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Shot 6

So lets get started….

It was a new bright morning in Delhi for ragini after a long span of 6 months…

She got and freshen up and went down to help shomi in kitchen.

She got down and saw there was hulchul in the house…

Shomi saw ragini and and msgd her something..

Ragini received and the msg and read it..


Beta aaj shona ki engagement hai toh usi ki tyari chal rahi hai.. Tere aur shona k kapde aate honge toh ek baar try kar lena… N kisi bhi cheez ki zaroorat ho toh bata dena…

( beta today’s is shona’s engagement.. Urs and shona’s dresses might be coming so try them once.. N if u need something tell me okay?? )

Ragini smiled at her.

Ragini: can I also help you.?

Shomi ( msgd her) : okay.. You pls tale care of the sweets.. I hv prepared just check it and keep them in the boxes for the guests…

Ragini read and then went to the kitchen and started doing the work…

There at MM.

Ap was instructing everyone and dp was trying to calm her down..

Dp: annu.. Everything will be fine now stop all this… You sit and have water…

He made her sit and gave her the glass of water..

Sanskaar came down after getting fresh and took blessings from ap and dp!!

They blessed him and all had breakfast!

Dp: where is this laksh?

Ap: he might be coming you eat…. N don’t talk while eating

Sanskaar smiles seeing them and remembers how ragini also used to scold him and kids when they used to talk while having meals..

Ap smiles seeing sanskaar smiling and touches dp’s shoulder to show him…

Both of them were happy to see their son happy!

After the breakfast all went to their works.. Sanskaar went to his room as no one was letting him do any work..

He searched his phone but couldn’t get it. ..

Sanskaar ( thinks): oh god.. Y this happens with me only! I have left my phone there only… If ragini tries to contact me then…… Shit….. He bangs his fist on the table…

Laksh: sanskyyy what happened yaar??

He came in running and held sanskar’s hand…

Laksh looked at him..

Laksh: what happened!?

He asked him making him sit.

Sanskaar ( acted): my phone..

Laksh: ohh… ( he sighed) that’s it… I’ll get you another phone bro… ..

He held his hand and sanskaar winced in pain.

Laksh: is it hurting.?? Sanky when will u start using ur brain, from childhood itself without thinking u do such stupid things…

He looks at sansky who was on verge of crying..

Laksh: oh.. Sorry yaar.. I didn’t mean……

Before he could complete sanskaar hugged him. He got emotional seeing his brother’s love after so much time..

Laksh too hugged him back and caressed his hair..

Laksh ( wiping his tears): rula diya mujhe pagal kahin ka… ( u made me cry.. idiot)

Sanskaar smiled through his tears…

Laksh brought volini and sprayed on his hand thereafter covering it with bandage…

Ap then called dp to give him his and sanskar’s clothes to try…

Ragini, who has just completed her work came to her room and checked her phn to see any msg or call from sanskaar but got disappointed to not to see any….

She them slept for sometime as she was really tired..


The whole badi was decorated with fresh flowers ? and lights..

Shekhar, in his mehroon sherwani was instructing the waiters to serve everyone while shomi, in her yellow and blue sari was checking the other arrangements.

The guests have started arriving. The children were playing here n there n songs were being played in the background.

Shekhar: mishti.. Swara is ready na??

Shomi: don’t worry shekhar.. both our swaragini are ready.. But y haven’t these ppl came till now..

Shekhar: they might be coming…

There relatives too start coming.. And now here came our hero with his family!

Laksh came in, in his dark blue sherwani with its collar and cuffs studded with silver diamonds and a silver brooch complementing his dress! ( like he wore at the time of his engagement)

Sanskaar was in orange sherwani ( like he wore at the time of diwali inn serial) looking handsome as always!

Ap was wearing a heavy green and res saree with matching jewellery! Looking beautiful.

Dp was in his blue velvet sherwani ( like he wears in serial) .

Ap and shomi and dp and shekhar hugged each other.

Ap introduced sanskaar to them. He took their blessings. N they blessed him while shekhar hugged him too.

Shomi did laksh’s aarthi and they all went in..

Ap – dp and shekhar – shomi introduced their relatives to each other..

The snacks and cold drinks were being served and children were eating and playing.

The guest were praising laksh’s good looks. And some mummies were trying their daughters luck on sanskaar.

All the family members were talking and laughing and Laksh was eagerly waiting for swara to come.

Laksh excused himself and went to the pandit.

Laksh: pandit ji… Muhurat nhi nikal raha abb!?

Pandit ( laughed at his excitement): beta there is still sometime… wait for some more time… Ur destruction will soon get started… U still have time back off…

He told playfully!

Laksh: kya pandit ji aap bhi….. Abb kuch kariye n dulhan ko bulwayi please….. ( please call the bride)

Pandit: okay i’ll do something..

Laksh came back to his place smiling sheepishly. Sanskaar suspected something. He asked laksh by moving his eyebrow up and through eyes but laksh nodded in negative nervously!

Sanskaar smiled.

Pandit came to them and asked shomi to bring down the bride.

Pandit: beta.. Kanya ko bulwa lijiye… ( call the bride)
Shekhar: ji pandit ji… Shomi go…
Shomi: yeah…

Pandit winks at laksh who shows him thumbs up! Sanskaar, dp and shekhar smiles at his excitement…

Shomi comes in swara’s room. And finds her sitting on the bed playing games on her phone and ragini looking outside the window enjoying cool breeze.

Shomi: shona what are u doing?? Get up they are calling you….

Swara who was engrossed in her game suddenly jerks and shouts..

Swara: maa see bcoz of u I lost….

Shomi: shut up swara…. Now get up..

Swara got up and shomi sets her hair and dress for the last time….

Shekhar called her and asked her to bring swara fast…

Shomi( forgetting that she can’t hear) : ragu… Beta come fast …..

And she and swara hurriedly went out of the room leaving ragini there only..

Shomi comes with swara, ( shes wearing the same pink lehnga she wore at the time of her engagement with laksh) with open hair and jewellery looking very beautiful!

Laksh was mesmerised to see her and kept staring at her until she was standing beside him. Swara took blessings of elders and stood beside him., blushing..

Shekhar kept his hand on laksh’s shoulder to bring him back to his sense.

Shekhar: beta… Shaadi k Baad ghoor lena meri beti ko jitna mann chahe.. ( stare at my daughter after your marriage as much as u want)

Everyone laughed at his comment while swalak were embarrassed!

Swara hit laksh with her elbow and glared at him. He made a cute sorry face and she melts and smiles….

Laksh: pandit ji.. Shall we start the ritual??

Again everyone laughed.

Pandit: yeah yeah.. U can exchange the rings…

Shekhar: wait pandit ji…
Dp: kya hua shekhar?? ( what happened??)
Shekhar: mishti were is ragini??

Listening the word ” ragini ” sanskar’s heart beat increased. He looked at shomi for an answer.

Shomi: oh god… I think she’s there in the room itself.. I’ll bring her…

She went..

Sanskaar kept staring at the door from where shomi went in not blinking the eye for even once.. He kept his fingers crossed and prayed to god that she should be his ragini only.

The others were talking while swara was angry on laksh.

Swara: lucky.. U r such a duffer n idk y I’m marrying u??
Laksh: what??
Swara: aur nhi toh kya?? What’s the need to show your stupidity to everyone?? Shall we start the ritual?

She mimics like him and he chuckles. She glares at him. He stops.

Laksh: shona u look soo cute when u r angry??
He pulls her cheeks.
Swara: o really?? Then you’ll always see me angry only… Huh…

She punches him on his stomach.

The photographer click their pics.. And smiles..

Laksh: arre sorry yaar…… Now tell where is ragini… I want to meet her…

Swara: y do u want to meet her??

Laksh: so that I can ask her to reach u some etiquettes… On how to behave with husband in public….

Swara: o really?? Then let me tell u Mr. Maheshwari that my sis don’t have any experience of handling husbands in public or in private so she can’t teach me on that part….. N secondly u r still not my husband and not even my fiance until our engagement happens….. Hmm??

She pulls up her invisible collars.

Swara: n next time saying anything think twice about what I’ll say?? Got it??

She smirks. N he makes an irritating yet a cute face.

At that side dp calls sanskaar to meet someone.. He unwantedly goes there and stands with dp but his eyes and heart is there at the door only.

The episode ends with confused face of sanskaar!!

Do tell me through ur comments how was it.. I would be waiting…

Till then bbye take n keep smiling..

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