why are you talking like that.
Teju:- nothing maa just thoart was dried i wil drink water and it will be fine.
Akshara:- duggu is ready.
Teju:- he is getting ready maa.
Akshara:- okcome down fastly ok.
Teju:- hmm.
She turns and finds naksh peeping out from washroom .both looks at each other and feels awkward.
Teju sets her hair and runs down.
Teju:- what happen to me when he touched i liked it i felt something else..god
Naksh setting his hair and thinks.
What happened i was so lost in her uff any way i have to try to move on.

He too comes down.
Teju goes to goenkas family and immediatedly hugs karthik.
Dadi:- this girl didnot even take our blessing after all after marriage she came first time here..
Teju hugs dadi and says dont get jeously dadi that i gave more importance to your laadla.
Dadi cares her hair and hugs back.
Teju takes blessing from remaining people..
All sits for function..
One by one applies haldi to him even his parents althought he didnt want it but doesnt stop them as per teju request..
Teju while applying haldi to karthik
Teju:- bhai noe tjis haldi is going to be applied to babhi so let me apply you more so that it wont be less for her hmm.Karthik holds her ears and says nautanki..

After one hour teju takes haldi bowl and goes to singaniyas Akshara:- ok bring naira down just now teju called me she almost reached here.
Gayu goes and brings her..
Teju comes and gives haldi to akshara….
Her haldi starts….
Naksh takes hands full of haldi applies to her face.
Naira:-bhai…maa see nabhai what he did.
Naksh laughs.
Akshara:- duggu.
Akshara:- teju you also apply to her.
Teju sees her face and says maa but no place left for me to apply.
Naira:- bhai did this babhi.
Teju smiles and applies in her neck and hands..
All sings and dances around naira.
Naira sees his clothes were caught haldi and moves towards his room and opens tap in washroom and starts cleaning his dress.

While cleaning soap gets into his eyes and screams..
Teju goes inside and see naksh struugling.
Teju:- what happen.
Naksh :- soap gone in my eyes its paining.
Teju:- show me your face i will clean it.
Naksh lifts his head towards her and she cups his face and starts cleaning with water..
He slowly opens his eyes and see teju cleaing his kurtha..
He slowly tucks her hair behind her ears.
She looks up at him.
Both shares eye lock with cute smile on their faces..
They both composes by doll sound.
Teju:- i have work i have to go and runs from their.

At night..
Akshara sits with naitik and talk about preparation by making list She leans back and says i was tired naitik..
Naitik about to keep his hands on her head but stops looking at teju who starts massaging her shoulders.
Akshara:- what are you doing teju.
Teju:- my mom got tired so i am relaxing her.
Akshara:- even you got tired teju infact u traveled too.
Teju:- but i am not tired..
Teju continues massaging her..
naitik smiles here and naksh naira gayu too smiles from upstairs..
Naira:- bhai teju is not just babhi but a second mom to this house and thank u bhai for bringing her here . Now i can go from this house peacefully because teju will look after this house and maa papa like kids..
They both hugs..

Precap:- teju see naksh and tara hugging.


  1. Vrushy


    |Registered Member

    Such a cute Chapter. But wasn’t Karthik supposed to come to naira’s haldi. I mean they had some challenge na ?!!
    And the precap is really bad , please no misunderstandings between naksh and teju !!

  2. Soumya

    Nice one but there was no kaira scenes and even karthik didn’t come to naira’s haldi ceremony as he had challenged naira that he will come and apply haldi on her.

  3. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous part dr!!!!loved it soo much!! Bt from where dis tara came??? Ahh!!plz no misundrstandngs plz….waitng for precap..keep rockng n stay blessed…adv. happy nw yr rockstar 😉 😀

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.