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Recap : sanskaar in swalak’s engagement


Shomi came in swara’s room and saw ragini standing near the window with her eyes closed . she came towards her and kept her hand on her shoulder due to which ragini  jerked and turned back .

{ ragini was wearing a beautiful red suit.. Her har tied at side, curls… . Looking beautiful }


Ragini : ma


Shomi : ragu come lets go down everyone has arrived ..


She said by doing hand movements .


Ragini : ma i don’t feel like coming .. u go na …


Shomi : beta is everything fine ?? come sit


She makes ragini sit on the bed and touches her forehead and cheeks to see whether she has fever or not .


Shomi : beta u r perfectly fine .. then wht happened ??


She asked through her eyes .



Ragini : yes ma i’m alright its just that ……….. umm i don’t know ..


She shrugged .


Shomi looks on worried .


Ragini : u go ma .. i’ll come after few minutes …


Shomi : r u sure ??


Ragini nods and shomi leaves after patting her cheeks to which ragini just smiles.


After shomi leaves ragini lies on the bed itself with her legs hanging at the edge of the bed .



I don’t know y but i can feel it that my sanskaar is somewhere here only but how’s it even possible? Huh i mean how can he come here ?? but then y my heart is saying he’s near me …


she keeps her hand on her heart and feels it beating fastly with closed eyes ….. she then feels that sanskaar is near her….


sanskaar : raginiii…


ragini opens her eyes suddenly and sees sanskaar sitting near her , smiling .


ragini gets up at one go , tears flowing from her eyes ..

ragini : sans .. where did u go ?? u told me na you’ll never leave me then howcould u do this to me ??


sanskaar (wiping her tears ): who told that i left u  haan ?? i’m always  with u like ur shadow .. like ur heart beat …. i’m here ( pointing towards her heart ) with u always ………. n u r my soul raginii how can i leave my soul ???


sanskaar was saying all this but voice was not coming out of his mouth ..


ragini cries .. she cant listen anything but can feel his each n every word …


they both were talking to each other from their hearts .. just like ANGELS… they were ANGELS for each other who came for them on this earth .. only for them ………………………….


ragini : i love u sans …


as soon as she’s ging to hug him he disappears …ragini is stunned to see him no where …


she gets up from bed , wiped her tears and searched him here n there saying his name …..


she sees sanskaar going towards other room  ( her room ), she follows him …


ragini : sans .. stoop sans ,.. listen to me …


as soon as she stepped in her room , he was not there …


ragini : sans … sans … where r u ???


…..she  couldn’t find him anywhere  . helplessly she sat on the floor crying .


Ragini : sans … i miss u pls come back to me .. pls once talk to me .. i’m missing you ……


She cries there only,, briging her legs near her chest and crying bitterly ..




Meanwhile , shomi came down sanskaar who’s gaze was at that door only lightened a bit to see shomi coming .. he looked behind her to see if ragini , his ragini is coming or not but to his utter disappointment she was not there , actually no one was there ..


Everyone gathered around shomi to ask abt ragini .. sanskaar also went ..


Shekhar : mishti where is ladoo ?

Swara : ma she’s fine na ??

Shomi : haan beta .. she’s fine .. she said that she’ll come in few minutes .. no need to worry …


Everyone was satisfied with her answer except one person , our sanskaar .


Everyone then got busy in their activities , swalak were romancing and their nok jhok was on full swing too , shomi was looking after guests , shekhar was checking the arrangements , dp, rp were talking to their guests and ap and sujata  were with sanskaar to see whether he’s comfortable or not ……


But sanskaar was lost in his own thoughts .




Y i’m feeling that raginii is not fine and she’s here only … ho na ho meri raginii hi swara bhabhi ki bhen hai ( my ragini is only swara bhabhi’s sister ) but how to find her .. i don’t even know there house but i need to find na .. my heart is pacing so fast ( he keeps his hand on his heart ) but wht will i say to mom ??


He thinks .


Sanskaar ( thinks ): idea .. now i hv to do this only …


He goes to ap and takes her mobile and types something ad gives it to ap and runs from there without waiting for her reply ..


Ap : aree beta listen …

She then reads wht sanskaar has typed .

Sanskaar ( msg ): mom i’ll  be back now don’t look for me .. im going to washroom okay .. i’ll be back soon . ..


Ap : yeh ladka bhi na ( this boy is too much )


She then talks with shomi about arrangements  when panditji says that only half an hour is left for shubh mahurat to get over .


Laksh gets excited listening this and his face glows like a 100 watt bulb for which his friends teases him and then both , swalak  blushes lke tomatoes and swara hits him with her elbow making him wince in pain , for making her embarrass …. everyone chuckles .


Full on bollywood and Punjabi wedding songes were playing , children and some of laksh’s and swara’s friends were dancing ….


Now in ragini’s room , ragini was still in that position when after sometime she comes back in her senses ..


She slowly gets up and goes to washroom and comes out after washing her face . she makes her look presentable and then pasted a fake smile and moved out of the room after taking lord’s name ..



Meanwhile sanskaar was searching here n there for ragini  but couldn’t find her when he saw a girl , who’s back was facing him , walking , he shouted to call that girl but then realised he realised he cant talk .. he cursed his fate under his breath and run after her to ask whether she knows his ragini or not ??


But before he could reach her she goes from there ..


Sanskaar ( thinks ): raginii if u r here then pls for once only meet me , talk to me … im missing u so much .( few tears flows down his cheeks )


He sits there on a chair with his face buried in his palms . he recollects his memories with raginii and cries thinking about her when a voice breaks his thoughts ..


Voice : thinking about mee ??


Sanskaar slowly looks up and tries to see but couldn’t as his vision goy blurred due to tears . he was about to wipe them but a pair of hands held his hands stopping him .. sanskaar was confused . then those hands which were holding his hands slowly and carefully wiped his tears making his vision clear . he closed his eyes as the touch of those hands gave made him shiver .


He slowly opened his eyes only to find his beautiful raginii standing in front of him smiling .


Sanskaar was shocked , surprised , happy and what not to see his raginii in front of him ..


Ragini smiles at him .


Sanskaar ( through actions and moved his lips to say ): raginii u here ? i knew u were here only .. u know how much i missed u ….


Ragini ( understanding wht all he said, replied ): then y did u not met me while i was going .. where did u went n where is ur phone haan ???y  always have to trouble me ??


Sanskaar ( again moved his lips and hands to communicate ): voh i’m sorry raginii but i left my phone in my room n i didn’t knew that u’ll be leaving that day only …. i’m sorry …


He held his ears and makes a cute face ..


Ragini ( smiles ): okay .. now u wont leave me na ??


Sanskaar :never  ever …..


Ragini ( bringing her small finger ahead ): promise ???


Sanskaar ( smiles and brings his finger to reah hers ): prom………..


Bue before he could touch her finger ragini disappears ..


Sanskaar became numb for sometime , then he too started searching her hers n there ,.. but couldn’t ..


He sits there itself on the sofa with his head touching the head rest of the sofa ….


Ragini comes down in the compound and tries to look happy and excited about her sister’s engagement , though she was happy but was not able to show .


Swara saw her and goes to her .


Swara ( slowly moved her lips for her to understand ): r u fine ??

Ragini nodded .


Swara came with her to everyone who were talking . she took everyone’s blessings and got mingled with laksh .


She thought laksh was really fun loving and her sis would be happy with him . she blessed both of them in her heart .


Shomi : ap ji where is sanskaar call him shubh mahurat  is going …


Ap : yeah ..i’ll bring him …


Ragini don’t know anything about sanskaar being laksh’s brother nor did she know anything about above convo as she was busy laughing at laksh’s stupid antics .


All ( dp ,ap , shekhar , sshomi , swara and laksh ) were happy to see her laughing after so many days ….


Ap then went to find sanskaar .


After sometime of searching she found him sitting in the same position on the sofa . she got worried about him .


She slowly moves towards him and caresses his hair due to which he opens his teary eyes and see ap standing there .


He , without thinking , hugs her tightly . he silently cried .


Ap got more worried about him ad tried to calm him down .


Ap : beta wht happened ??? is everything fine ?? has someone told u anything ?? y r u so worried ??


Sanskaar ( came back to his senses and wiped his teras fastly and stood up ): nothing mom i’m fine ….


He said through actions .


Ap : but beta …….


She couldn’t complete her sentence as dp called her to cme fast with sanskaar ..she compiled and took sanskaar with her who was just following her with his head down…………………………………………………………………………



The episode ends with laughing face yet sad eyes of ragini and shattered and sad face of sanskaar .



Okay I’m so sorry for not making them meet in this shot also.. But I really wanted to show that they miss each other and long for eo… I hope u all will understand still….. . All ur slippers n tomatoes are welcomed….. I’m sorry sorry guys……. Hope u all liked the epi… Do comment haan…. Please guys comment so that I can know that u guys are really interested in this story…… Dhanyawad!! ??

Till then keep smiling and stay blessed!!!!

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